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Poll: Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Evangelion Episode 1 Discussion

Feb 9, 2:16 AM

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Very confusing movie and mind-fucking. The scenes were so weird. I won't comment about fap scene, it was disturbing.
Feb 9, 8:33 AM

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and souka
Feb 10, 8:23 PM

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EOE reminded me how much I disliked Shinji. He has to be the most annoying whiner on the planet. If I was Tang I’d stay Tang just so I wouldn’t have to deal with that kid. I hope Asuka gives him hell for all eternity.
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May 17, 1:34 PM
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Well, that was really really really disappointing. Expected a real closure, after all we went through, instead we got this plotless garbage, an attempt to express the show in a artistic way, but instead it's just a messy crap.

@Rei366 season one was great, the sequel movie was horrid.
May 18, 2:36 AM

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@2ego Ahah, if satisfied with the TV series, one should never watch this right after it.
It took me a few months and two more seances of this movie to be able to appreciate things in it (although I still don't like it). And many years to recognize all of its interesting/good aspects (apart from the obviously perfect animation and different drawing style). The Giant Naked Rei-Lillith rebukes me too much. ^^'
Anyway, "congratulations".

(By "season1", you do mean the TV show? it's a full-length series, there are no seasons, so I'm not sure)
Jun 9, 2:27 AM

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i just completed EOE and now my mind is totally fucked
NGE and EOE are great but i would not consider it a masterpiece
im glad, the theme and philosophy explored in this series didnt come off as edgy, but something to really think about...

i want to watch something like EOE so, any such anime recommendation is appreciated
Jun 17, 4:54 PM

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Jun 22, 8:11 AM

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Rei366 said:
@Optigisa No way to confirm the reception, so: "Noted."
(over for good)

Thanks, I guess..
Jun 25, 7:03 AM
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One of the worst things I've ever watched. Edgy, preachy, and pretentious as fuck. Awful, straight up awful. The crazy part is that I actually enjoyed NGE, and this movie did nothing but leave a bad taste in my mouth when I think of the series now.

I'm just gonna pretend this EoE is an alternate timeline or some bullshit. Not that it matters what I think when the movie was pure bullshit anyway.
Jun 27, 12:35 AM

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Can't say I love this ending, but then again I've never been fond of vague, "Well what do you YOU think?", type endings, so I kinda went into re-watching this series with that already in my mind. That part of it really hasn't changed for me in like the past 15+ years.

That said, where originally the show mostly interested me for just its style and action, nowadays I'm also into the humor and character interactions of the show a lot more, so I can say I do like Evangelion more than I did. Even the new dub sorta changed things for me, in that all I really remembered about Evangelion was how annoying Shinji was, but the new dub made him way more palatable, but I think this ended up then turning my ire more squarely on Asuka who is just awful. Girl needed a real stern talking to lol I'm also not a fan of the deeper, psychological, elements the show brings up, because that's never been something that has interested me, but it never bothered me too much outside of Episode 25 and 26.

So overall, I enjoy this series, even if it's not a favorite of mine due to some of the faults with the plot and known issues the series dealt with towards its latter half.

Gonna be interesting going from this to Rebuild once I get the full available set to dive into.
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Jun 28, 10:58 PM

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God. I just finished my third? fourth? viewing this movie, and it's still just as amazing and powerful this time as it was the first time I saw it.

I realized/noticed a few more things this time, like how Misato giving Shinji her necklace was meant to parallel how Misato's father gave her the necklace, and that the city shown during the live action sequence was meant to be Tokyo-3 (they even edited the buildings to look like the ones in the show, as you can see here.) I also noticed that Keel Lorenz and Kinzo Ushiromiya have the same VA, which was pretty surprising since they seem like radically different characters.

...As I think on it more, the thing with the necklace was probably pretty obvious. In my defense, the movie is so tightly woven and packed with imagery and whatnot that it's hard to pick one singular thing from it. Also it's been like three years since I last watched this movie.
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Jun 30, 3:17 PM

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A singular existence of eternal happiness and true understanding might as well not exist. Without progression/regression (a movement of one's position in reality) and experiences (one's interaction with their reality that validates both one's existence/identity and the existence of said reality), there is nothing. Shinji expressed that the feelings he had felt were real, and simultaneously in the TV series he realized that he could learn to find value for himself. He accepts the joys and struggles that come with a human existence as they intrinsically possess value and are worth pursuing/experiencing. To accept Human Instrumentality would be to run away from challenges, something that he had struggled against all throughout the show. In the later half of the show, his introspections had concluded that running away from despair and seeking refuge in a happier and less worrisome place was an act of escaping from reality because he was too weak to accept it. Human Instrumentality would have been such a refuge, albeit applied on a grand scale, everyone having surrendered themselves in order to obtain an ignorant bliss forever stagnant and fruitless. His rejection of it symbolizes at long last his acceptance to face reality and embrace all that it has to offer for better or worse. Confront reality, endure, overcome, and achieve. That provides existence with value and meaning. Otherwise, existence will merely be but a simple occurrence that adds nothing to the time and space in which it exists.

