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Poll: Ie Naki Ko Episode 26 Discussion

Aug 26, 2011 4:23 PM

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Vitalis! No!!

Such a sad episode, especially towards the end. This series really tugs on one's heartstrings, does it not?
Dec 15, 2011 10:45 AM

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And now Vitalis?! ;_;
My god, did Tomino had a hand in this or something.
Aug 19, 2012 8:54 PM
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This episode is the saddest episode in the entire series. It's easy to understand why. I remember that when I first watched it with my french DVDs, I had to take a break from the series for a day or two. It was just too much. Especially since I watched 20-26 in the same day... R.I.P Vitalis
Nov 22, 2012 3:14 PM
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Perfectly made episode. Very sad one too.

I remember when i rewatched this anime, i reached to this episode. how he's dreaming and remembering his glory days.

Then he died. I literally cried :(

Good bye Vitalis :'(
Apr 1, 2013 1:15 PM

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Absolutely beautiful episode. Also, Vitalis's death was not in vain. RIP

Shame he will never fulfil his dream as an opera singer. His voice is to die for.

These previous episodes have raised the drama and emotion to an high degree. It can only get better from here.
Sep 1, 2013 8:34 AM

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God, this show is so brutal! Forget about "kIll 'em all" Tomino, that dude seems like a joke after watching a series like this. It's so crazy that this was a kids show, I bet these bastards had children crying up and down Japan when this aired!
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Dec 4, 2013 9:04 PM
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what the fuck

This is seriously heartbreaking and horrible. In the first several episodes, the show had a nice balance between fortune and misfortune; every time Remi and Vitalis were discriminated against due to their social status, there's another time when they were given food and shelter for the night. For the last few episodes, it's been bleak, bleak, bleak. Give the kid a break already.
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Jul 6, 2014 6:51 PM

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Wow, one of the most heartbreaking episodes ever. This is just too cruel for words to describe. The episode was perfectly directed, especially with Vitalis reminiscing on when he was an opera singer. Surreal.
Jan 25, 2015 4:51 PM

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This show can't stop breaking my heart, what a heartbreaking episode. Vitalis death scene was masterfully directed. melancholically beautiful.
Mar 9, 2015 8:36 PM
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Dear god this episode was so cruel and heart-wrenching that it made all the previous tragedy look like the best time of their lives. Every little glimmer of hope they encountered in Paris, and in this episode in particular, was immediately extinguished. It would still have been an extremely sad episode if their situation just kept being hopeless, but them looking for the quarry just fo find it locked, and then the snowstorm starting and that carriage ignoring Capi, it was hard to bear.
It's not like I didn't see Vitalis death coming from the time he started to have that cough in prison, but the way it was executed was beyond my expectations. How the half-dead and blind Vitalis kept crawling through the snow, carrying Remi to protect him from freezing and then finally found a place where at least Remi could survive... Damn.
I don't even wanna think about Remi's future prospects right now. I sincerely hope that this was the most depressing part of the series, I'm not sure how much more cruelty and tragedy I can handle :(.
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May 29, 2015 5:00 PM

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This series is breaking my heart to pieces, but at the same time, it's warming it like nothing has ever done. The joys and hardships of this series, they're all so well done. I'm almost at a loss for words.

I might have a soul after all. While this series has some seriously sad moments for me, that's all thanks to the great moments it has. Vitalis was such a good man, damn, such a good father to Remi, who, at the same time, is such a damn good boy. It's impossible not to love him.

For me, this anime is the very definition of "beauty". This is a series that just makes me say "this is just beautiful."

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Jul 1, 2015 9:31 AM

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Vitalis, a true father.
Sep 18, 2015 2:58 PM

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It's a very, very sad episode but at the same time it's heartwarming as hell.... a very beautiful episode indeed. But this is just too cruel, way too cruel. This series is cruel.

Vitalis was a great man, the father figure that Remi desperately needed in his life. He protected Remi until the very end, the amount of respect I have for Vitalis is f*cking high. He went out like a boss he is.

The flashback when Vitalis saw his old self as a famous opera singer was the icing on the cake for this episode, incredible.
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Dec 14, 2015 12:35 PM

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Dat narrator at the start of episode, already spoiling the end and Vitalis death... I saw it coming, but hey... This was just heartbreaking.. He protected Capi and Remi with his body and died as a proud man. I guess he was a famous opera singer back in his days. The flashback and his dead was very well executed. It was so sad. Life is never fair.
Jan 11, 2016 11:36 PM

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Oh dear... Even though I saw it coming miles away, what a heartbreaking episode. This show really is something else. I hope Remi will be ok, I wonder if he'll try to go back to his foster mother at this point
Oct 25, 2016 2:23 PM

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Given the fact I already knew this would happen (spoiler or not) I'm glad it did at last. I'm envisaging a better future from now on, it can't get worse than what it was during the last few eps.

Fenesta che lucive for the third time. We all wanted a bit more of Carlo Balzani, that's for sure.

Nov 3, 2016 7:39 PM

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It was just a matter of time since he started coughing, but it finally happened, even though the illness only had a little part to do with that, as he got blind from various factors. Perhaps Vitalis freezing to death while protecting Remi was the best way to go out. It was a really well done episode, as expected from someone like Dezaki.

We did find out more about his past, which was already hinted, if not indirectly told (his good singing, his friend) but I guess I'd love finding out why he actually left everything behind. That's probably what everyone wanted to know, since figuring out that he was an opera singer was already a given. But it's good enough, since his life with Remi is what's important, not why things happened.

Next episode won't be optimistic for sure, but seeing the new opening, things might get better once he gets back with Mattia and they start working together.

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Apr 19, 2018 3:37 PM

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This is ruthless... RiP Vitalis
Aug 9, 2018 8:32 AM

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And yet again goodbye.

Vitalis died slowly as he desperately tried to survive for all the things he had to live for, it can't get much more painful than this. We knew it was inevitable, but the merciless sequence of events dragged on to make things more difficult.

At least Vitalis went to sleep with the peace of mind of knowing that Remi and Capi would survive that heavy snowfall. He died as he reminisced with a vision of his past glory one last time... And yet again this unforgiving winter claimed one more life of our troupe. Things will never be the same and spring isn't coming for them.

To think that it was to go through so much loss and suffering that Remi left the Swan...
May 15, 3:47 PM

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Well they only showed him dead in the OP for the last 15 eps or so. Suddenly the OP changes and Vitalis isn't really in it anymore and the title is "FAREWELL MY SON." Dezaki, Drinking and Death strikes again.