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Feb 15, 2011 1:17 AM

Feb 2010
Another great episode were Ranma was considered a pervert. The way it happened and how so many people were around made it hilarious.
May 18, 2016 3:27 PM
Apr 2016
Well at least he clear himself. I don't understand how he could be considered a pervert with his manly battle aura.
Mar 12, 2017 5:37 PM

Feb 2013
Kawaii sensei with a cool absorbing power.
Happosai was the one who taught her that attack.
Feb 20, 2020 2:46 PM

Nov 2016
I love it that Hinako has a cute and sexy side to her.
One Piece episode 914 & 915 & 1027 were a mistake and 957 brought the salvation

Episode 1015 🔥💥💣🙌🏻👑🐐

Episode 1017 broke the curse. 21 pages 🙏🏻

Aug 3, 2021 1:29 PM

Apr 2013
Best OVA so far, that new character is funny... and sexy.
Aug 21, 2021 3:09 PM

Jun 2021
After today i officially finished watching or rewatching every single piece of anime and live action media related to Ranma 1/2 that wasn't a recap, and while i'm sort of ready to become emotional again because of the series finale that i plan to rewatch tomorrow for the third or fourth time, this is confirmed as my favorite OVA (with The One To Carry On as second best).

In the spring of 2002 i was 16, in a very dark place, and one of the very few comforting things was the Mtv Anime Night every tuesday. Ranma 1/2 was the second of three slots after Inuyasha and before Saiyuki, but it was also the only one of these that had my actual interest after its first watch in 1999. I clearly always remembered to have watched this back then and finding it hilarious, but in 2006 when i collected at a newsstand every dvd released weekly containing the regular animated series, i was negatively surprised that this episode wasn't part in any of the 40 releases. Only by reading wikipedia years after i discovered this was an OVA, and also what is an OVA itself in the first place. At some point i asked myself what the japanese audience thought when these special episodes were released after the regular animated series, but the manga actually managed to end after all of them (except for the 2008 one) so i understand they were made to keep the interest in the manga alive adapting more stories from it before its conclusion.

Returning to my experience, i was way too naive in 2002 to notice a different opening theme (Koi da! Panic, my favorite for the OVAS along with Bokutachi Wa Kore Kara), the slightly different animation and Ranma's purple clothes instead of red, and couldn't know about the fact that this and the other OVAs were aired in those months for the first and probably last time ever in italy, except for a VHS release only (probably all of them very rare and expensive)

Finally... the teacher is so funny when in child mode, and so is Happosai's involvement and the obvious Akane's jealousy rage.
Jul 19, 2022 8:55 AM

Jan 2018
A new challenger approaches! And it's a female Anything Goes school of martial arts apprentice? If the TV series had more characters like her, it certainly would've been more entertaining!

Kuno showing an interest in a girl other than Ranma Pigtailed Girl or Akane? That doesn't happen. Also, the school remembered the fact that Ranma has a weird curse. That's some continuity right there. Is that why he showed no interest in Ranma in this OVA? Welp looks like he'll be back to his usual self in the next episode anyway.

Poor Ranma. He has to do that every day for 1 month straight lol. I liked Hinako. I wonder what's her true form though, the sexy one or the loli one. Tbf she did say she was an adult at the start. So legal loli FTW I guess?

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