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Blaze Release

Boil Release


Crystal Release

Dark Release

Dust Release

Explosion Release

Ice Release

Lava Release

Magnet Release

Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai

Scorch Release


Mangekyou Sharingan

Storm Release

Swift Release

Curse Marks

Eternal Flare

Dark Shroud

Hibiki Sato Sound Release

Hurricane Release

Nightmare Eye

Morisane Clan Kekkei Genkai

if you make your own please place it in this thread and describe it please and thank you
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The approved ones have been added to the list the creators name can be found at the bottom om the details for the kekkei genkai
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(All of these kekkei genkai are unique to the Morisane clan)

Death Glare - A subtle ninjutsu projected from the eyes marks the targets chakra. The mark spells death for that person as any Morisane can find them and kill them if the one who made the mark fails. The mark persists for one week after the users death or until the user marks someone else.

Demonic Blood - Ability to use forbidden techniques for half the cost, but the Morisane's reputation as monsters precede them. They always seem to have this aura that screams of death, which makes other people nervous.

Rage Release -(Prerequisite: Member of the Head Family, chunin level or higher) The user of this technique goes berserk, trading all mental abilities for physical ones. Consumes 40 chakra to activate and another 20 to maintain per post. As the user loses their mind they can't deactivate it until they run out of chakra.

Blade Release - (Prerequisite: Member of the 1st Branch Family, anbu level or higher.) The user creates an alternate space where swords are projected seemingly from thin air. This is actually an advanced summoning technique that makes use of the Morisane armory, said to have an unlimited amount of weapons.

Blood Release - (Prerequisite: Member of the 2nd Branch Family, jonin or higher) The user channels chakra through the blood and can enhance the body amongst other effects like shaping and manipulating blood.

Nature's Aspect - (Prerequisite: Member of the 3rd Branch Family, chunin or higher) The shinobi absorbs raw material nearby and adds it to their own bodies, gaining its aspects. Liquids and even fire and lightning can be absorbed in the same manner, but will cause some damage.

The Mist - (Prerequisite: Member of the 4th Branch Family, any level, gone through a certain ritual) Smog escapes from the users body and be directed. The smog makes it painful to breathe or even open eyes, slowly but surely asphyxiating anyone in the cloud. It also makes it very difficult to tell where you're going so it can be mistaken for a genjutsu. When used together with the obfuscation technique in darkness or night the shinobi is almost impossible to detect.

Shadow release - (Prerequisite: Member of the 4th Branch Family, any level) Allows the shinobi to use chakra to bend darkness. Unlike shadow clones, clones made with this release don't take a hit and then vanish but persist as long as it is dark and are hard to hit in general. The obfuscation technique is an example of the shadow release.
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Static current kekkai genkai is a rare kekkai genkai its a ability people born with thunder chakra as there main chakra and from tatsuya clan can use it let's basically amplyies the natural static electrical current in the body and let's u use chakra to read there mind using the electrical currents in the brain and nervous system there for allowing users of this kekkai genkai to read other people mind

Also has 2 other kekkai genkai but hasn't unlocked them yet
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light release and blaze release
eyes trun yellow and can use light as a weapon and can put peolpe on fire when streaing at them
thairs also a seconed form ruomerd thou out the yogo clan and the shinobi world.
a very rare kekei genkai . a very poewerful dojustu said to rivle the sharegan bkaugan and reinigan. its also said that the light flash is evolved from the shairgan
Nov 1, 2012 7:42 PM
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Tempest Release: Tempest Release (荒遁, Kōton; Viz "Tempest Style") is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that combines lightning and water to create red colored energy beams that can be intelligently guided towards their target. It is the stronger counterpart of Storm Release as the beams are faster and stronger than average Storm Release