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Poll: Kurenai no Buta Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 12, 2015 2:38 PM

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Very good movie, it had great atmosphere of world of late 20s in midst of financial crisis. I also like both Marco and Fio character.

So he did changed back to human after that Fio's kiss, no wonder! But as everything else, his being the pig was just symbolism. Gina loves him but he's still keeping the promise to his old friend who died in skies back then. He didn't want her to suffer again. But maybe, one day in forgotten gazeboo... who knows? :)

8/10 Very enjoyable Ghibli's anime.
Aug 29, 2015 1:21 PM

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Probably me least favorite Ghibli movie the few I've seen thus far but that doesn't make it bad, a solid 7/10.
Sep 19, 2015 10:11 PM

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A lot of good thoughts in this discussion thread so I won't say what's already been said.

What I have to get off my chest, though, is that Fio was a GREAT character. Well there really wasn't any character in this film remotely close to lackluster, but Fio personally stood out to me as I was watching. Her youthful enthusiasm for life and the future is infectious. And in general Miyazaki has always been pretty ahead of his time when it comes to writing women. One of the most charming characters I've watched in a while honestly.

Really refreshing movie. I expose myself to his films in intervals as a "breather" from all the archetypes thrown at me from most anime. I want to say 8.5/10, but I'm rounding it to 9 after reflecting upon the movie and the interpretations behind it. I'm also gonna bet this is a movie whose value just increases upon watching a second time.
Oct 5, 2015 2:13 AM

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Of all the Miyzaki films I have watched so far this is without a doubt my favorite at the moment. Great animation, story, comedy, characters. No complaints from me at all. Only question I would have liked answered is how he got cursed.

Porco is the man and Fio is just awesome.

Apr 4, 2016 7:50 PM

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"I'd rather be a pig than a fascist" ~ Porco. Well freaking said. This was such a fun movie. I have a booklet that outlines Miyazaki's original pitch and he said multiple times that this movie was supposed to be lighthearted for the "businessmen whose brains have turned into tofu from exhaustion" xD.

Also, even though the ending seems unsatisfying at first, when you look closer you realize that there is a certain red plane sitting at Gina's dock in DAYTIME and that Gina is not sitting outside in her garden (because she is inside with Porco ^_^). As for whether he returned to being human, that is never said straight out, but the American pilot looked pretty shocked when he saw his face, so I'd like to think Fio saved him :D
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Apr 27, 2016 3:29 PM
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I've just finished watching this beautiful movie and i have to admit that i regret not watching it sooner. Definitely one of my favorites from Ghibli Studio! (the least favorite is still Kiki's Delivery Service which i simply find boring).
Porco Rosso is funny, romantic and insightful. I really like the fact that it's aiming at an adult audience.
Things i noticed:
Porto became a "pig" for being the lone survivor of that fateful unplanned attack during the war. When he was up there, above the clouds, watching BOTH his friends and the enemy disappear into that star-like tail, i really think that the idea was to show that in death everyone is alike. There are no "enemies" or "friends", we are all equal human beings.
He thought they were going to heaven because in the movie he says to Fio: "It might have been hell for all i know". But what he saw was dead seaplane pilots going to heaven regardless of their previous deeds or lives or which side they were on. Just like Marco himself and those he now associates himself with. I think it made Marco realize that a pilot is a pilot regardless of the political differences. This is a reason to why there is an honorary code between him and the pirates. And also one of the main reasons Porco is "not a killer" as the Boss pirate put it.
When Gina came to warn them about the Air Force being on their way, after Marco told her to take care of the girl, she shames him and he says sorry. While Fio is kicking him in the face, notice the frame of his sunglasses with the broken glass - it's in a shape of a heart. So he is looking at Gina with love in his eyes. I'm thinking Marco and Gina have had feelings for each other for a very very long time! Ever since they were kids - hence Gina reminiscing on the good old days which included only two of them. Also Gina basically says several times during the film that she made the wrong choice previously and ended up 3 times a widow. She also says that she loves someone already ("Marco, you've always been here for me") but that he does everything to avoid facing her and their mutual feelings - that's why she is waiting for him in her garden without any luck. My guess is that it's because he cannot be a pig and marry his dead best friend's wife (pun intended).
Also Fio has got a crash on him and that's the reason he cannot return. Fio is off-limits because of Gina - feelings for Gina are in the way, plus he couldn't hurt Gina by being together with Fio. But Gina is off-limits too as she is his dead best friend's wife/widow and he has to take Fio's feelings into consideration. So he keeps his distance from both of them.
The only bummer is that we dont get to see his face at the end of the movie and are left guessing: was the face Donald saw permanent or was it temporary like the one Fio saw?
All in all wonderful, typical Miyazaki movie with several layers of hidden hints and context, tributes and spoofs! I just don't like it when i have to fill in the blanks myself :-P
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Jul 16, 2016 10:55 PM

