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Feb 4, 2011 7:00 AM

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i had the idea to make a thread where everyone can describe what his personal zanpakuto would be like :D i don't know if i'm authorized to open a new topic but i thought i could try it out^^

i start off with mine:
name: Cleo
call: kogoero Cleo (freeze Cleo)
attack: furosuto baito (frost bite) summons ice-spears which crush from all directions into the enemy
shikai: the whole sword gets transparent because it becomes ice
bankai: it takes on the form of a waterspirit
normal: looks like a normal katana with white hilt

i'm looking forward to read what your zanpakutos+ are like
Nov 5, 2011 5:10 PM
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Name: Fesutibaru Tentō (Festival Lights)

Release command: Dazuru (Dazzle).

Appearance: Unreleased this zanpakto is just a normal kantana that is slightly wider and shorter than normal. It has a pinwheel shaped guard with each of the 5 "blades" of the pinwheel being a different color. The first is red, and in clockwise order blue, yellow, green, white. It has a simple hilt with nothing special about it.

Shikai: The sword transforms into a monk's spade with a U shaped blade that goes about a foot up the handle on each side. With what appears to be a lit priest's lantern attached to the bottom via a small length of chain. The flame in the lantern changes color every minute or so, cycling through the colors on the sword's guard when unreleased. The user can change the color of the flame instantaniously and with no warning to the enemy.

Ablities: The user can control which color the lantern is at any given time and can hold the color indefinetly. Each color of flame coresponds to a different ability in Shikai. The flame in the lantern is charged with spiritual energy that is charged into the zanpaktou which is depleted before the user has to recharge the lantern or use his own spiritual energy.
Recharge: The user channels spiritual energy into the lantern to give the shikai a well of spiritual energy independent of the user. This holds about 1/10 the user’s current spiritual energy.

Red/Hanabi (Fireworks): This ability allows the user to shoot arrows of fire from the spade like a crossbow. When they make contact with something while in the air or fly 1000 feet they will explode into a shower of multi-color sparks that burn anything they come into contact to. It also creates a lot of smoke. Multiple arrows can be shot one right after the other. 10 arrows can be fired before having to recharge the shikai.

Blue/Kakigoori (Shaved Ice): This attack happens when the user slams the blade of the zanpakto into the ground while channeling spiritual energy. This causes the blade to shoot out a flurry of ice shards to cut anything within a 50 foot radius. The ice shards start in a shroud around the user and rapidly expand outward. If used in an area smaller than that the shards will break the even smaller shards will ricochet and you can imagine what happens next. (User can be hit if the shards are reflected back at them.) This ability can be used 15 times before recharge.

Yellow/Rantan (Lantern): This technique can be used outside of when the flame of the lantern is yellow; it’s just not as effective. The user channels spiritual energy into the lantern to create a bright flash of white light that blinds the enemy for a constant 5 seconds before fading rapidly to give the victim their vision back. The target must be looking in the user’s general direction for it to take effect. Closing one’s eyes is also a decent defense against the flash but their eyesight will still be blurry. If the ability is used while the lantern is not yellow then it takes twice as much spiritual energy to use, and the effects are halved. This ability can be used 200 times before recharge when yellow.

Green/Jinja (Shrine): This technique creates what is essentially a non-aggression zone where no form of combat can take place. This area has a circular radius of 15 feet and is surrounded by an ethereal green light. The field prevents combat from happening by draining energy from those who would try to attack each other. The defense isn’t ultimate as ranged attacks can still pass through the barrier. It requires that the user constantly feed spiritual energy into the field, so it is taxing on the reserves. The maximum amount of time for this is 1 min. per day. Charge can’t be used to power the field.

White/Arukōru (Alcohol): Of course it can't be a party without alcohol. This technique is similar to Hanataro Yamada's zanpakto only it’s only about half as effective. It can heal minor to moderate wounds (Basically cuts and scrapes to minor broken bones.) in order to do this the user must run the blade of the zanpakto over the wound intended to heal if it’s a flesh wound the blade must be driven into the wound for it to heal. The shikai’s charge or the user's spiritual energy is drained when the wound heals.

Bankai: Fesutibaru no seishin (Spirit of the Festival): The user swings the shikai over their head before holding across their back and declaring bankai. The User is engulfed in a fine gray mist before the zanpaktou spirit forms from the mist and wraps around the user, grabbing the shikai in the process. The spirit will defend the user to the best of its ability using any attacks that the user knows that involve the shikai. The user gains a copy of the shikai and gains new abilities. The charge is now completely removed, and added back into the user’s reserves.

Abilities: Ten'nō no hanabi no yoshi (Emperor’s Firework Display): A powered up version of Hanabi. The arrows are now made of white flames and the explosions are now capable of killing the target if the user gets a direct hit. 500 arrows can be used to create a conical area of effect maxing out at 500 feet in front of the user. Also the sparks will now cause 3rd degree burns on anything it touches.

Kakigoori no mō fubuki (Shaved Ice Blizzard): The user creates a blizzard’s worth of ice shards around them in a 50 ft. circle. Then at the user’s command the shards will whirl around the user in a 100 foot tall tornado that cuts anything caught in the carnage. The user stands on the ground in the eye of the storm.
Now for the spirit's appearance, now I wouldn't normally do this but its needed as it is apart of the Bankai.

The zanpakuto spirit is just a hooded figure with glowing eyes that holds a lantern in its invisible hands. The hood casts a dark shadow that only allows the spirit's luminecent eyes to be visible. The eyes of the spirit and the lantern change color every minuite in the cycle of the shikai lantern. The spirit has a classic ghost tail, and is very unclear when not in bankai