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Poll: Gintama' Episode 12 Discussion

Aug 19, 2013 8:54 PM

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For such a short appearance Otae was sure awesome.
"Get down on your knees.I am the queen of the Kabuki district" HELL YEAH!
Sep 7, 2013 6:41 AM

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That ending was pretty interesting, some good development it's good that otose is back standing, lets see what's next!
Mar 23, 2014 7:44 PM

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Wooo all the reinforcements! LOL at the male host and those from saigo's bar...!

And isnt it pretty obvious that peacock lady is an amanto? Her ears are pointy like elf-ears...
Aug 27, 2014 7:05 AM

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shinpachi kicked ass!!!
Nov 28, 2014 10:46 PM

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So where was the Shinsengumi while people were wreaking havoc in Kabukicho? On a vacation? Lmao.

Technically, I'm pretty sure that Shinpachi is a strong swordsman (since he's been so dedicated to training from a young age), but it's just that all the other characters' inhuman strengths overshadow it.
... Even so, it still seems farfetched to have him beat Pirako.

Salxer said:
"Get down on your knees.I am the queen of the Kabuki district"
The one moment I liked Otae. Good job, Otae.
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Dec 19, 2014 4:00 PM

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The battle of Bootyloo between the male escorts and the trannies ...

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Feb 20, 2015 4:22 AM

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ahahah lmao! I lost it when Madao came to help too!

hoooray! Shinpachi did something useful in combat! I never hated him for being useless but seeing him actually do something feels really nice.

Harusame.. that troublesome bunch again. I lost my shit when Jirocho cut down Otose that I even thought that she already died. But it seems he just injured her enough so that she and Gin-san and the others won't have a choice but to leave the town so that he can handle everything himself. So in a way he's like Lelouch. well whatever.
Apr 20, 2015 9:45 AM

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Wow. I thought this would be a serious episode, but I got fun and badassery instead.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Also, where the hell is the Shinsengumi during this? You'd think they would at least show up once or twice seeing how they're the goddamn police!

Either way, great episode. 4/5
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Sep 17, 2015 1:38 PM

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Madao ftw
Oct 5, 2015 6:39 AM

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It's really great to see everyone that Gintoki has helped in his journey came back to provide support for him this time around.
Nov 5, 2015 7:51 AM

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Great episode, nice to see everyone. Shinpachi exploded the girl ! Nice twist, Jirocho and Gintoki are temporary ally.
Gintoki has a real sword !
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Nov 12, 2015 4:40 AM
SHSL Good Luck

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That was really funny, with all those supporting characters being back. Also, Kagura and Shinpachi were badass. The ending was da best!

Feb 5, 2016 5:01 PM

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When did Shinpachi become so strong?

And when Gin-san and Jiroucho started laughing together, I almost cried because of laughter. Gintama is amazing!
Feb 14, 2016 5:54 AM

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Hasegawa - best reinforcement ever.

I was totally expecting Shinpachi to lose in a comic way, can't believe he got a cool moment.

Loved how Gin-san and Jirochou totally ignored the Amanto.
Feb 22, 2016 7:59 PM
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Lol at Madao it was the funniest moment in the episode.
Too bad the Shinpachi and Kagura fight was so short.
Police in Gintama are joke not surprised that they are not in the arc they probably fear those gangs but Katsura should had been there
Mar 28, 2016 12:31 AM

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Such an epic episode. So much familiar people who came to help. Otae was sooooo funny "Get on your knees, I'm the queen of the Kabuki district" xD

Finally we saw again how strong Kagura and Shinpachi are. Otose is also back!

So Kada is actually from the Harusame Spac Pirates and want to control about the Kabuki district with her Amanto.

What the hell was that laughing of Gin and Jirocho? That was so funny omg, even Kada was totally screwed and confused xD
Jul 10, 2016 11:40 PM

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That last scene though, awesome!
"At some point, I stopped hoping."
Aug 27, 2016 3:31 PM

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This arc is firrrrreeeeeeee

Don't die, until i kill you...
Feb 1, 2017 10:22 PM

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Damn, not only this arc but the whole season is pure gold so far!
Aug 21, 2017 6:14 AM

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Can't stand this Pirako chick. Especially since the author is trying to make us sympathize with her.
Sep 3, 2017 3:31 AM

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cliché af lolㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
Jan 8, 2018 6:11 PM

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Good to see that all these charas from the previous season got this moment to shine,liked the little foreshadowing one episode earlier.

This arc is on his way to become my favorite from Gintama .
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Apr 8, 2018 1:21 AM
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I am loving this entire arc so much!!! It’s pure win. Humor, emotion, action, & badassery all in one!
Of course, that’s Gintama’s trademark - being able to combine all of that, but this arc just showcases it perfectly.
Dec 15, 2018 1:35 AM
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Fucking finally, someone took down Pirako. I'm starting to like Jirocho's more though.
Jan 19, 12:52 AM

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Man all these characters getting back into action just like that at the best time.

That ending with that laugh cracked me up.
Feb 14, 7:07 AM

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It's R18 time!! :)
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Jul 1, 1:03 PM
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Wow, that was incredible. I had a huge grin on my face when all the people the Yorozuya helped showed up. The fight was epic, glad to see Shinpachi and Kagura kicking some ass. The middle bit with the tranny slayer was prime Gintama comedy. The revelation that she was with the Harusume and that Jirocho never stopped fighting the war gave me chills. Can't wait to see the conclusion.
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