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Sep 5, 2011 9:04 AM

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The Rain Villages main thread
I miss rping here.....
Sep 5, 2011 2:50 PM

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-walks around and sees my whole village-

Yuudai: its a beautiful day before the storm..... Isn't that right Ayame

-As yuudai said that i started to blush-

Ayame: i Guess so Sir
Oct 19, 2011 11:35 PM

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*Several Messenger birds arrive in the messenger building addressed to simply anyone who reads this*

Hello from the Land of Snow i know we havnt had many dealings in the past but this is a matter of high importance. The reason i am writing to you is that we have a hogh reason to believe that we will be attacked in the near future. I would not as this of you if I wasnt conserned for the well being of my civilians. The land of snow does not have very many skilled ninja to fend off an attack from a powerful force so i must make a selfish request of having you send any ninja that you can to the land of snow in order to help us fend off certain doom. The only thing i can promise is that if we are able to make it through the attack we will compensate you in whatever way we can. So please help us
Thank You
Koyuki Kazehana - Princess of Snow Village
I miss rping here.....