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Poll: Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Chapter 5 Discussion

Jul 11, 2011 8:23 AM

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I was damn happy that Himea was bound in the following,

those stakes were some nice extras not shown in the anime.

  • Well that is awfully long to wait in the spoiler
    and I am certainly on the Church's side to seal away Himea. She is far too dangerous.

  • Well all is much better explained than the anime shows in the spoiler
    the power sealing within Taito and the conditions for it to return to Himea. So in the end Himea used Taito as a means to hide her powers in a end to give him immortality in exchange to hide the power within his body. Well that makes me RAGE even more. Clearly a abuse of humans. Furthermore it is yet to see the love of Himea as being authentic or not.

  • Well in the anime I am wrong but this chapter explains clearly in the spoiler
    that the spider is indeed a familiar of Hinata to spy on Himea. Now he knows all about the sealing and big trouble awaits.

  • Well the anime was pretty damn freaking lame lame so far to show that Himea went through a few dimensions in the spoiler
    to get to Taito's park and world. In the anime they seemed to have skipped all that so far. Remains episode 2 to see but it was a cool part of the chapter.

  • Taito's condition to die permanently in the spoiler
    that is sick! You have to kill him 7 times within 15 minutes. Possible but if he watches out and lets the 15 minutes pass then reset!

  • Once again they made it more dramatic in the anime since the spoiler
    shows that Himea was already stabbed before Taito even reached that part.
Overall good chapter.

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