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So good. This was SO much better than The Wind Rises.
Miyazaki was definitely in his prime in the 90s. Easily one of my favorite Ghibli films now, I don't know why I put it off for so long.
Nov 3, 2016 5:40 AM

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While Miyazaki is a solid director, who knows how to "tell" a story through visuals, instead of droning dialogue, I always felt like the characters and their dialogue in his movies are a bit lacking. But this time, I have nothing to complain. Out of all the Miyazaki movies I've watched, this is now by far my favorite, and dare I say his best one?
Dec 7, 2016 8:14 AM

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Wow, was expecting this would be a Ghibli dud, how very wrong i was, this was magnificent.

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Dec 27, 2016 8:40 PM

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After 6 month of putting this off cause thought I wouldn't like it turned out to be my favorite Ghibli movie (from the ones I've seen so far) 8/10.
Feb 22, 2017 10:28 AM

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A weird movie and definitely not in my top Ghibli titles, but it was still pretty enjoyable. The finale is definitely a reason I didn't like it that much for, I fond it upsetting in a way different than usual for a Ghibli movie. 7/10.
Mar 28, 2017 10:14 AM

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That was a pretty fun movie~ It's kinda weird that he turned into a pig just for the sake of turning into one and pig jokes, but hey, at least he's not a Fascist.

Fio really likes to talk about her "bigger-than-it-looks" butt~ That's something I can get behind ♥

Warplane Heaven elevated some feels outta me... Berlini never got to the wedding but at least he got thousands of wrecks that ended up the same way (mankind in general, I guess).

When your guns don't work, use your fists. Boy, did they get pummeled :o

That kiss turned him back to human! Despite Fio flirting a lot and making it obvious with the winking and butt talk, that surprised me.

Thank goodness somehow here pointed out the red plane by the Hotel Dock coz I didn't see it the first time around~ It changed the downer ending to a happy one! The reason why Fio said that Porco was never seen again after the Air Force incident was because he already turned back to Marco and he's happily living in the Mediterranean with Fio and Gina.

That was a nice feely credits song :')

May 21, 2017 7:01 PM

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It was pretty short. Barely 90 minutes long. I have mixed feelings bc there was no proper ending but this is the most mature Ghibli movie I've seen so far, along with Poppy Hill. Also, the music was the best out of all Ghibli movies for me, along with Poppy (again). 7/10 at best. I don't see myself rewatching.


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May 23, 2017 1:51 AM

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Geez, unpopular opinion but this is one of my least favorite Miyazaki films.
I appreciate the call backs on Casablanca and that like, but that might be the crux of it -- I'm not very fond of that era of movies. This is purely more a genre bias than anything. I love plane fights (which are apparent in other Miyazaki films) but I don't think I really care for the main character at all. I'm more for fantastical settings. Ah well, not bad, but not something I would jump to watch again. Average 5/10
Aug 4, 2017 3:30 AM

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This was definitely a good film, but I'm not sure if I can really put it on par with most of the other Ghibli films I've seen so far. I don't think being less fantastical is a problem in itself, but it just feels like there's something missing. This didn't seem to have the sheer creativity and fun of The Secret World of Arrietty and Spirited Away nor the incredible character drama in The Tale of Princess Kaguya, Only Yesterday, and Grave of the Fireflies. I suppose you could point out the charisma of the characters, but overall I felt that both Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky were better in that regard.

