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Poll: Bleach: Jigokuhen Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 27, 2011 12:42 AM

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they just got my hopes up by showin was normal...
Dudewitbow said:
interesting movie, ending followed a naruto-esque movie ending where main lead gets a power you never see again to win

yeaah...thats what i tought
i liked the previous movie moar..
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Aug 27, 2011 2:16 AM

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i one really enjoyed this movie , been action, some fights , great animation but the only thing i kinda hated about was the soundtrack - something was missing
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Aug 27, 2011 2:31 AM
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Note spoilers below. However if your reading this thread it probably doesn't matter.

It was kind of interesting... However I couldn't help but ask 'where are the skateboards?' when ichigo kicked the crap out of those three punks. Then the ghost was a boy rather than the little girl and I realized it was simply a new version... Apparently the boy also got run over? No explanation as to why his shrine happened to be by the roadside. Or why he looked very similar to the parrot kid.

Nothing new. Again and again throughout the film important plot points, dilemma's, and problem's, were introduced and then solved... Sometimes Mere Seconds Later. It was helter skelter and crazed; I'm glad that Ishida got a bit more screen time and a new attack... However I definitely won't be buying it...

Honestly I found that I was actually more attached to 'kuboto' or whatever his name was then I was Ichigo freaking out over his sister. He's just done it so many times now without any real growth in personality. Whereas the villian was actually grieving; Ichigo was just raving as usual.

The main villian's character reminded me a bit too much of grim's design and personality. The only difference being burns replacing hollowified bone. Even his attack style is similar while still using a sword. You could probably stack the two characters and come out with a mirror image with some small adjustments in color scheme.

No objections really; Grim was easily one of my favorite villians.

That being said it wasn't a waste of an hour and a half... In fact I rather enjoyed it; what the fan subs failed to cover I managed to fill in rather easily... After all it's not like we haven't heard all these lines before... Again and Again.

Lol. Good stuff; I think I gave it a 7 or 8. Diamond dust was better by far; but then it had Toshiro as a main so that was pretty much inevitable.

I'm still waiting for a movie focusing on Kenpachi somehow reaching stage 1 release. He has to be training after all; for his rematch with Ichigo. Once he gets his powers back... Again... Or is this the third time? I think I've lost count...
Aug 27, 2011 7:38 AM

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Kittyman said:

wonder why I was expecting to see Espadas...

And I found the movie to be somewhat anti-climatic.It builds up pretty nicely until
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Aug 27, 2011 8:45 AM

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Just finished watching this movie with subs! And I also thought that there would be espadas because in the trailer it showed Ulquiorra, but that was all at the beginning D: I liked the whole movie overall, it wasn't by favorite, but it had a nice plot and stuff :) Just one thing that confused me was: How did Kokuto even know about Ichigos hollow powers in the first place? He said that he recalled them from a memory, but how was he even there to see it?
Aug 27, 2011 9:00 AM
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Sooooo what happen to Yuzas chain ???? it just disappeared ..... ??? Did i miss a part which explained wtf happened, everyone's like she's not going to make it then her chain disappears and Byakuya Kuchiki with his troubled look ? Hes like i know something about that but you know what im not going to explain it lol
Aug 27, 2011 9:26 AM

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I enjoyed it about as much as I expected to. I probably liked the 3rd movie a bit more, but this was entertaining enough. Yes, of course there are going to be plot holes, this is Bleach remember. I don't know what happened to all those bad guys, they regenerated a few times then stopped? What else, I liked the soundtrack which brought back great songs like Soundscape to Ardor and that one with operatic singing. I also liked Orahime's new outfit.

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Aug 27, 2011 9:45 AM

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Definitly 1 of the best bleach movies. Loved the Number One soundtrack at the end also

Aug 27, 2011 11:05 AM

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I gave it a 8/10 it was pretty good except i wished the fighting with his new
transformation would last longer. Plus the fact when he de-activates the powers
all of them are immediately attacked is kinda funny at the end.
Aug 27, 2011 2:11 PM

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wasnt thee an episode in bleach for this movie involving espadas? i swear i though we were gonna fight them.
anyway, i actually enjoyed watching this movie a lot, im probably gonna watch it again soon.
also animation was extremely good.

