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Poll: Slayers Revolution Episode 1 Discussion

Jul 8, 2016 9:57 AM

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Funny first episode, I enjoyed all of the small call backs like the intro having a similar start to the first seasons opening, and even the same sound effect used for the title card.
Feb 12, 2017 4:56 AM
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I've just finished watching Slayers Try yesterday, so I guess it was a bit too sudden for me
Apr 15, 2017 2:17 PM

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WTF is this? No, seriously. I don't know how people can give this season a 5/5 LOVE IT! Rate. This season (and no doubt the one that follows) is NOTHING LIKE the original series. I even liked fucking Book of Spells more than this. Of course, I'm not just shit-posting here. I am a HUGE Slayers now. A discovery that has been like a gold mine to me, but this new stuff for the series. OMG, what is this???

For one, although the writing is fairly consistent with the personalities and interactions between the characters, there is still some writing in it that is not consistent. They call Rezo "Red Priest Rezo." Umm. It should be "Rezo The Red Priest." When Gourry pulls out the Sword of Light, he says... "Come, Light." ??? It's "Light Come Forth!"

The Spells look as bad as they do ... even worse actually ... than in Book of Spells and Return. Some of them don't even look like what they originally looked like from as early as the first Episode of Season 1. The Dragon Slave that Pokota cast was like a energy ball... Some of the spells are like purple energy.

The Episodes in Revolution that I have watched thus far 1-11 do not end epically. In the original series the Episode usually, if not always, ended suspenseful. The way they end in Revolution, it's like... do I even want to continue to see what happens in the next Episode?

The animation, although Modernized, and thus "better" for being more up to date is actually Not Better. The original animation used for everything else in the original series was way higher in animation/art quality. And a lot of the scene-time in it was amazing. Especially in Next.

In Revolution so far, I have come across a lot of sloppy animation. Some of the background characters, like the Pirate Crew in the first Episode who were swimming in the water were unidentifiable. They were basically various colored dots, which I think was suppose to represent their heads? But we'll never know the truth for sure.

Some of the animating used in Revolution was fucking computer generated, like the flock of bird spell that Lina cast in like Episode 2 or 3, somewhere around there. By Episode 9 I actually just stopped paying attention to what the story is even dictating, so between Episodes 9-11, I am now lost. Because my lack of interest killed my focus on it.


Excuse me. Where was I there? The good that came out of the series was literally the Ragna Blade Spell and Lina with Twin Tails. The End.

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