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Apr 10, 2011 6:13 PM

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Personally - I feel they are after a different audience than the original.
Dilly Dally Shilly Shally!
Apr 28, 2011 6:02 PM
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To be honest no I don't like it as much. I think your right as it seemed like they wanted a more comic series and then wrapped it up in the last 6 episodes with a pseudo storyline, on the whole a little pointless, but that's just my opinion.
Mar 17, 2018 4:05 AM
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I'm surprised at the largely negative reviews I've read on this. 6 episodes in and I'm quite enjoying it. I think as long as go in not expecting too much plot, and just a bit of fun with familiar characters from the previous series, you'll get something out of it. Yes, the stories are largely self-contained and filler-ish, but they are entertaining fillers - reminds me of Slayers, Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu and early Pokemon in tone. The animation's pretty decent by late 90's anime standards as well. Loving some of the facial expressions and background gags they put in.