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May 20, 2011 12:21 PM

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Out of all the visual novels you've ever played who is your favorite Heroine.

There are 3 categories used to determine your favorite (you can have one for each if you like):

I have a tie for favorite character so by using personality, appearance, and story let's see if I can break this tie.

Beatrice in normal attire (although the school girl outfit is well done as well).

Usami Haru

Personality: Usami Haru. Her personality is so diverse and so alluring. She is incredibly intelligent, determined, and yet has all the qualities necessary for a wonderful character. She is a weirdo to put it bluntly and in G-Senjou no Maou you really grow to love her character.

Personality: Beatrice. Beatrice's personality is that of a tsundere which is quite humorous when you stop and think about it. She is the witch behind all of the horrible murders on Urashima island and maintains an aura of both power and mystery about her throughout the course of visual novels. She has a unique character as the reader has a hard time, well, reading her. It's hard to tell what she actually is doing for real and what she is doing to win her game.

Winner Personality: Despite the intriguing character of Beatrice she is essentially a form of tsundere where as Usami Haru is in many ways a completely new character subtype. She has no definitive/previously used personality type and yet still manages to be so Moe and so GAR. Usami Haru wins the round in personality.


Usami Haru: Usami Haru has gorgeous long black hair, beautiful eyes, and yet aside from the slight uniqueness in the hair design she is just like every other visual novel character in terms of appearance. I will say her jogging suit was perhaps my favorite outfit of hers (lol) but in terms of clothing she wears pretty bland clothes, has normal appearance with a tint of Moe and GAR.

Beatrice: This was actually a tough choice for me because it was not until the anime and the eventual release on the PS3 that actually sold me on appearance. I've always been a fan of the deformed sprites of the original but that isn't a good comparison of characters. I'm actually a huge fan of Beatrice (from umineko no naku koro ni) and her appearance. I'm not actually a huge fan of blonde anime gals but a number of things make her quite gorgeous. I believe the hair style and the uniqueness of her dress really sold her on me. She is a unique character and one I haven't really seen look that way before. I also really like the overall artistic design. Not great but not horrible. Oddly enough though I actually think the super deformed sprites actually help accentuate the character. Funny enough she also is not even in an H visual novel or even an ecchi one.

Winner Appearance: Surprisingly I have to give this to Beatrice as she is quite unique in design and just stands out in comparison to Usami Haru.


Usami Haru: This was not a hard to pick and Usami Haru easily steals the spot for this one. Her character and ties to the characters in the story is amazing and she has one of the best endings in a visual novel ever. I absolutely love her story and highly recommend a play through of G-Senjou no Maou in order to see it.

Beatrice: Not to be outdone by Usami Haru Beatrice also has a very deep story one that considering I have yet to play the 8th game I cannot actually go too far into detail. In the pieces we've seen before it is well done and enjoyable to work with but until the final game is translated and even when it is the story in G-Senjou no Maou and Usami Haru's route will probably maintain strong.

Overall: Usami Haru takes the place of my favorite Heroine in all the games and as much as I like Beatrice in both appearance, story, and personality I cannot pick her over the much more likable, interesting, and owner of one of the best visual novel stories to ever be created. Usami Haru takes the place of my all time favorite visual novel heroine. What's yours?