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Jun 27, 2008 4:07 PM
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Hello all! We are starting a New Forum on We would like to give everyone a chance to express themselves in everyway possible related to Anime and Manga ^_^

RPG is one of the most popular ways to show how much you enjoy Anime and show people what great imagenations we all have.

We currently do not host an "Official RPG", but would love to host RPG suggested and run by our members! So... at this time we are accepting "Applications" for RPGs that will be hosted on

To apply:

1) Join

2) Enter the RPG Forum:

3) Create a new topic with the name of the RPG or what Anime the RPG will be based on

4) Describe the basics of the RPG, What type of RPG it is, the basic Point/Karma system and other rules that would effect who might want to play.

With this information we will create a new Sub-Forum for the RPG. The RPG will be in a "Preliminary" state untill there are at least 10 Regular RPers, if for a long period of time there are fewer than 5 Members playing, the Forum will be closed.
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