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Sep 11, 2011 3:39 PM

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So on the 9th September we launched the website, and revealed the first of our big guests for the weekend.

What do you guys think about Chris Sabat coming to Sunderland?
You excited?
What will you ask him if you get the chance? Any favourite roles he's played?

Personally, as a Vegeta fangirl, this guy made me fall for Vegeta. That voice was the perfect blend of pompous prince and badass rebel, mixed with a hint of hurt. Everything that makes me love my anti-hero badboys.
But I'd try not to go all fangirly if I got to talk to him, and try and ask a sensible question, like 'how do you choose your roles?' or ' do you ever worry that people might think you use your role as voice director to take the juicy parts for yourself?' XD
They are less likely to cause trouble than the "say the 9000 line" comments will XD

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Sep 13, 2011 2:45 PM
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With Chris Sabat I am more familiar with him as Ayame Sohma in Fruits Basket than as Vegeta, as I always associate Brian Drummond with Vegeta as by and large it was the Ocean Group dub we got on Cartoon Network in the UK. But still he's got a great body of work and is a very talented and popular VA. Well done for getting him.

Veronica Tyler I've always had a soft spot for, like most people I am most familiar with her as ash, and whilst I've always had either mixed to horrified feelings towards most 4Kids dubs she'll always be awesome to me. Like Chris Sabat she has a large body of work and a lot of history working in the industry so I am very much looking forward to seeing her!
Jan 5, 2012 6:45 AM
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I cant wait to meet them both im more familar wth Christopher Sabat as Kasanoda from Ouran and Veronica Taylor as Ash from Pokemon and Tokyo Mew Mew