What we mostly have here is an era film. It's a good one that captures the spirit of the era well, I believe. Porco was a fairly interesting (if not terribly different than what one might expect, though that's not a bad thing), but the real star of the cast was Fio, I thought. Ghibli films tend to do a great job with its female characters anyway, but her smarts and spunk really made her stand out as a unique character and brought a lot of liveliness to the film.

Porco Rosso has an interestingness and some lighthearted fun that kept me engaged throughout the film, no doubt. I just don't think I can say that relative to Ghibli's (or even Miyazaki's) other works that this is one of the better ones, but considering the sheer amount of quality I've experienced with the Ghibli filmography thus far, that hardly qualifies as a criticism.
Sep 19, 2017 10:19 PM
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Surprisingly fun, why didn't I see this earlier? Fortunately it's one of Miyazaki's mature films w/o dark drama. Was all adults in the theatre even tho it's English dub which was pretty good except a few scenes.
Pleasant Italian/French music from Gina. Funniest Ghibli I've seen, with snarky pov on Italians & Americans. It noticeably treads politics & feminism w/o being too hamfisted, carried by great memish dialogue. Weird I heard these classic quotes well before watching the film.
They did repeat Fio's "cute" too much, perhaps would feel normal in sub. I like how all the mcs & rivals have their own motivation, backstories, view on honor, nationalism etc. Tho Fio's design's like most Ghibli girl mcs, but she has this proactive engineering heart that blows Wind Rises out of its blandness, and her interactions with Porco was really fascinating.
Sep 23, 2017 3:58 PM

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Got exactly what I expected from a Ghibli film! I really enjoyed it and it was a great watch!
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Nov 4, 2017 4:32 PM

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I felt they avoided on how he became a pig and how can he turn back but at least they showed his human form in the flashback. The feud he had with those pirates was good funny and the duel with Curtis was even funnier. Its also funny that they never showed his full face covering them with sunglasses, what a cool character even cooler than Looney tunes porky pig of Looney tunes.

This was meant to be funny and has that laid back mentality, not to be taken seriously. Either way it was good to watch 7/10, would've be great if it had a sequel tho.
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Nov 26, 2017 10:04 AM

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Don't have much to say, not a bad movie, it was quite okay. 6/10

Also, I think Fio is my favorite Ghibli girl <33
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Dec 1, 2017 10:37 PM

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My first Miyazaki's film. Porco and Fio lovely characters.

And Tokiko Kato (Gina) 's voice = perfection.

Jan 7, 2018 8:21 AM

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I finally was able to watch this! Though I have to say I expected something better. Maybe I was to sleepy but I dont get what is so special about this. Solid 7/10 for me. You can clearly see Miyazaki in this, but it still does not feel like a real Ghibli to me. I dont know if I ever come to rewatch this, I fear I wont, maybe when my Ghibli collection is complete but that will be long in the future.
Even the animation, while not bad, felt boring compared to basically everything else from Ghibli. Since Kaze Tachinu is pretty similar to this, but with even less fantasy, I have to say I would take it over this any day of the week. Which is quite sad.

So, anybody here who can elaborate what is supposed to be great about this?
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Feb 5, 2018 5:59 PM

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An important question: Does Porco ever have pig urges, such as rolling in mud, or is he a pig simply in physical body?

I thought this was going to be the first Ghibli movie without a spunky female that deserves to be treasured forever and I was slightly disappointed, but then Fio came along. Miyazaki would think I'm more of a pig than Porco is - I whispered "destroy that ass" when she kissed Porco on the cheek. (Hey, she's seventeen! It's legal! Better Porco than the stupid cowboy.)

