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{Contest 8} The Club Avatar Contest *Valentines 2#* [closed]

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Jan 27, 2011 6:20 PM

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Valentines is very soon. ;) An excuse for a new avvy contest I think? Well assuming you're not to busy making hand made chocolates, and thinking of elaborate things to do for a certain admirer. XD


For this avatar contest the theme is Valentines (romance, hearts, red/pink colours, couples etc)

You can create/edit or find pictures you want to make the Club Picture for February!

Some simple guidelines::
> You have ten days! The deadline is 9th February.
> Voting will last 5 days then I will put up the winning picture!
> Please try and put Yahoo! Answers somewhere in your picture. (You can write it in any font and any colour).
> Must be in some way related to romance and Valentines.
> You can make up to two entries.
> Please refrain from making any inappropriate or unrelated entries.
> Please message all entries to my account. I'll post them into the voting thread as per usual.
> Please do not share your entries with your friends, acquaintances, or for artistic critique before voting is completed as it defeats the point of making it now anonymous.
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