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Poll: Nozoki Ana Chapter 45 Discussion

Aug 27, 2017 9:41 PM
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Zzadgju1 said:
Tengai said:
I know it hurts, Kido.......but it's the best thing to do :)
Good luck to you now, Kotobiki, I hope you find your true love.......well, you found it and it's Kido, but you blew it away :/ Good luck...
I agree to most of you here :D
I consider what Kotobiki did NTR!! At the beginning, she is just planning on using Kido to make her stupid boyfriend (So, it's her boyfriend after all =_= ) jealous, but the bastard didn't give a living shit about that, at that moment, Kotobiki should have broken up with that bastard already, but no, she stayed with him and even makes time for him. She fell in love with Kido but didn't stop from meeting that bastard, probably because the bastard has bigger dick or he is better at sex or some shit.
I just agree to most of you here, I have said so much already cause I can't stop it ahahaha.
I really want to read the next chapter now but I guess I should sleep already, my mind needs to relax.
At least that extra at the end made the atmosphere a little brighter ahahaha.

Why do you hate the other guy more than Yuri? As far as we know Yuri is the one that cheated. We don't know if he's in a relationship at all.

ah, i hate both of them.
and looking now at this post of mine, it's cringy haha.
Apr 2, 2018 4:59 PM

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emiru x kido, please I want see it already :(

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Sep 9, 2018 5:27 AM
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I take my hat off to mangaka for how he dealt with this situation. I was worried that this shit with Yuri might drag on for a couple of chapters with unnecessary drama but Kido break up with her right away.

I hate NTR too but I don't feel like it was NTR in this case. She started dating this Mamoru guy first. She was in love with him even if it was one-sided. So technically Yuri was cheating on him with Kido to make him jealous. It just happened that Mamoru didn't give a fuck about that. She was nothing more than a fuck buddy. NTR is supposed to provoke jealousy but not everything that provokes jealousy is NTR. I dislike her ther most for the fact that she tried to dump the responsobility on Kido for her potential pregnancy.
Also I don't know why a lot of people were calling her a whore. She didn't sleep with other guys because she liked it nor did she made it for money. She was lonely and wanted to be loved. At one point she came to realise that her "ingenious" plan didn't work and wanted to break up with Kido but she couldn't. Kido gave her what she could not get from the man she loved. It's pretty common situation.

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Feb 23, 7:56 PM

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Late to the party, but I wanted to chime in on the subject since this chapter, in particular, had a lot of emotion packed into it. I didn't trust Yuri since the moment she started the weekend excuse, felt like the perfect "BS" cover story. She is a horrible human being for lying, cheating, hypocritical behavior, and least of all trying to dump the responsibility of a potential pregnancy on Kido.

Kido is not completely innocent, but neither is he completely guilty and in his own way did his best to remain faithful to Yuri. He is still guilty of lying and even exudes his own brand of hypocrisy I found this situation to be quite nuanced, not just black and white.

Having said all of this. Yuri's reasoning's for doing this are understandable in the vein that she is a human being who made a terrible mistakes and realized it far too late. I do think Kido did the right thing in this chapter, and I would have done the same, still, I feel this chapter was painful for all characters involved.

A lot of dependency behavior was in full effect this chapter.
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nothing shall forestall my return."
Mar 26, 6:12 PM
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This hurts me on a spiritual level.
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