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Any anime which fit the following profile? if so please recommend :)

Jan 31, 2011 1:01 PM
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i have seen so may anime that now its hard to find one i have'nt -.- so yea i need an anime with a super strong,unbeatable male lead from the start cuz i hate it when u have to wait n wait for the character to get stronger . . and he should be cool too in his attitude.. im looking mainly for romance anime with action too . . but i really liked kaichu no maid sama so yea that kind is also preferred :) . . i dont care if it has mechs (but it should be his own mech not like sousei no aquarion -.-) or magic or sword fighting or watever but the main thing is the male lead . . oh and also if its slice of life then please recommend one with good animation :) . . basically anime like-

-chrome shelled regios

-kaze no stigma

-kaichu no maid sama

and so on..

please do not recommend naruto or bleach or one piece or ull be insulting my 8 years of watching anime :P oh and also not anime like Hokuto no Ken cuz they are just too old so i dont like the animation.. any help would be appreciated so thanks :)
Jan 31, 2011 1:13 PM

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- super strong,unbeatable male lead
- cool
- romance and action

Sounds like Star Driver
Jan 31, 2011 3:14 PM

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Special A (the guy's unbeatable in a different way)
Jan 31, 2011 5:05 PM

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It is difficult to do without knowing what you have watched and how you rated it. Take a look at any of these you haven't seen.

Blood +
Blue Seed
Ceres, Celestial Legend
Chrono Crusade
City Hunter
Crying Freeman
Elemental Gelade
Emma: A Victorian Romance
Fushigi Yuugi
Gravitation (Yaoi)
Hanasakeru Seishonen
Heroic Age
Jin-Roh - the Wolf Brigade
Jyu Oh Sei
Kaikan Phrase
Marmalade Boy
Mirage of Blaze (shonen-ai)
Paradise Kiss
Record of Lodoss War
Samurai X: Refelction
Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal
Speed Grapher
Tears to Tiara
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
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