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Aug 14, 2008 8:20 AM

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Instead of writing up another guide to particles, I went ahead and found some for reference. This way I'm not reinventing the wheel or in this case, writing a research paper. Particles are a big part of Japanese language, so it'd take a lot of explaining to cover it all. And I'm not sure I could do it. So without further ado, here are some really helpful links to cover particles. (If I get a book about particles I'll be more than happy to share it's information here also).

I realize that you could have just searched for particles in any old search engine and found these, so I apologize for the quality of this post. But at least they're here for quick reference. If you still would rather have me write up a page on particles, I'd be happy to do so. It would be good for me anyways. :P

Here's a few more resources, included are some links to books that could help:

How to Tell the Difference between Japanese Particles - $13.57 - Comprehensive workbook style book to help learn Japanese particles.
All About Japanese Particles - $10.88 - A book about Japanese particles.

Edit: There's also this post:
Aug 23, 2008 5:56 AM
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Very interesting info about Particles, that i didn't know of yet. Thanks a lot!
Aug 23, 2008 6:02 AM

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No problem. I didn't really write any of the information, just found it. ^^;
Aug 23, 2008 8:19 AM

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I already knew about the 'wa' particle but I never knew there were so many different ways to use the 'ga' particle. ^_^
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Aug 23, 2008 9:42 AM

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Yeah, same here. Particles are a whole thing on their own. I'll get into those more later myself since it'll come with the natural flow of these lessons I'm writing up.