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Feb 7, 2018 7:49 PM

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love the soundtrack. and the nostalgia work in this is awesome
Feb 10, 2018 3:31 AM

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Man watched this so many times but it is still greatest Miyazaki film. The atmosphere was rich, believable and the sense of freedom that you got from the movie was envious. When you have wings the world is your playground. It was also bittersweet in the way that while they were enjoying this Mediterranean haven, the characters knew the world was changing, and they were nearing the end of an certain era.

Damn this movie is filled with subtle clues.

It is easy to see why this is one of Miyazaki's more personal efforts, 10/10.
Apr 2, 2018 1:28 PM

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Very nice movie, probably my favorite Miyazaki so far.

In matters of tone it reminded me of the Castle of Cagliostro, which was really fun.
Apr 2, 2018 3:31 PM
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Great movie, I liked it even more on my rewatch. Amazing pacing too.
Apr 29, 2018 9:35 AM

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A very enjoyable film that gives space to one of the passions of Miyazaki, since it is based on flight, history and other fields related to it. Goliardic in the narrative, it does not idealize but is attached to reality, through the contexts shown and in the dialogues that narrate the difficulties of the times narrated. Excellent graphics, with beautiful views and flowing animations. The color palette is always wide and the pleasures are nice and varied. It is a pity not to watch this film, even if it is less emotional than the others of Studio Ghibli, it deserves a vision. The air combat is exciting despite the tone of the fight is maintained on relaxed and fun atmospheres. The film does not lack the oneiric part, which is another fundamental element of Miyazaki's films.

May 21, 2018 11:40 PM

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I actually just got to see this movie in the theater and I loved it. Everything about it was great and I especially really like the music in this. Definitely one of my favorite Ghibli movies so far.
Aug 14, 2018 1:50 AM

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I liked the old-fashioned styling, but overall the film felt thin and empty. No lasting or meaningful thoughts from it, just whimsical emotions trailing through. And the whole pig thing wasn't explained at all. Why is he the only pig, but then in the credits there are way more pigs?
Sep 27, 2018 2:04 PM

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First time I watched it fully. Absolutely adore the flight scenes.
Jan 4, 2019 7:45 AM

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“You’re stupid. I like that in a man.” Honestly, same. Gina has taste. lol Not one of my favorites from Ghibli for sure, but it had its moments.
Mar 7, 2019 7:00 AM

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It was much better than I thought. Reminded me of ACCA and Baccano, maybe those two had direction inspired by it? Fio was my favorite. She deserved more for converting Porco into human again and for just being all-around very nice and charismatic girl. But then again, Gino was nice and mature, maybe more fitting for Porco. Good ending though.
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Jun 20, 2019 6:40 PM
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it was lovely but the ending felt like it was an ending of an episode rather than a movie. Not enough closure
Aug 4, 2019 2:03 PM

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Didn't feel like a Miyazaki film.
Mar 11, 2020 1:01 PM
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what an underrated movie! i never realized this movie is so wholesome until i watched it as a dude in his late 20s.

this movie is so frickin awesome! a romantic saga of a pig gentleman lol

Mr. Miyazaki was definitely having fun while making this movie. we all know he has insights on the airplane industry and i know for sure that he loves Saint-Exupery & his masterpiece, The Little Prince.

the beginning is so awesome! cute little girls everywhere. so cute i could die!

this is definitely the funniest Ghibli movie. it's a cultural heritage.
i mean, as far as i knew of, this is the one and only comedy movie from Ghibli Miyazaki.
there's also Totoro but it's a kids movie.

ah, the childish grannies! how i miss & love those Ghibli characters.
the seas! the skies! the Rivieras! the ships! the planes! the French songs! the brotherhood!

the contrast of Porco's & Curtis' characters.
the self-loathing ladies man filled with regrets vs the bravado playboy-type filled with ambitions.
the contrast of Gina's & Fio's characters.
the old-fashioned lady of culture vs the straight-forward intelligent girl of action.

