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Apr 4, 2011 10:59 AM

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Suggestions / questions / complains

Thats right! Here we will be talking on following topics:

- your suggestions about club duty/votings
- suggestions about starting/closing certain topics
- share with us your ideas of how u see new cards/banners/LE's
or anything else you would like to suggest us to do or change
- complains connected with club activity
- any kind of questions related to club

We can already answer on some questions which might be asked!

I think ur cards/LE sucks.
We did our best, but if you can make better - do so.

Why topic with LE was closed?
Either we already did the amount of cards we warned about. Either there was no interest in cards. Anyway, if topic is closed - we no longer make those cards.
You can request cards from this closed thread only in case you have a Badge.

So then, whats this Badge is?
Please, read about it in the post below, but ask in case something wasnt clear.

I ordered the card/LE *so on* but still didnt get it!
Check your private messages in case your public comments are closed. Still nothing? That means it wasnt done yet. Dont worry - you will recieve what you asked about. Try to avoid double-posting aswell in LE topics, it wont make you getting the cards faster.

Due to some problems i lost the cards. What should i do?
All info you need is in post # 3.

Are there any tournaments/votings?
All tournaments/votings are showed on the main clubs page - there is a link to that.
Also, in each tournament you can see links to other parts/matches.

I think you lack games/ on
Feel free to make them - we will be only happy to see more active members here.

Can i invite friends to club?
Of'course, you can. Its an open club and we dont have any special rules for people to join.

Are there any specific rights for those, who invited other users to this club?
Not at the moment, but we can consider this option and talk about it.

Can i become an admin/moderator of this club?
If you are serious, ready to help with club stuff and wont disapper after few weeks - we might consider this option.

All questions connected with creator of club.
We know not much more then you. Sorry.

We will answer on every question/complain and carefully read suggestions (and of'course think over them all afterwards), so please feel free to share all your thoughts with us.
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May 27, 2011 11:02 AM

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Badge. How do i get cards from closed LE's with it?

The first thing you need to do - replay in the topic of membership cards to be able to get one.

After recieving it you are able to make a request of your badge in a Badge topic.

Make sure to follow the requesting rules of both OMC and badge.

You can use badge to get the cards you missed using the Lucky Badge Room. Remember, you can request only the cards you missed and maximum amount of opened topics per month cant be more then 2.

Advantage of Badge - showing the badge to admins (as in - posting it under the spoiler under your request) you can get a card from closed editions / also pick more cards than its allowed to others. The amount of extra cards will be said the requesting rules in each Limited/Special/Random editon.

Limitations and rules of use.

~ to request the cards from the closed topics you need to leave a request in the Lucky Badge Room, showing the Badge (either link to your blog, where it is posted or have it in sig)
~ each Badge has a name of owner on it, so person, who recieved it is the only one to use it. Dont try to cheat, showing someone's else badge.
~ with Badge you can open up to 2 closed topics per month (for yourself only of'course)!
~ you can recieve additional cards from LE/SE if there is a note about it in the le's topic.
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Jun 18, 2011 10:55 AM

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If you lost the cards...

That can happen to everyone, thats why we be looking into each case like that with understanding.
In order to get the cards you lost please do the following:
1. read the first post of the topic from which you want the cards and check out who is the card maker.
~ thats an important note, since not always the person, who created the topic was the one making cards ~

2. Find your own post with the request and copy the direct link to it.
~ each post has a number - click on it, the adress in the browser's "adress line" will change - thats the link which we need ~
Under spoiler you can watch example: LE 450+ selected post # 66

3. Write a comment on the profile of the card maker. Mark what the problem is and post the link to your card request.
Would be nice of you to note why you lost the cards (so if it was our fault we can try to prevent it in future).
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