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Poll: Hetalia World Series Episode 42 Discussion

Nov 11, 2011 11:06 AM

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Netherlands!! =D
Dec 6, 2011 6:41 AM

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kyounatta said:
'BULLL~' on the beginning was the best >DD
The whole bit with the bull was my favourite part. ^_^
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Apr 6, 2012 4:50 PM

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I like rough!France. :o

Hahaha, the bull cheated...

Chibiromano seemed cute in his rudeness in the webcomic - here he just seems mean and annoying. XD;

Switzerland helping defeated!France home~

LOL, Chibiromano's reaction to Belgium asking if he wanted a kiss on the forehead. XDD His ahoge... The subtitles looked polite, but I could hear his usual cursing in there. =P Netherlands made a brief appearance, but there wasn't enough of him for me to form an opinion on it.

Ooo, Turkey looked so cool! Everyone else looked strange. Especially England's eyebrows. ^^;

Poor Romano, I don't know anyone who likes getting their cheeks pinched (more like squeezed here!).
Nov 8, 2016 11:49 PM

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Another ep full of Chibi Romano yay! ^-^
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