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Poll: Steins;Gate Episode 2 Discussion

Dec 25, 2018 2:04 AM

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Is "Too-too-too!" Some kind of password or is it just how Mayuri say hi to people? In any case, it's cute.

Ruka is a guy?! A TRAP!!! I can't even really see any similarities that he has to an average male appearance. This is some next level trap!

So in this show, the concept of time travel is a multiverse kind of timeline huh, the one that if one were to change something in a timeline, rather than changing the original timeline itself, it instead creates a new timeline, one is the original with no changes and one is the new timeline with the change. [b](By timeline I'm referring to 'Worldlines')

Mayuri works in a maid cafe and Okabe is a University Student that calls himself a 'Mad Scientist' with a fitting laugh, what an interesting combination. They're childhood friends though.
Mar 4, 9:55 AM
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That banana experiment was freaky! But the plot is quite hard to follow sometimes.
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Mar 21, 6:22 AM

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Jun 26, 5:58 AM

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They introduced the branched timeline theory. Which makes my guess that this is the timeline that if Makise didn't die more convincing.

Makise suddenly know Okabe's whereabouts. What a stalker.
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Sep 1, 1:38 PM

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That banana experiment made my jaw drop a little ngl...
Sep 7, 12:51 PM

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Best girl will always be Ruka....but never forget he is a guy...but he is still very feminine...but he is a guy....but so slender....
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12 hours ago

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Giving this one a 4. Better than the first; if only because the comedy was toned down a bit. I get it was to setup the characters and it worked, but it wasn't my favorite, honestly.

It's still weird and confusing, but it's starting to line up and I'm on board to see where it's going from here. Hasn't entirely won me over, but it's on the right track.

That new girl with the glasses; aloof and weird, she was intriguing. I want to know more. Kiryu something, I believe. (Only remember that thanks to S-CRY-ed)
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