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Poll: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Episode 3 Discussion

Nov 6, 2018 7:55 AM
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Madoka Kaname and her dad Tomohisa Kaname help her mother Junko Kaname (who is drunk). And they both take Junko to her bed. Madoka is not a useless character.
Feb 14, 7:42 PM

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Holy fuck I was signing up for some PG-13 shit BUT SHE GOT EATEN STRAIGHT UP--EATEN HECKING E.A.T.E.N...... wtf did she really... I wasn't expecting that one bit....
Feb 28, 12:33 PM

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seeing the comments of first watchers here is like honey for my soul. I really appreciate that its still so relevant.

They did nail the plottwist. Other shows are overly dramatic with such stuff.
"This emotion is mine alone.
It is for Madoka alone." - Homura
or how I would descripe Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
Apr 21, 1:58 AM

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This is my fifth viewing of Madoka Magica. And this episode still blows me away! I really appreciate how showing less of the brutality is actually much more effective in portraying the horror of this scenario. This episode had lots of talking. Since I am watching it raw (without subs) for the first time, it was a bit tiring. My Japanese is not good enough to understand full sentences yet, but I picked up on some keywords and was able to follow along just fine, since I almost memorized all the dialogues anyway from prior viewings. It really lets me concentrate on the visuals, which are amazing! Of course the same goes for the dubs... but I still like the original Japanese most.
May 4, 9:41 AM

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Mami died already what the fuck?

Whether or not she is gone for good I am completely invested in this show
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