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Poll: No.6 Episode 11 Discussion

Aug 30, 2018 12:33 PM

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I am glad shion did not die but the ending was pretty weird.. still don’t know whether Nezumi and shion were a couple or not ..don’t know how I feel about the end
Dec 24, 2018 10:36 PM

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HMMMMMMMMM.... Not sure how I feel about the ending lolol.

Before the ep, I told myself that if Safu was the only who died, I'd be satisfied.
But then I saw Shion proclaimed to be "dead" and Nezumi sang to him and laid next to him and I was like. Holy shit. If it ends just like this, I'd be happy with it!!!! >8D and then Safu appeared. And I was like oh, great. Don't tell me she's gonna bring him back to life. And then she did. Surprise, surprise.

I was still mildly content with it tho. It was a 6.5 for me at that point, but I would've rounded up...... til Nezumi gave him that goodbye kiss and told Shion he'll be alright. Goodbye kiss to that 7 LOLOL. *le sigh*

It was a pretty good anime-- I liked it up until the ending, pretty much.
Came here cuz I saw it was on a yaoi list, but it ended up not really being yaoi, honestly :P

Some things confused me or were left unanswered. How did Nezumi know Shion's mom to be able to contact her in the first place? O_____o
Like. It never showed them meeting or knowing each other in the past or whatever.
At least she FINALLY ran to Shion herself in the end lmao
Inu gave back the baby, so now Shion's mom got another little one on her hands, heh

And the wasps weren't really explained well .-. Where did they go after coming out of their hosts? Who designed them and how are they implanted into random people?

Youichi's Lonely People with Our Losses Club-- what were their plans, exactly? It didn't show his texters either lol. Even though there was that pan over to the corpse in the car, which I assume was him. Dunno how he got infected with a wasp either when he knows about them, but okay.

I would've liked to see the elderly being disposed of as well, esp Safu's grandmother. It would've given this anime that inhumane horror effect.

6/10. They could've done a better job with this anime. Oh wells.
Jan 18, 5:40 PM

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What a mess this anime was. Oh well. :/ I like parts of it at least.

An empty head bloomed with blossoms.

Feb 24, 4:14 AM
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Just finished this and WTF was that ending??? So unsatisfying!!!!
Nov 17, 8:54 PM

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Watching No.6 reminds me why I left behind post-apocalyptic and dystopia tagged stuff: god, their endings are so dissatisfying. There were a lot of questionable plot moments,, we won't question it. Nezumi and Ash are so similar, I guess you can say I have a type.

Though we have parted
Should I hear the sounds
Of your pines on Mount Inaba
Where the pine trees grow
I shall come back to you again
—No.16 (小倉百人一首) ©
Nov 26, 11:18 AM
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First of all that ain't a farewell kiss! is it? There are few things wrong with this anime few things doesn't make no sense (character buildup, it's funny when it's not needed to be, etc). It was started with a good Mystery but failed to maintain the suspense and got down hill after episode 6. I really wanted to see Sion and his mother to reunite but sad they didn't think that would be needed. Seriously the ending is shit.

Dec 5, 10:46 PM
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I tried. And I lowkey disliked the anime even though I watched the whole thing.
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