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Poll: Fate/zero Episode 1 Discussion

Jun 10, 12:41 AM

Joined: Dec 2018
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Lol when they're talking about Holy Grail and start circling Kirei.

Waver resembles Furuta (TG) a lot. And not caring about her parents, resembles him more.
If 1 = 2, then everything is good.
Jun 29, 2:47 AM
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That summoning scene was done so well. I'm looking forward to finally getting into the fate franschise and this episode definitely did not disappoint me.
Jul 16, 2:07 PM

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A bit late to the party but finally gave this a go heh, premise looks interesting and there's a lot of familiar voices.
That was indeed kinda funny how they were circling Kirei.
The worms came kinda out of nowhere what the hell, poor girl, I'm surprised Kariya didn't beat the hell out of that bastard.
Jul 18, 12:04 PM

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Pretty cordial pilot...
Sep 22, 9:19 PM

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I didn't notice this first eps is 48 min long until i reach 31 min lolol

It's kinda confusing at first, I only understood the basic gist of it, and the character names and faces and relationships will take some time for me to remember.

Seems interesting so far. I don't know the other characters well enough so the only characters I'm actually invested in is the tortured girl, white-haired man, and the kid who stole his poor teacher's spot lol (im guessing he's gonna suffer a lot in the upcoming Holy Grail).

Hope the sickening old bastard dies soon.
Sep 25, 7:21 PM
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made it too boring introduction.. but its worth it 👌👌👌
Nov 17, 12:02 PM

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Setting up the stage... felt bad for Sakura
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