Aug 27, 2011 2:57 PM

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just watch it...boring...even more boring than boring.
Aug 27, 2011 4:00 PM

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I'm just gonna note here that they couldn't possibly show Ichigo gaining control over his hollow form since it's not happened in the canon series (that is to say, it would introduce discontinuity in a work that is already discontinuous with the main series). Nor, of course, are they going to show him using Post-Jinzen Bankai since that hasn't happened yet, either (and it would make the entire movie so one-sided - he'd just wipe the floor with everybody).

Also, best animation of all the Bleach movies, without a doubt. I expected awesome fights and got exactly what I wanted, so 5/5 from me.

Edit: And before I forget, this is the best Bleach soundtrack of all time, bar none.
Aug 27, 2011 6:02 PM

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The best Bleach movie, still crap!
Aug 27, 2011 7:00 PM

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meh this movie was ok i guess, nothin special or anything. Hell Armor Ichigo looked pretty badass, but the fight that ensued after was too short and a bit anticlimactic. his 100% hollow form still trumps all in badassness imo though.

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Aug 27, 2011 7:02 PM

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This movie was too shounen for me; WAAAAY too shounen. That new, super, duper, mega, awesome form at the end (at least Kubo thought of it that way) was just ridiculous. The only actual part of the movie that I liked was the revamped fight between Hollow Ichigo and Ulquiorra. Honestly, the animation, and art in that 2 minute clip was just amazing. Overall, the only thing this movie had going for it, which was the hollow aspect, turned out to be a complete let down. I hated how Ichigo was so reluctant to use his Hollow mask. It was like, when he accidentally put it on all he could think to himself was "WHAT!? I don't use this shit EVAR!" Ichigo should have been spamming that crap left and right! And the fact that the enemy wanted Ichigo to go into that V2 Hollow form kind of killed it. It would have been way nicer if it was an unexpected transformation that made his enemy shit his pants all the way down to limbo. Plus the form was on-screen for like, what, a couple minutes? - tops! And all he did was spam cero's, not actually fight...

Gah, I'm getting to off-track with my complaints. Anyways, I give the movie 4/10 because of its opening scene, and mediocre fights (rating is subject to change; lower). Favorite Bleach movie is, and will continue to be, the first one. Bleach Memories of Nobody actually had a really good plot, with an excellent line up of characters, and a great atmosphere between Ichigo, and Senna.

I uploaded the only redeeming part of this movie; you're welcome:

Aug 27, 2011 7:38 PM
News Team
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Kokuto sounds like Ryuji (same seiyuu) more than Haruka Doumeki (which is more alike than Shizuka). He's such a nice person who turned into a sinner.

Sometimes Ishida sounds more like Akira Ishida than England's seiyuu.

Ichigo's "Sacred" Hell power is awesome.
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Aug 27, 2011 7:46 PM
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this is the best Bleach movie so far imo, the fights are awesome and the story while not top notch is still good for me
Aug 27, 2011 9:21 PM

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I liked the first Bleach film a lot more but this was ok.

Couple of the fights were pretty well done although too much cgi for my liking, hell backgrounds could have been done a lot better i mean random blocks? lazy.

Overall pretty much as expected.
Aug 28, 2011 1:54 AM

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Ichigo used judgement chain @-)
Aug 28, 2011 5:26 AM

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Satudo said:

Honestly I found that I was actually more attached to 'kuboto' or whatever his name was then I was Ichigo freaking out over his sister. He's just done it so many times now without any real growth in personality. Whereas the villian was actually grieving; Ichigo was just raving as usual.

Same here..not much of a fan of Ichigo in general. Can't imagine him ever accepting that a loved one of his dies. It's pretty much unreal territory for him. That bothers me a bit. He needs to find the resolve to fight and not gain super strength when he freaks out or comes to some resolution that concludes in protecting every single creature on the damn planet. whatevs. Just my opinion.

