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Poll: Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Episode 5 Discussion

Aug 11, 2008 5:29 AM

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This episode felt like a bit of a let down with some very bland filler-ish villains which seem to have very little to do with the ongoing plot. The one saving grace of this episode was getting to see Tsutomu continue to be brave in an unfamiliar and dangerous situation. Last episode he did it in during the court proceeding and this episode going after the satellite detonator.

I really hope they leave the story open for a 2nd season because 13 episodes just seems too short for this series which has so much potential for awesome.

Aug 11, 2008 6:29 AM

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Weird, I thought it was quite the opposite, not that it was very central to the plot as a whole, but it provided a lot of info on the backstory of Birdy+Nejula, introduced Kashugeza, which could eventually come to save Birdy's ass on Earth later on, and gave more details about the political organization of the galaxy. All in all, a fitting episode to end the outer space arc and return to Tokyo.

I'm also in despair seeing all the better anime this trimester restricted to 13 eps.
Aug 11, 2008 4:01 PM

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man i wonder how i would act in this situation....i think itd be cool to share a body with an alien hahaha. especially one thats hot.
Aug 15, 2008 7:08 AM

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I have to agree, it wasn't as entertaining then the last episodes

Aug 16, 2008 1:04 AM

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Second season incoming in January!
Aug 17, 2008 1:57 PM
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This was some great piece of entertainment and animation ! The series is becoming better and better, I love it. Hope that what Lefty said is right (huhu) and there'll be a second season in january, it would be much appreciated.

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Feb 14, 2009 5:09 PM

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why cant they just stay in earth =(

Awesome Sig by Lailide
Jul 13, 2009 8:30 PM

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Feb 6, 2011 12:52 PM
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I was going to mention that Birdy should dress better when she's out on the streets but I guess it was intentional after all.

Also, is it just me or did this episode make any sense at all? I guess it might've been because I was kinda distracted by something else for the first few minutes, but the plot confused me.
Mar 5, 2011 3:22 PM
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This is probably my favorite episode so far. I was getting kind of tired, just watching all this plain old normal Japan stuff. I was waiting since the beginning of the series to see what worlds beyond earth would look like and they did not disappoint. When you finally leave your home and go exploring other worlds, thats what really feels like and adventure.
Jul 8, 2013 8:35 AM

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Pretty cool episode, a bit of sight seeing on the planet itself, some nice action and of course Norio! Interesting ending, lets see what's next!
Sep 18, 2013 1:13 AM

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Strange, random side plot.
But it wasnt boring.
Nov 10, 2014 11:45 PM

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So it's not just the ryunka they have to worry about but terrorist attacks by the Union as well.
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Sep 21, 2016 3:54 AM

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Random side episode but I liked it, I still don't trust the Pontiff.