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3 12.00%
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Nov 20, 2011 11:56 PM
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Nov 21, 2011 7:30 PM

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Overall though I really did love this manga, but maybe the ending could have been done better.
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Jan 13, 2012 12:25 PM

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. Wow my grammar is terrible but this dumb iPad keeps messing with my words and Im to lazy too fix it,lol sorry.
Mar 24, 2012 10:21 PM

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The ending was really satisfying and I like how the pacing wasn't rushed.

Yay for the 'finished' love that's going to happen between the children. :)
Apr 7, 2012 1:24 AM

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My biggest complaint is that the series was so long with so much build up, but the last few chapters felt so rushed. I also wish that Yun-ha would've realized that Hyun-bin was a girl under different circumstances. Aside from that, I still approve of the ending for the most part. It wasn't a bad ending for the series.
Apr 8, 2012 3:26 PM

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Apr 12, 2012 4:06 AM

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@IchigoHollowfi: at the end Hyun Bin's daughter met with Bi-rak and Ga Hyun's son!! That's not really Bi-Rak...

Yes i agree that the last few chapters were a bit rushed, which is kind of a pity... I wish that they could've expanded more on Hyun Bin and Yun Ha's love instead of just rushing for marriage. Made their love seemed so trivial, which is not the case.

I guess Hyun Bin's love to Bi rak is not really love love, more like family love kind?? Then he/she can't take it, then ask for President Min's help.

One question, who is that black-haired guy who comforts Yae Ha when she broke off with Yun Ha???? Don't remember him....

But i kind of enjoyed this series... although at times it may be a bit draggy and stuff.
Jul 12, 2015 2:22 PM
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OtakuLiz said:

Yes yes yes !!! You took the words out of my mouth ! The author made Yun-Ha and Hyun-Bin's love for seem impetrable in the begining chapters that later on her change of heart was unbelievealbe. Hyun-Bin's feelings change so suddenly and i guess the anmesia helped her forget Yun Ha and increase her feelings for Bi-Rak however when she gained her memories she back it seemed lackluster. I mean didnt she only love Bi-Rak as family ? The ending made it seem like Bi-Rak was the main lead and there was not enough content to persuade the reader that hyun bin still liked yun ha. It was so rushed.
I remember reading this manwha back in 09 but then it took a haiatus and i forgot to read the ending. Now in 2015 i suddenly remebered it and went back to read the last chapters. Sad how something i invested so much of myself in dissapointed me.
Nov 2, 2015 2:02 AM
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I know it's been a while, but I want to add my two sense.

I agree with pretty much everything that was said here. That whole rape scene by that girl was nuts. That girl was absolutely psychotic, and the sad thing is that she never changed. In the end she was STILL saying he was her husband. I'd understand if she said "He's my child's father", but to claim that they were married? That's nuts. Then again, the MC girl kind of did the same thing. They never married either.

I think Hyun-Bin's character was completely tainted by the sudden switch from Yun-Ha to Bi-Rak. A few chapters earlier she even had a thought bubble saying "I can't return these feelings you have for me". To be honest this kind of ruined the whole story for me. I was completely shocked during that one page that's colored in black where she's thinking things like "I can't keep my promise to Yun-Ha, I won't find you or let you find me" etc. Felt like it came out of nowhere since she treated and thought of Bi-Rak as an older brother up until then.

Makes it even worse that after Bi-Rak dies she decides she wants to FORGET Yun-Ha. It's almost mentioned that when her memories resurfaced she'd get hypnotized again, so that means she kept having him erased.

I guess this really bothers me because it completely cheapens the so called love she had for Yun-Ha while she was going through absolute hell for most of her life. It also makes her seem disloyal. I thought a big selling point in the story was that their love would be unshakable regardless of what came their way. It honestly felt like the story was going to go on longer but the author got tired of it, killed of Bi-Rak and started to slowly wrap things up. Felt rushed in a weird way.

Last but not least, the thing that people were waiting for for most of the story was Yun-Ha finding out Hyun-Bin was actually a female this entire time.

This is his reaction.

"Hyun-Bin is a woman???"

.... That's it. Absolutely nothing else. Not once after was it brought up with him. It honestly couldn't have been any more simple except for is his reaction was..


Even the annoying/obsessive princess girl who Hyun-Bin looked after had more to say about that.

Anyway, just finished this after binge reading the rest of it in 6 hours, so I'm very disappointed.
Nov 19, 2015 3:17 PM
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Well I didn't think the bi-rak thing was rushed because she did spend a month knowing he was in love with her, besides they were living together so it would be kinda hard not to happen.
When bi-rak died I don't think I've had a sadder moment in my whole life, got tears in my eyes just typing this.
The part that I think was rushed though was the very end where it should of taken more times to recover her memories and have a better reunion or something.
May 2, 2017 7:16 AM
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I loved reading this manga. Part shoujo, part gang.