-felt much more attached to Kokuto(?) as I could really see where he was coming from. What corrupted him.
-but the plot really disappointed me. After watching the trailer and the episode preview I got my hopes up looking forward to this epic journey to hell. The second time back really lost my interest. Too predictable!!
-BUT, the animation was indeed impressive. I just wished...uhh. Feels like it's missing something for me. ;(

-yeah, don't see most of my hopes coming true in the Bleach franchise...seems like it'll always have the same plot repeating again and again with new layers on top. (Ichigo gains a new power and saves the day).

-OHH, and was hoping for Final Getsuga Tenshou to kick in..but...T^T
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Aug 28, 2011 5:42 AM

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pree zakon! :33
for me this is the best movie so far <3 - 5/5
i liked all the scenec but my favv is definetly the begining flashbk :DD
but what keeps me bugging is, whats with yuzu?! we all saw that ichigo didn't broke her chain like with the rest of his friends ! so now i wonder did she maybe inherit afterall some shinigami powers from their dad and since she still can't see spirits or sense reishi maybe its some kind of a different , hiden power... this is just me speculating but i wonder did u guys maybe thought something similar or else? even byakuya had some strange look on his face when yuzu recovered...
Aug 28, 2011 12:57 PM

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I was hoping for mindscape with the Hollow inside Ichigo, but apparently, everything else was more important. :( Meh.

Loved how FODDER Chad was though. He does his job well. xD
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Aug 28, 2011 3:17 PM

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So bc of the Hell Chapter in the manga and that special ep., I was under the impression that Shuren was the main villain... he had like 2 min. of screen time then disappeared never 2 be seen again.

Did I miss something? One sec. he was fighting Ichigo then he was gone. Where's the closure?
Aug 28, 2011 6:18 PM

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not bad, atleast some emotional variety
dank meme
Aug 28, 2011 8:10 PM

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I thought that this was completely silly, but the animation was nice.
Aug 28, 2011 8:30 PM

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Hmmmm, well, that was a fun ride, dont get me wrong. It's always good to see Chad and Ishda whenever we can (and Orihime, but she gets more screen time then those two anyway), along with the grass-roots opening bit (after Ulquiorra) with Ichigo kicking a coupla punks for knocking over a memento for the dead.

Things that did bug though, we're Yuzu suddenly getting better. Even the way Byakuya lost his composure (you know somethings up when he does that) and rushed out, I thought they were going to make something of it, but then it just skipped along to Ichigo going back to hell. I mean, if Orihime, who can 'undo the works of God' can't remove the chains, then surely it'd require some sort of special task to undo the chains like destroying the source of them in hell or something, not just for them to fizzle like nothing. Without even Yamato saying 'oh yeah, that can happen in rare circumstances'. Nothing.

Also, the whole thing with Kukoto saying 'you dont need to destroy the gates of hell, just my chains. So he goads ichigo into destroying the gates of hell. Then Ichigo comes back promising to defeat him, and breaks his chains. That bit did make me berate the screen for Ichigo being a numpty. But all was okay, because Hell just covered Kukoto in chains anyway. So, was Ichigo actually needed at all or did he just make things worse?

Also, when Toshiro mentioned they'd only made repairs to the hell gate yesterday, I was all like 'Ooh, thats what Isshins meeting was all about (imagining him and Urahara drinking somewhere while prepping the maintenance)' but I guess not as they never mentioned it again.

And it seems while shinigami have no control directly over hell, Ichigo is very compatible and ended up looking like an overseer of hell. So he's part human, part shinigami, part hollow, part hell guardian and

Since Bleach is the place for wild predictions, I now reckon that Isshin is actually the soul king making Ichigo some sort of super power-over-all messiah and God in training!
Aug 28, 2011 8:33 PM

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Someone mind explaining how Yuzu's chain disappeared? Through sheer willpower?

Anyways, I hated that design for that golden skull armor or w/e Ichigo used. It was pretty ugly. I was expecting a non-eviler version of his full hallowfication, but no.. some ugly armor of golden skulls.

Everyone was pretty useless in the movie as well other than Ichigo (since the series/movie revolves around him).

