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Apr 10, 2011 5:56 AM

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Who were the two characters who were reincarnated at the end? I'm not 100% sure either way, but I'm thinking it could be:

Physis and Blue
Physis and Keith
Physis and Jomy
Physis and Alfred
Artella and Tony
Keith and Jomy (for some foe-yay)
Carina and...that guy, the one she mated with whose name I cannot recall because he died shortly after

Still, I'm not 100% sure who it could be since it's never made entirely clear, but I'm still going for Blue and Physis.
May 28, 2011 12:51 AM
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My immediate reaction was that the two were Jomy and Physis, since they do look like those two, but I was extremely "wtf" about that since it seemed sorta like a romantic reunion, but I didn't feel any hint of romance between the two throughout the series (although others may have...). Then I looked at it again, today actually, and if it was Jomy and Physis, it seems kinda strange that they would have Keith, Shiroe, and Sam in their memories (I guess Jomy would remember Keith and Sam, but he doesn't know Shiroe).

Also, if it was Physis and Jomy, then why does Physis appear in one of the memories but Jomy doesn't in the other?

Also, it is pretty random to put Physis in, since she was relatively unimportant plot-wise, more of a goddess-figure than anything, and plotting her in the epilogue like that was totally random IMO.

But it does make sense that it would be Physis and Jomy, since near the end Physis was telling Jomy not to leave her, and in the epilogue "Jomy" says he will never leave her again, so...

It would make sense for it to be Keith and Physis, since they are sort of two halves of a whole, and previously in the manga Physis said something similar to Keith: "You share the same memories as me?" (or something like that). However, I don't really like this idea... (and that would mean Keith took on the form of Jomy? Lame...) (Also, if it is Keith, I have to admit I'm a little sad to see that Matsuka isn't in the picture of his memory :sad panda: I do wonder why Shiroe is in that picture... Perhaps his school days were his happiest times eh?)

Honestly, it would make the most sense for it to be Keith and Jomy, since those two were the main characters of the manga, and this is sorta the way they did it in the anime (although the ending is significantly different). Also, it would show a reconcilation of the two races, although that foe-yay part is kinda... kinky. Lol. Yet it wouldn't make sense either, since I'm presuming the reincarnations are descendants of the Nascan Mu, who, especially Tony, have a deep hatred for Keith, and don't know much about him anyways.

As for Blue and Physis, I guess that would make sense since they love each other (in whatever way they do), although Blue died way too early in the manga for us to really get a grasp on who he is...

Hmm... sorry for my long rant here! So hard to find people to talk to about Terra e... heh. As for me, I'll just go with Physis and Jomy since that's what I initially thought anyways. Plus I think the epilogue is rather WTF anyways (although I did like the alien explanation since that explains what actually happened to Terra and implies the survival of the Nascans, I thought the reincarnation part was really just for a "feel good" ending's sake), so I try not to pay much attention to it anyways :P (Although this post implies otherwise...)
Oct 28, 2012 9:20 AM

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It can only be either Blue and Physis or Keith and Physis.

Most people agree that it's the latter of two, unfortunately. :(
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