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Poll: Steins;Gate Episode 12 Discussion

Jan 28, 11:24 PM

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primaltare said:
W-w-what just happened......? W-what.....

Now build up ended :)
Jan 29, 1:03 PM

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It was raining when I watched T_T
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Mar 11, 6:51 PM
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that was an odd opening and I hope it adds to something. some more romantic moments I also just notice kurisu is wearing tight ass tiny shorts with leggings. Kinda a weird outfit. I knew the quite chick would be evil and we see what kind of evil sern is. Super evil. Man what a way to end a episode.
Mar 15, 4:56 PM

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Ouch... That hurt like a mother fu*ker. I AM SO TRIGGERED! What the hell, she was just a innocent girl who had nothing to do with Sern shiz... So angry ヽ( `д´*)ノ
Mar 18, 4:45 PM
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What the..?!?!? This was one of the first things I mentioned in episode 1 that I hoped wasn't going to happen. I almost figured she was going to die but holy SH...

Mayuri was innocent. She just wanted to buy her bananas. She just wanted everyone to be friends. :'(

Wtf man
Mar 20, 2:10 PM

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WTF MOEKA??!?!?!??!!! YOU BITCH D:<

There goes my bby gurl Q~Q
Apr 26, 2:36 PM

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before that were:
That weird dream in the opening..
Their successful conception of the Time Leap..
..thanks to Daru hacking to SERN.. wait.. that should be SERN waiting for Daru to hack to them... damn you f**king tricked us!!!!
Okabe x Kurisu...
Suzuha vs Kurisu...well not anymore...

Hmm what you gonna do now, Kyouma Okabe?

Rewatching for the 4th time.
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May 12, 7:15 PM

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[Rewatch - BD version]

And so, the trainwreck began.

Amazing. In just one moment, everything changed.

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May 26, 9:50 AM

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Rewatching this for the first time and it still amazes me how much better that scene was done compared to the VN. Due to the tight pacing of the very short moment, you have very little time to realize what the fuck just happened as it hits you like a trainwreck. Brilliant.
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May 28, 3:17 PM
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I don't know what to say except that I am surprised and confused.
Jun 1, 10:03 PM

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Yeah, last couple of episodes we got a taste of how dark this show might become. This episode is the beginning of a whole new plotline and mood for the entire series. Wave goodbye to all the lightheartedness, it's been declining throughout the past few episodes - we are in a different genre of anime now. I haven't seen this series before, but I'm extremely excited to continue forward. Great, great episode. The episodes are continually getting better and better.
Jun 25, 5:23 AM

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Anybody but Mayuri man. She is easily the most innocent of the entire cast!

Holy shit this suddenly got good.
Jun 25, 12:55 PM

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blazehero said:

Anybody but Mayuri man. She is easily the most innocent of the entire cast!

Holy shit this suddenly got good.

And build up is complete now :)
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