In any case, all of the characters gained more of my respect with this movie. Misato displays badassery again, and Shinji and Asuka became more compelling. The plot, while still leaving some questions unanswered, was an aspect that improved greatly compared to the final two episodes of the show and remained intense throughout.

Mindfuckery, darkness, edginess, philosophy/faux-philosophy, drama, and suspense.

Reposting this here for all the new people watching cause of netflix that didn't understand.

Jul 6, 1:53 AM
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My head hurts....
Jul 8, 5:21 PM

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I'm not the biggest fan of Eva but this......was truly something special. Always love me some mindfuck endings like this or Madoka's. 9/10 and I'm sure I'll be thinking about Eva's ending for years to come
Jul 25, 2:05 PM
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I didn't like this end nor the anime end..
the story is different from another animes.. it deserved better ending..
i'm very sure i'm not the only one who thinks that..
it felt like they didn't know how to end it..

I don't know I'm just disappointed.
Aug 2, 9:53 AM
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No clue what happened in the 2nd part .

What happened at the end I know they where trying to create the 3rd impact but what's with everyone turning into slush like there souls are transcending . And what's with big ass REI . And what's with the live action part


Why did misato kiss shinji .

How is asuka still alive

And why did sinji try and kill her
Aug 6, 10:15 PM

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first part...I'm following, yeah, gotcha, interesting....bam, wtf is going on??? 30 minutes later, oh, gotcha okay, with you again, cool, yeah, fine....last 5 minutes, wtf is going on, why is he choking her again, disgusting?? I was hoping for maybe another "idiot shinji"...I dunno. I'm sure if I watched it 5 times I'd think it's great, but I have a metric shit ton of great anime left to watch in my lifetime so maybe if I'm trying to decide whether to stick a knife in my eye or watch this again, maybe then I'll pick this one up again.

I may check out the re-builds though.
Aug 18, 8:51 PM
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Mattinator95 said:

How is asuka still alive

the mother of Shinji or Rei said there in the end that as long as some souls got a will to live they will have a physical alive form so Asuka wants to live so badly i mean the first part was her refusing to die anyway

so im sure somewhere on earth there are more survivors of the 3rd impact other than the 2 of them (Shinji and Asuka)
Aug 19, 10:37 AM
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ugmon said:
Mattinator95 said:

How is asuka still alive

the mother of Shinji or Rei said there in the end that as long as some souls got a will to live they will have a physical alive form so Asuka wants to live so badly i mean the first part was her refusing to die anyway

so im sure somewhere on earth there are more survivors of the 3rd impact other than the 2 of them (Shinji and Asuka)

i understand it now i spent an hour or so wrapping my brain around it after finishing it and i know what happens more or less

thanks anyway though
Aug 23, 6:00 PM

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Ok, I have to take time, but first reactions... And let's not talk about the first scene in hospital... first half was kinda awesome, epic ending fight that anime build up too. Even though it felt really weird after so much low budget episode, it felt like something... different, not really anime and characters I remembered (Just watched from TV), Nerv putting a fight back was awesome, kinda, even though they showed more of one side slaughter and it was all over place, kinda like it, all I miss was few scenes of personel/defenders defends themselves.

Other half though... what... the... fock... and that ending? WTF?
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Aug 29, 4:57 AM

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Sep 2, 12:53 PM
Acid flashback

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My rewatch of Evangelion continues. This film is as gorgeous and mindblowing a spectacle as it was all those years ago. It's a shame that the new Netflix version does not seem to be remastered to the same extent as the tv series was. It doesn't look any sharper than my trusty DVD's.

Will the last film of the Rebuild series match this? I have my doubts. So many of the characters there seem to be emotionally castrated, that I doubt that they will match the pathos and intensity seen here. The valour and heroism of Misato, the shock and surprise on Gendo's face when Rei "betrays" him, Asuka's revival...etc. And that mindphuck with giant Rei while Hey Ju...mmh, sorry, Komm Susser Tod is playing in the background. Memorable stuff.
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