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Feb 22, 2011 4:13 PM

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Music is food for the soul, not business.

Industrial Metal band Dope Stars Inc. is on to something here. said:
Dear electro dandies and hardwired ladies. No moment in history has ever been so exciting. When we started this project we could never imagine the entire world of music could change so much in such a short time. Nowdays thanks to pirate networks, social networks and the natural attitude of the souls polulating cyberspace, everything depends on you, our loyal supporters. You are the force that can help any band to come out. Yours is the power, yours is the global network. Yours is the joypad to control the future of music creators. You are the judges and yours is the verdict. That's why we decided to come back to our beloved home, the cyberspace, disconnect from the standard system and start a new adventure that was not yet possible for us when we founded this band in the beginning of 21st century.

So let's say one key thing first. The new album will be available for FREE download to everybody in any format (mp3, wav, ISO) and we will spread it over every network (our website, social networks, youtube, torrent, rapishare). The album will NOT be available in any local store in the beginning. This doesn't mean the album will never be available in stores but we don't consider it as a priority anymore. We will eventually release it in record stores when and if it will make sense. However Ultrawired will be available online directly from us, on digital stores or through the network of Ketapushers (read below). This will be our main system.

With this system we can release the album very fast when every part will be ready. Recordings are almost finished and we are proceeding now to do the final mix and work on the booklet with our designer. So we expect to release it somewhere between the end of April or early May. Just in time to please you during next spring/summer. The exact release date will be communicated few weeks before the release. Just stay connected to our network and you will get all the information you need to know about the release just in time.

To make this possible, we decided to involve no record label in the whole production process. We have instead produced everything with our direct efforts. We know this is a risk, but we have to face it if we want be different. And being different has always been our natural attitude.

Naturally to produce an album require a budget and any album is not only about music but the result of a massive work of many people inside and outside the band. That's why we want you all to understand that to produce albums, shoot videoclips, make photosessions, work on artworks, design and keep websites updated, take care of all the activities of a band means alot of work. So if you want us to provide more material for free you should think about supporting us in some way. At least till money will be extinct and dinosaurs will come back living on earth. ;)

Let's face it straight as we always do. We do know that not everybody can do that, not everybody is rich and not everybody is forced to do that. Especially in this very difficult period of international economical crisis. We just want to have the opportunity to produce more music cause it's our passion. If you like what we do you can support us in many different ways. Some of you will be able to support us more, some other less, but as swedish guys of Flattr say: "Many small streams will form a large river". Besides the advantage to bypass the standard system let us offer you different and innovative solutions.

One above all is to sell the album at 4 euros + shipping including the full artwork and cdlay art. How can we do that? Simple: we can cut costs cause the cd you will get is empty even if it looks the same as the original. Once the album will be out you can simply download it from our website and burn it by yourself. And you know what? Once ready you will get it in advance, so you can explore the album artwork and read lyrics before the album is released. We hope you will like this idea. One other example is the Ketaware Program (read below) that will allow you to get our albums via our Ketapushers at an even cheaper price of the one we provide online directly. That's a system that allow fans to distribute our albums, make fair profits while supporting us and win very special prizes at the same time.

Clearly we are not selling our stuff at cost price. Besides shipping prices are still too high for our tastes. But we will keep working to optimize this system after the beta-testing. More importantly we want you all to get that any of the options should be intended as a way to support us. If you donate or buy an album; if you flattr us or buy a t-shirt, it makes no difference in the end as you are still supporting us directly doing so. That's cause clearly most of the material will be available for free online. Especially what's more important above everything: our music.

So just take some more time to explore the rest of this website and discover what is the option that works better for you. If this experiment will work for us we hope it can be an example for other bands to follow and estabilish a new revolutionary model. For any question you can mail us at

Ultrathanks to everybody in advance.

Never accept
Never conform
Never disconnect

Be extraordinary
Be Ultrawired

Spread the word. Spread the revolution. Spread the music.