Overall, I found the movie a lot better than their past movies (other than Memories of Nobody) but could have been better.
Aug 29, 2011 5:12 AM

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This was well animated and overall a solid movie - a rather nice surprise. Also, +10 points for Rukia naked in chains.
Aug 29, 2011 3:19 PM

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Kittyman said:
SerenityB3128 said:
Anyone else seen it yet?

Anyway, awesome movie! Definitely my favorite of the Bleach movies!

Glad to see others enjoying it so much : )

For me however, this was definitely my least favorite of the bleach movies. No captain fights, no new battle soundtracks, and personally way too much attention towards Ichigo's hollow form. I guess for the people who love or even worship Ichigo's hollow, then this is the movie for them, but I was never much of a fan.

2/5, wonder why I was expecting to see Espadas...

I was expecting strated with ulquiorra after all...i thought espadas came from hell to get revenge or was surprise...i missed captains too...just appears almost the nothing..
Aug 29, 2011 5:48 PM

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ill give Animation a 10, Story a 3(come on was there really any?), fighting 10 and beyond, soundtrack 9(meh some of it is same old same old). Honestly the best part was the very start with Vasto Lorde Ichigo vs final form Ullquiorra. I loved it when I saw it during the series and I bout spazed out of my pant seeing it reanimated. Overall, like most, I view Memories of Nobody the best, followed by Diamondust Rebellion, and then this. Otherwise this was only great for seeing mass action and thats it. Overall Ill give it a 8 just cause of the action and soundtrack.
Aug 29, 2011 5:48 PM

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Ani-Blast said:

Loved how FODDER Chad was though. He does his job well. xD

Lol, yes he does. Everyone should always feel safe as long as Chad hasn't gone down yet. If Chad is still up and you are about to take a finishing blow, don't worry Chad has you covered ; )

I'm sure they took him out early this time because Chad's hollow-like powers probably would have been strengthened in hell. I'm sure no one wants to see Chad like that, we only want to see Ichigo!

Lol, sarcasm is fun : )
Aug 29, 2011 6:38 PM

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Loved teh movie, I may mostly dislike the series as of recently..But, the movie was great! Awesomeness at the last 15 or so minutes, definitely..
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Aug 29, 2011 6:57 PM

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well here are my thoughts

story - weak just like the other 2 movies following the first one.. that one was the best one to me

fights - awesome! got to see some cool getsgua tenshous, wish i coulda seen more of that shura guy... he was the one from the filler episode not kokuto >:O

kokuto - i could NOT take him seriously because of his voice! i just kept singing "bon bon bon bon bon bon bon bon bon" in my head in the tune of two and a half men's opening song (bon from ao no exorcist).

ichigo losing control - AWEEESOMEEE! pwnsauce ceros, guess he couldnt use his sword cuz he was holding yuzu

ichigo hell armor - wtfbbq moment for me lol

guards - they were supposed to be SUPER strong that kokuto couldn't beat them BUT ichigo could slice them in half with just the hollow mask WHILE ichigo can hardly damage kokuto in hell armor.. so a little rock paper scissors fail there.

uyruu vs fatty - after 3 years uryuu seemed cool to me again! dashing around with seelee schneider he looked so dashing. hehe.. see what i did there?

subs - the subs failed for some parts (too short to read, weren't there at all)
Aug 30, 2011 1:14 AM

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Lol, his Hell Costume is just too. . . stupid?
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Aug 30, 2011 11:29 AM

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Dudewitbow said:
interesting movie, ending followed a naruto-esque movie ending where main lead gets a power you never see again to win
Yea T.T I like that armor alot.

Oh btw Kokuto got Hijikata's voice lol. Sound exactly the same :>
Too bad Hitsugaya got not much screen time. Enjoyed the movie :D
Aug 30, 2011 11:45 AM

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-When he got wounded and lost his robe again and again, he always lost the same parts and had left the right arm and the lower parts. Coincidence?

-If that was the completed non-evil hollowification armor it strikes a question. Can he use it outside of Hell again?