and what a nice conclusion! what joy for humanity!
no blacks, no whites. no judgments. all humans are equally worthy & fascinating in their own way.
the critical message towards America's meddlesome tendency towards other countries turmoil.

i believe that Gina is the right person for Porco but Fio made him complete.
Fio was his trigger to triumph over his self-loathing & cowardly love period towards Gina.
i believe Gina won the bet.
but, a bittersweet ending like Saint-Exupery's fate is also nice.
missing in action with his plane in the skies & seas that he's so familiar with. sounds tragic and yet so romantic.

pigs can fly indeed!
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Mar 13, 2020 9:57 PM
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I like the CUTE LITTLE GIRLS at the beginning during "The Kidnapping Scene".
Apr 6, 2020 2:23 PM

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The first movie of my Studio Ghibli marathon, it was quite nice the animation was really fluid for it's age , the characters were funny and quite likeable. Gina's singing and the overall music were on point , but I guess more characters background would've been good (Marco's curse for ex) and the love triangle was odd.
Apr 9, 2020 4:52 PM

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Back to 1992, it was the best movie overrall about WWI airplane battles and still is one of them.

The rest was told here, the Miyazaki's tribute to the classic cinema, a great main character in a romantic era.

It is strong in the list of few movies that are classics itself not only among japanese animes, but also to cinema in general.
May 13, 2020 9:43 AM

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That was a very different Ghibli movie from what I've seen of their work so far, but it was also very good. The story was solid on its own, but I'm really impressed by just how likeable all of the characters were. It sort of reminded me of Nausicaa with the adventure, action and the sense of freedom you see in the characters when they're in the air. I would bring up some things about Porco's character that I initially wasn't crazy about, but in retrospect I think the execution made them work perfectly. The ending, creativity, writing, characters, and the classic art style with fluid animation were all great to see, 8/10. I suppose it would've been nice to have seen Porco end up with best girl Fio, but Gina is pretty good too so I can't complain (plus him with Gina is probably better since it ties the movie together more and makes more sense thematically, so I can't really complain). Also, personal headcanon but Donald is 100% Ronald Reagan.
May 26, 2020 2:32 AM

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and I thought I'd only see a legit hilarious anime until Pigs could fly.
I was wrong
Jun 5, 2020 2:23 AM

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Too bad we did not see Porco anymore in the end.
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Jul 4, 2020 10:20 AM

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Well, Miyazaki himself said in a documentary film ( A kingdom of dreams and madness ) that he regrets making this film and he didn't want to make it when he had the chance. I can see the reasons why he said that.

Aug 21, 2020 6:38 AM
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This movie is so underrated. It's one of my favorite Ghibli movies. It deserves a higher score.
Sep 9, 2020 1:42 PM

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Another underrated and a little forgotten studio Ghibli film. This film had some very beautiful plane designs and overall scenes with them. I guess they really are Miyazaki’s speciality and favorite thing to draw. Everything in this film is good and solid, the flaws are minimal that aren’t even worth mentioning but theres just something that keeps me from giving this film a score Higher than 8.6/10. Still a very very great Ghibli film from Miyazaki himself.
Oct 26, 2020 2:18 AM

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sunshinesan said:
I like his other films better.

Yeah same to me. This one was fine but not one of the best works imoho
Still, watchable at least to build up coulture :P

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Dec 31, 2020 4:09 AM

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For Miyazaki movie it lacked its luster but Ghibli's touch was there it drew me inside its world.

didn't like the ending though could have been better. 6/10
Mar 14, 1:00 PM

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I liked this movie. pretty decently done. loved the airplane technicalities which shown in the film and Porco rosso was a great character. Also like how the women role was shown in piccolo company.
Overall nice way to portray the lightheartedness and romanticism. Though ending was too light, ending monologue could use a little more substance.
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May 31, 9:31 AM

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Pretty good movie. But I don't know, it just feels like something is missing. I liked Porco and Fio for the most part but the other characters weren't that interesting. "I'd rather be a pig than a fascist" is still a great line though.

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