Though like everyone's problems here, I had problems with the last two volumes.


I'm going to be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of Bi-rak. Yes, I did like him. He was a reliable character, well-developed, kind to everyone, but I only thought of him as the brother type for Hyun-bin.

I would've been fine with him loving Ga-hyun, you know...before the whole rape thing...

I still did want him to have a happy ending though, just not with Hyun-bin. The whole story was centered on Yun-ha's and Hyun-bin's love. It's obvious that their time apart would eventually make one of them waver, but the way Hyun-bin told him was just cruel.

A phone call saying, "I don't love Hyung anymore," is probably one of the most messed up ways to tell him. Especially because Yun-ha held out and still loved Hyun-bin for over five years.

The last two volumes just seemed to throw away the entire point of the manga which was the masked girl and the forbidden relationship.

I wasn't entirely (maybe a little bit) surprised that Hyun-bin loved Bi-rak, but by the end of the manga, she seemed more devoted to Bi-rak than Yun-ha which she had devoted for so long. It's like she forgot all about him and their love . She didn't even want to keep their friendship or anything.

But of course, after the...hyponosis (I don't understand either), the author just HAD to try and squish Hyun-bin and Yun-ha back together again.

They felt so wrong together at that point.

It's like we lost hope for the relationship to be the same after she loved Bi-rak and declared them as married after his death.

So, if you're one of the people who still liked the "main couple" by the end, of course, the author makes Hyun-bin fall into a coma from a single blow to the head (why hasn't she been in a coma before then?), then in a wheelchair for a year (?), and then married Yun-ha in an invisible wedding.

By then, I could not back up the relationship. I would only back them up if I felt they both truly loved each other, but I still felt Hyun-bin loved Bi-rak. Especially because she woke up from her coma because of him, wore the wedding dress he chose, and still kept all of his things and such.

The "main couple" just felt so hollow at that point, not even showing them as a happy couple or anything with their children.

Do you know why?

Because they wanted the last few pages to take place for Hyun-bin's and Bi-rak's kids to meet each other.

So now apparently Bi-rak was the main lead?

Let's just say I was disappointed by the ending. I might've even been more satisfied if she didn't end up married to Yun-ha. Honestly.
Aug 2, 2017 11:34 AM
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Loved it....then hated it...

This manhwa was great it the beginning with its shoujo-gang kinda thing going on, but it just went downhill as the Hyun-Bin kept turning Yun Ha down. But Bi-rak finally entered the scene and it got okay. I personally believed that Bi-rak would've been the better match for Hyun-bin.

However, the ending was really screwed up since somehow Bi-rak had a child with Gae-hyun??(I can't really spell or remember names that well, not that her name deserves remembrance). She basically raped him...RAPED HIM on that day he was drunk. Hyun-bin saw the child and was like whatever he had a child with her and the child looks like him so I'm fine with it. Did she really not know that Bi-rak got raped and all that.

If you can't tell already, I really hated this ending and it's probably one of the worst ending i've probably read. The part with Bi-rak's child and Hyun-bin's daughter didn't help ease my hatred either. The problem is, it's extremely freaky how Bi-rak's child looks exactly like him and the daughter looks exactly like Hyun-bin as a girl at least. Well all I can conclude is 'like father like son' and 'like mother like daughter'.
Mar 8, 2018 9:13 AM

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Really fucking disappointed in Ga-Hyun. You don't have the right to tell Hyun-Bin who she loves (honestly, who's to say her feelings weren't real; it seemed ambiguous in the end,, to me), and you definitely don't get to claim the man you raped as your husband, you sick bitch. Honestly, the whole idea that Ga-Hyun's love is supposed to be seen as pure and sadly unrequited makes me sick to my stomach. I had to deduct points from my overall rating just because the whole situation disgusts me. I pray Hyun-Bin doesn't know about the rape and thought it was consensual because the notion that she would actually approve of that shit is completely repulsive. I legitimately feel like crying right now from it all.
I feel like the manhwaga forced it. "I want Hyun-Bin and Yun-Ha's kid ending up with Bi-Rak's, but I also want Bi-Ran to die loving Hyun-Bin. I’ll just have Ga-Hyun be a tragic figure and rape him because she’s female and he’s male so it’s not really rape."
I also don't get why Yae-Ha's like, "OMG, the child you abused for years was actually female?" Like, what, did you think it was okay when he was a guy?
That ending though? Ugh. Just... ugh. Totally unnecessary, and kind of ruined it for me. Just end it at their wedding or something. It's amazing how a story can be ruined so easily.
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