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Poll: Bleach Episode 16 Discussion

Aug 12, 2008 1:29 PM

Joined: Jul 2008
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haha kon was tied up hilarious scene

btw that sword from that soul reaper looked kewl after it got the name or something xD

up to the next ....

grtz lsumi
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Nov 24, 2008 2:24 PM

Joined: Oct 2008
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too bad he died at the end of he ep

( i know he didn't die, it just seemed like it)
Jun 9, 2009 9:01 AM

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Ooooh Ichigo is getting his ass kicked.

Jul 21, 2009 10:04 PM

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OMG gotta watch the next one!
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Dec 22, 2009 4:54 AM

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Byakuyaaaaaaa is sooooo hawwwwwt. But LOL @ Ishida's excuse to see what's happening on the streets, then trying to cover it up.
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Mar 12, 2010 9:25 AM
Joined: Aug 2009
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What just happened. Ishida's gonna die so is Rukia and Ichigo nooooo Why did that Captin just stand there when he could have done something
Aug 16, 2010 6:42 AM

Joined: Jan 2010
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Byakuya is so scary here ..
Sep 29, 2010 3:09 PM

Joined: Nov 2009
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Alicia3000 said:
Ooooh Ichigo is getting his ass kicked.

pacuuuuu3 said:
OMG gotta watch the next one!

Exactly what I was thinking.
Mar 19, 2012 3:33 AM
Joined: Jan 2012
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I'm really digging the soundtrack
Nov 4, 2012 1:05 AM

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Man, that was one of the most epic anime episodes I've ever watched! Too bad Ishida got beaten off-screen. Kuchiki Byakuya... well, he hasn't moved a finger yet, I wonder if he'll have to, seeing how's going the fight for now.

Also, the OST is so good, it makes the atmosphere times better.
Nov 20, 2012 4:31 PM

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kon are hilarious
Apr 22, 2013 2:27 PM

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Looks like things are heating up, that episode went by quick! What i like is instead of just seeing Ichigo fighting monsters there was actually some light swordplay between people.

Oh yeah and Ichigo got his ass kicked. Which makes sense because he hasn't had any training in swordfighting, he's only slain various monsters. And Ishida got in on the action which is cool. I like this character now.

I'm really liking the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. It's not quite romantic (not yet anyway), more... Plantonic i guess?

Obviously i'll move on to the next episode right away, how could i not xD
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Jul 10, 2013 12:04 PM
Joined: Jan 2013
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so many unknowns for now with the fight, That must've been a hard time to watch it while airing...

Kon <3
Sep 11, 2013 4:43 PM

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He got a nice fancy sword but the enemy sure has an even more awesome sword! Lets see what happens next, this sure is getting good!
Nov 6, 2013 2:16 AM

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If there's one talent I'd associate with Urahara, it'd be the ability to pop up out of nowhere at the most random times O.o
Mar 17, 2014 8:06 PM

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That was funny how Kon was tied to the back of the toilet though but other then that OMG Kon is an idiot
May 9, 2014 11:16 AM

Joined: Dec 2013
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Catch the Kon FTW. It's funny how they disrespect their enemy everytime and get kicked in the ass
Aug 22, 2014 5:45 AM

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Renji and Rukia's fight scene was just... wrong. It looks like they're on slow-mo and and background music was just not fitting.. damn. I hope it gets better soon because I had a lot of expectations considering this is one of the "big 3" and I don't remember having troubles watching One Piece and Naruto (expect for the fucking fillers and flashbacks)

Anyways Kon was being so damn funny as always
Duterte did 9/11
Oct 21, 2014 2:05 PM

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Kon taped to the back of the toilet! LOL!

Poor Ichigo!
Apr 29, 2015 8:43 PM

Joined: Nov 2014
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Kon tied up to the toilet was hilarious. xD

Great episode, Renji is so awesome. But Ichigo must beat him!
Aug 12, 2015 4:10 PM

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Good episode. Those two soul reapers look cool, especially the one with the same last name as Rukia. Ichigo looked pretty awesome after he deflected Renji's attack too save Uryu, and it sucked when Ichigo got cut down :o

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