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Poll: Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers Episode 10 Discussion

Dec 1, 2014 2:12 PM
Jan 4, 2015 10:23 AM

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Great ep and show in general.
He confessed to her in 10th episode! Wow.
Dub = fake crap. Always.
Jan 6, 2015 1:41 AM

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Kudos for Shingo actually making a decision. But I'm bummed Airi hasn't got any attention since the bathing scene. She's by far the most interesting and capable character imho.
Feb 10, 2015 12:17 PM

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That confession really caught me off guard, I have to admit last episode had me thinking "oh it's just going to briefly explore each girl with an arc." Personally I preferred Airi x Uryuu but I won't deny the chemistry that's there with Miu. It just bothers me a bit that Airi was bumped to the side ever since she spent an episode gushing over Shingo and then all progress with her came to a halt. Sana crying in the rain was very moving, especially how well conveyed the heartbreak is in her expression.
Jun 7, 2015 12:42 AM

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Well, this out of blue confession was just horrible, in my opinion.
Did not have emotion, nothing. It was something "cold", emotionless. It was like he HAD to do it, as an obligation. It was like: "Oh! Damn! it's already episode 10! No more time to waste, no more time to wait for a sweeter moment, I'll have to do it right now!: "I LOVE YOU!"" - Done! That is it.
I have to do with nothing on how people confess to each other, but a scene that was supposed to bring you something emotional and with strong feelings, failed in my opinion.

It's not that I'm against Miu's route, but I'm not in favor, either. I'm... how can I say... neutral...? And I truly try to avoid my own tastes while giving an opinion. But yes, even I have one that I liked more, and it's Sana.

PS.: I'm still keep wondering that bath together of Airi and Shingo. It was just something normal...? It is what is looking like. It was as if never existed. Besides, It seems that when the anime entered in Miu's route, it was like Airi's arc, and her feelings for Shingo never existed.
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Nov 19, 2015 1:17 PM

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This... came as a bit of surprise. Honestly, you normally don't see a male lead choosing a girl in harem series this aggressively, especially a non main one. Well, she might be main, but I always thought that Airi or his sister were top characters. Especially as Airi is the first girl to be introduced.

Objectively looking at it, this breaks the chain of cliche stuff and refreshing to see a male confessing to someone. From my personal stand point, this sucks as I like Miu the least of the girls, hence this episode was a bit more painful to watch then usual. Honestly I don't like how I get to see Sana crying and enduring her feelings every freaking episode and Airi being put on the sideline.

The last few episodes dramatically shifted to Miu and was kinda sudden, not to mention that we got unconvincing emotion from MC. Glad for those who support this pairing but for me it isn't.
Jun 18, 2016 11:54 PM

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wow a harem anime where the mc favours the best girl. exceeded my expectations
Sep 10, 2016 3:18 AM
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Wow harem mc did not choose 1st grill (Airi) or red tsun (Sana). Something more extreme happened than "if the Earth were to rotate in reverse" (Shingo's words). Tho Miu didn't have that much dev so quite surprising, tho their "same color" was hinted.
Sep 11, 2016 5:45 PM

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Wow the selection. That was a shock.
Just need to find out how to quote this every time so I can dodge the stupid 30-character limit.
Jan 30, 2017 10:09 AM

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god what a chringey episode. from the cats wanting to see each other to that weak confession, and the mc's gentile guy voice has annoyed me since episode 4
Jun 6, 2017 8:24 PM

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well if you didn't freaking beat him up and call him an insect every time you saw him then maybe you would have had a chance
Mar 26, 2018 6:20 AM

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I could not believe my eyes when I read those subtitles. He actually confessed to Miu? I was an Airi fan all the way! I enjoyed her development the most and she had more development than the others. How can you waste her development like that? Wtf man. I am pissed right now lol
May 27, 2018 10:16 PM

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Ankylar said:
I could not believe my eyes when I read those subtitles. He actually confessed to Miu? I was an Airi fan all the way! I enjoyed her development the most and she had more development than the others. How can you waste her development like that? Wtf man. I am pissed right now lol

I feel the same way..
Apr 28, 2:29 PM

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I suffered I suffered I suffered I'm suffering I suffered

but not as hard as Sana

so very cruel
May 20, 7:02 PM

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this was going to be good if sana actually liked miu because it develops to that point. while the drama scene was good, sana is actually dumb as fuck for thinking that being a bitch to shingo was going to make him cum his pants.
Jun 12, 11:48 AM

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😭😭😭😭 he didn't choose Airi

i believe she started to dev romantic feelings for him but once she so whats going on around them (like him being 2nice and what effect it has and how girls start to fall for him one after another) her spark extinguish cause it was 2fresh and easy to kill

