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Jul 4, 2008 2:52 AM

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how about having a battle? (just for fun, as mentioned in the topic title)
anyone can join in ...

got the idea from the other club thread ... when i saw 2x diablo userbars

.: mine :.

.: mathes :.

well anyway ... here is some...

.: very simple rules :.

the next person who writes in this tread picks a topic (an anime / character / club / or something random, i dont care (though it's more fun doing anime userbars then doing some random in my oppinion ^^")
then anyone who wants to join the battle makes a Userbar with that theme topic.

* u dont have to have the text from the topic, just make sure that everyone will understand that it is from that anime ( or that is that character, for that club ... etc.)

.. i'll wait for someone to draw the first straw and drop the first topic ... so we can start some sort of club activity ... ^^"

(how to declare a winner and such is up to everyone i suppose)
Jul 16, 2008 11:17 AM

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great idea, I say.

Another Rule, I'd suggest is that the topic starter has to wait for one other member to post a userbar till he can post his own (so he won't begin a round with a userbar).
And if two userbars have posted and after two days no one has posted another userbar a new topic can be started.
I'd say declaration of winner for now since that would either cause one heck a poll topics or or would die of inactivity if it's via postings all in one topic.
I might come up with some external voting site but that requires some motivation and time. D:

Round One
(since I saw it in your watching list Rajden)
Jul 20, 2008 2:49 AM

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Those rules sounds great :)

made a halfhearted try to create a sekirei userbar, really hard topic since i didn't have any good pictures to work with ^^" ... but hey, i tried :D

.: so here is mine :.

(edit: chingpax the next topic! (chingpax = " I was first to say chingpax, so I'll decide ")) ^^"
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Aug 8, 2008 3:32 PM

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Sep 18, 2008 6:50 PM

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o-o This idea didnt go far..