-Kokuto thought he could escape Hell by losing the chains, but since Ichigo could overpower him, he got a lot more chains, which lead to him kinda being an idiot getting Ichigo there.

-Had kinda expected to see Kokuto's sister at some point, or some more 'history' about her, maybe something that Kokuto did was the reason why they killed her etc.

-'Golden Armor' again. If that armor was completed, it didn't look completed. If it's partial, I wonder what it'll look like completed.
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Aug 30, 2011 11:59 AM

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That was an amazing movie. Amazing battles and music. Probably the best anime movies I've seen. I loved it.
Aug 30, 2011 5:52 PM

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Awesome movie, hell armor looked a little funny on Ichigo... but all in all great experience!
Aug 30, 2011 11:14 PM

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Bleach Jigokuhen was pretty good. I loved the animation, top-knotch during the battles. Music was pretty good, although some were kinda dull. Chokkaku was awesome though, I got hyped when I heard that playing. xD

Ichigo's hell armour looked weird. The shiny gold touch made it a tad better though. I was expecting Ichigo to have a better 'look' though. Ah well, it had to be linked with hell so I guess the skulls on his armour were necessary. Although, the golden Getsuga Tenshou was pretty cool, reminded me of Naruto's various unnecessary new Rasengans though. XD

Only real major complaint I have is the story revolving around hell, seemed to weak to me. Would've expected a bigger threat than just a mere human who wants to escape from hell. :S Also, is it just me or does Orihime's voice sound very annoying that you have to complain about it? The Orihime X Ichigo bit was quite pleasing though, never really seen much of that happening other than the time Orihime was leaving for Hueco Mundo.

Overall, it was a good movie, and probably my favourite Bleach movie out of the current 4.
Aug 31, 2011 11:02 AM

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I really liked this movie, but his Hell Armor looked kinda weird, as said before.
But where the hell was Kenpachi, you can't make a Bleach Movie without Kenpachi xD
Aug 31, 2011 8:09 PM

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Did they use some 3D stuff or did they just mess up the drawing at some parts?

The golden armor was stupid. It would have been better if it would have been "normal" colored. Or a different design altogether.

Loved that moment were Yuzu lost her chains and Byakuya was like "wtf? i need to do.. something!" The overall thing was just stupid. Orihime is only limited by her will, if she wants something, or better, if she does not want something, it does not happen. It "unhappens". Why should she accept that Yuzu is dead, even worse, in hell (more or less)?

I can understand Ichigo not giving a damn about how it happend, he's overwhelmed by the fact that he has Yuzu back, but others, like, Byakuya.. i excepted..well, something. If they vanish without them having to do anything, they could have let Orihimes ability work, too, it's not like tthen here would not have been a reason to do some awesome stuff.

The part were the head captain was going "thats all your fault" was annoying. Where where all those captains when Shuren and his guys first attacked the school and kidnapped both Yuzu and Karin? Probably not responsible for it, it was related to hell after all! But then they want to stop Ichigo.

The head captain himself should enter hell, or at least talk to the ones responsible. Surely hell is within jurisdiction of the Soul King, too. They are still souls there, after all. Heck, Soul Society is monitoring it, they have the ability to enforce a return,they do the maintenance of the gate (i don't think the guardian are doing that..) and so on.
Either they have to do something, or the Soul King. Perfect reason to introduce squad zero (unlikely outside the main story, but still..could have given us some corps dealing with hell coming directly from the Soul Kings court, would even explain the Gotei not lifting a finger to help.

Another thing is, someone must have forbidden them to interact with everything hell related, either Yamaji or the Soul King, or someone even higher up, if there is such a thing. So there is a hierachy, and the one on top should have done something about it, even if not directly in control of hell.

It also wasn't explained how they managed to get to the world of the living in the first place, if the guardians are so strong (though they look pretty weak when actually in hell. They looked more impressive before). Might be related to the maintenance they suddenly brought up. Probably Mayuri wanting some new stuff to study)

Ichigo shooting cero after cero in his second hollow stage was nice at first, though it was a bit long. Still, it showed the power he has. They should have let him fight for real, as in, use his sword etc., like he did against Ulquiorra.