😭😭😭😭 he didn't choose sana

its so forced out of the blue confession bla bla bla :)

me: yea right sure whatever, u ppl just watched it eyes half closed and didn't understand a thing, but i don't care as much as to explain it to u who whine about it

i always feel baad for the loising side in this but as long as they follow their hearts i am fine with the ship

unless its story like nana what i read 10 or 15 chap mist of it near end and end, she f chose cheating asshole and stays with him knowing he sleeps around to bad author died, i hope some continues the story and kills the jerk off cause she to dumb to dump him (i get forgiving once or twice but this is retarded), that's only way to make me hate a ship despite heroine who is the main loves the guy and even if he loves her what i doubt

16/06/2019 page 5 has some virus or malware called black list, my antivirus alerted me when i clicked on page 5 link
EchoesOfMana said:
mike13531 said:
Also I feel that Airi was the true victm in that last scene, Sana is so insensitive that she doesn't even realize Airi has feelings for Shingo too. It shows strong characters on Airi's part.

How so? Airi sat back and let it all happen, she accepted and and moved on and tried to warn Sana about it, she knew it would happen, she expected it. That was pretty much her role in this whole show, heck it was her role in Miu's route too, pretty much. To some extent I would agree to Sana being insensitive, but you have to remember that she was having trouble figuring out how she really feels about Shingo. After all, this adaption follows Miu's route, which Sana arguably played the biggest role out of the whole cast in. Hell, even in Miu's own route, Sana's character was that much more interesting than everyone else, even Miu herself.

What Airi is a victim of is how the adaption ruined her character's development, and this hurts the final score I will be giving it by a lot. One thing that really bothers me the most is just how badly Airi just fell out of the radar.

Hanachiyo said:
I don't think so, since it(from my point of view) doesn't look like Miu likes him as much.

This as well, I felt that Miu's feelings were developed way too late in the series, especially since this is only 12 episodes. It just seems like her whole appeal was cuteness and moe rather than her character development (or lack of) throughout the series.

On another note, it would've been nice if they did the same thing Kanon did and ran through every route and chose someone at the end though. >_>

about Airi at least some sees the light

i believe she started to dev romantic feelings for him but once she so whats going on around them (like him being 2nice and what effect it has and how girls start to fall for him one after another) her spark extinguish cause it was 2fresh and easy to kill

Yumekichi11 said:
elior1 said:
if by trow Airi aside you mean after they bath with each other think about it for a minute while normally two people choosing to bathe together would likely imply some romantic inclinations indeed, it's important not to forget the circumstances that led to them sharing the bath tub. They didn't do it because of a mutual interest to bathe together, but because that was the solution they reached as the compromise to their argument.
I agree and will add that the staff totally so fart failed in developing of Airi anything but blushes and signs that she is worried over Shingo's affairs with other girls namely Sana/Miu. That's it. On top of that the OP clearly shows a scenes deemed only of the Airi route so no idea if it's a troll or it means something. Troll as in just putting it there but it still gives false hopes.

i also gree


Zavie said:
Imo, I think you guys need to look more into the development between Airi and Shingo. Sure, there were developments coming from Airi, and she's obvious interested in Shingo. But vice versa? I didn't really feel that way from Shingo, he just treats her as he would do to anybody he meets, there was some awkward moments, but that was simply because Airi is a girl and Shin is a boy, no more than that.

As for Sana, all the tsundere acts really shot her in the knee. We watcher can tell that she's interested in Shingo. But how would Shingo feel when he gets kicked in the stomach every five sentences he speaks? With a choice of a gentle option like Miu (and he's fancied her since ep 1 if you watch carefully enough), you shouldn't be surprised when he goes for Miu instead of Sana. He's not obligated to understand Sana's tantrum when his relationship with her is considerably good.

That main point is, Airi saw through Shingo that he's just another nice girl, that he would be nice to everybody. Unlike Sana expected Shingo to her exclusive shinning amour knight. Shingo's kindness despite Sana's obvious tantrum really grow the false hope in her, and she refused anyway other wise, hence the result we all saw, Shingo fell in love with Miu. In the end, Sana was tring to hard to cling to existed status quo, just be heart-broken at that "swing scene".

That was really emotionally, and I am greatly sorry for her, hopefully Manglobe can resolve this in a way that make Sana be able to stand up and smile again.

Excellent episode indeed!

Tenchi_Ryu said:
Listen people, just because she might not be your favorite girl, don't delude yourselves. Miu was always in Shingo's eyes since episode 1. When they first met, she was the only girl to make him blush. Through-out the entire show, they showed how Shingo was attracted to her. It was NEVER this for Airi or Sana, he was only being nice, that's how he is. Saying the show is worst just cause your girl didn't win is very petty, and if you didn't realize Miu was the winner 2 episodes ago, your love for your girl blinded you.

And if you still think Sana can win, you are clearly in denial now. Finally we have a Male lead that can think for himself, and chooses what HE wants. He never liked Airi like that, and Sana shot herself in the foot from day one with the "man-hater" attitude. It makes perfect sense why Shingo doesn't like her.

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