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Poll: Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers Episode 11 Discussion

Sep 20, 2013 3:05 AM
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Wow, I clearly did not expect Miu to be the chosen one; with everything that happened, I thought from the beginning the romance would be between Shingo and Airi... o.o That really surprised me; and now the kiss, even better! It's getting rare to see a MC who has balls like that. I'm gonna give this anime a better score than what I expected (because the first episode was horrible).
Dec 24, 2013 8:42 AM

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Kyaaaaaaaa this episodeee is <3 Shingo and Miu <3
Mar 5, 2014 11:41 AM

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they just did what i thought they did right? (O_o)
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Mar 5, 2014 11:47 AM
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DeadZeroSource said:
they just did what i thought they did right? (O_o)
the source material is an adult visual novel

so yes, use your imagination

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Jun 18, 2014 11:31 AM

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And after the kissing session, babies were made. This was one of the better harem anime I have seen in a while.
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Jan 4, 2015 10:50 AM

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That kissing scene, wow.
Miu was even more cute than always.
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Nov 19, 2015 1:27 PM

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tsuntsunrage said:
this anime sucks. I mean that when the first eps started, i expected for Airi's ending which is the girl i really like in this anime and shingo & airi had good romantic development. But i don't understand why they suddenly changed to miu's route. she's lame. shingo's taste is just sucks.
kinda dissapointed, 2/10

Yeah, kinda same. I applaud this anime for doing differently but that's about it. This is a romantic anime which is good to those who can be objective or the ones which have their favorite girl chosen. I think Miu is pretty bland and looking at her being lovey dovey with MC is just not interesting anymore.
Jun 17, 2016 9:11 AM

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Sep 11, 2016 6:00 PM

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Wow he moves fast. Holy shit.

I'm impressed.
Just need to find out how to quote this every time so I can dodge the stupid 30-character limit.
Aug 8, 2017 1:41 AM

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Yuiko best-girl!
Man, I have to stop falling in love with fictitious high school girls...
Aug 8, 2017 1:52 AM

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tsundere fags salt in this thread is glorious xD
Jan 10, 2018 10:26 AM
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I loved how this episode showed the intensity of Shingos feelings towards Miu. Even though Airi and Sana both developed strong feelings for him they didn't capitalize on it. Even though Airi doesn't completely say it but she had fallen for him but it was useless and had to bury those feelings when she found out that Sana had fallen for him. As much as it hurt them both they allowed Shingo and Miu to come closer together to the point of no return. I'm not saying its their fault but when they saw how much he cared for Miu he had already made up his mind. I think that showing Sana crying in the rain shows that no matter how hard you try to hide your feelings they show up in the end and showed how much she developed from hating guys to falling in love and learning to accept the heart ache that comes with it. I don't normally watch anime like this but I'm really enjoying the happy and sad feels they give me. I watched Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka in one sitting and Charlotte in two. Even Kamisama Kiss became interesting. Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Assasination Classroom, Infinite Stratos, Sky Wizards Academy all show complex relationships between the characters that don't always end like we want but learn to except it. Its a great learning experience. 😄
Mar 26, 2018 6:33 AM

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Such bull. He went with the most boring girl of the bunch. Airi was much better with Sana being second. Mui barely had any development. I have never been so salty over a pairing like this.
Jun 12, 12:24 PM

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-Quasar said:
Palsa-San said:
And -Quasar, the simple point is that he already had a prior responsibility before joining the club; in the first episodes they made a big deal of the amount of work that they had as class reps, that work load hasn't diminished since then; and if he's still attending to his class representative duties, then there should still be more emphasis on Airi's character, regardless of their relationship status.

and for what reason do they have to put emphasis on Airi exactly? The anime isn't aiming for her so as I've said it's irrelevant. Further emphasis on her would be taking her route which the anime isn't clearly aiming for.

Palsa-San said:
Another thing that bothers me, through the first half of the series, Shingo's decisions were more respectable based; but in the later half of the series his manner of making decisions seems to be more along the lines of being. . . well, horny.

Explain further. Examples, something that happened, etc.

Episode 11 Shingo is a bit horny because Miu is already his girlfriend so he is allowed to be intimate with his girlfriend right?

Yumekichi11 said:
I was thinking they used as means to their end of that but in the VN it had way more meaning thus why dismissing it is like saying Airi not being chosen kind of. IMO that is not what people wanted. Instead they wanted her to be chosen , which did not happen.

To each on his own. Don't get me wrong, Miu is my favorite girl but I definitely wouldn't mind if he ended up with Airi or Sana.

Airi's purpose was to trick us thinking she the main heroine

i always feel baad for the loising side in this but as long as they follow their hearts i am fine with the ship

unless its story like nana what i read 10 or 15 chap mist of it near end and end, she f chose cheting asshole and stays with him knowing he sleeps around to bad author died, i hope some continues the story and kills the jerk off cause she to dumb to dumo him (i get forgiving once or tvice but this is retarded), thats only way to make me hate a ship despide heroine who is the main loves the guy and even if he loves her what i doupt
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