Some of the other fights were good, with them kinda taking turns, though i knew how the final fight Rukia had was going to end the moment he captured her. It was so similar to the fight with Aaroniero. Either they planned that all along, or they just had the idea to end it the same way after they had that part.

Overall, the movie was okay, probably my least favorite though. Would have been better if they had used the storyline of the promotional manga, with Szayel and Aaroniero ending up in hell. At least partially, they still could have the overall storyline, but not 20 minutes fighting without hollow form, 20 minutes fighting as hollow, 20 minutes fighting without hollow form, 20 minutes fightings to overcome the hollowfication, 5 seconds with the new form.

Which reminde me of his fight with Aizen. New form, drastically different appearance, new skills, a single attack that takes out the enemy..or not. Both attacks did not kill the enemy, after both attacks someone or something else had to finish the job. He should stick with his hollow form, at least he managed to kill Ulquiorra with it. 1:0:0 when comparing hollow form, final getsuga tenshou and "hell" form.
Sep 3, 2011 6:52 AM

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very nice movie :P liked m´uch more than fade to black xD But ichigo hell armor was weird xD Mugetsu still best looking
Sep 3, 2011 12:35 PM

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That was some interesting quality, the beginning looked really CG'd though. Buuut I really enjoyed the contrast changes in Hell. It looked pretty spiff.

Kokuto was like my favorite character in the movie until the last half though. That was pretty disappointing. I mean really, if he didn't just betray everyone by the end I'm sure Ichigo would've helped him. :U
Sep 3, 2011 8:02 PM

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It was alright, but it mainly focused in Ichi v The bad/fakegood guy. (Don't pay attention to names)
Sep 4, 2011 10:44 AM

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Just finished watching it, and whoa! Very good intro and a sweet ending. This movie satisfied one of my need when watching Bleach, seeing Ichigo in his Vasto Lorde form. Had way much more fight scene than i had hoped for. 8/10
Sep 4, 2011 4:39 PM
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SerenityB3128 said:

What do you mean by Episode 1 ? It's a movie.
Sep 4, 2011 4:55 PM

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... wait what happened to Kubo's memory fetish?
Sep 4, 2011 10:38 PM

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First off, the movie was rushed.
Secondly, the plot was extremely cliche, and I felt as if I had seen it before in one of the earlier episodes in the TV series. To put simply, it felt as if the plot was re-used.
Thirdly, *new* characters popping out of nowhere without proper introductions are a real put-off.
Fourthly, my eardrums are about to burst from the immense number of times Ichigo screamed.
Fifthly, there is no sound explanation as to why Yuzu's chains disintegrated into nothingness.

To sum up my rants and complaints (I still have a lot more up my sleeve), I hated the movie. Period. It reminded me why I dropped the TV series to begin with. :/
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Sep 6, 2011 11:27 AM

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Started good, ended somehow bad. Ichigo's "rampage" just wasn't enough. They could add more fights with hollowform instead just firing beams :S The ending song was good, listening to movie-eds is rare from me (I just skip them expect if there are animation going on)
Oh, and one last thing. Actually when Ichigo was confident that Yuzu is dead and screen went black-up moving, suddenly i just thought the "to be continued" from TV series appears. It always happen when something climatic occurs. :D

Anyway good movie.

Sep 7, 2011 1:45 AM
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Bleach movies need to step up, visuals are getting better but everything else is getting worse.

Kokuto's voice actor basically carried the movie himself, I was waiting for him to randomly say "PUT YA GUNZ ON!". Would have made the movie an automatic 10/10 then. Kokuto betraying everyone...BIG SURPRISE. Could have at least try to not make it like the other dozen betrayal situations this series is known for by now.

The further along the movies the worse the plots seem to be getting in these Bleach movies, this was nearly no better than what you would find off a random Bleach fanfiction site. I was actually moved a little by Memories of Nobody and the Hitsugaya focused one introduced a lot of quality themes that TV series repeatedly abused nowadays.

Movie saving points
- Reanimated Hollow Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra fight
- Kokuto voice actor
- Rukia and tentacles
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