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Jan 19, 2011 10:07 PM

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So I know there has already been a lot of discussion over this topic, but I think the subject of Shuu and Hagu's relationship needs its own thread. (If nothing else, this serves as my own personal rant page.)

I'm fairly certain when Hanamoto-sensei, or Shuu-chan, said that he loved Hagu, he meant he loved her romantically. For one thing, he was blushing. For another, in the conversation he had with Yamada afterwards, he's embarrassed, she's shocked, and he's exasperated at her comments about him, like, "I guess he is a man despite his age." All of that suggests he loves her romantically. For me, this was TOTALLY unexpected.
He also says, when pressed by Yamada, that the way he came to love her is embarrassing. How do you think he came to have romantic feelings for Hagu? For some reason I get the feeling it had to do with that flashback where Hagu is a young girl and Sensei is a teenager, and they fall asleep together under a blanket...

Another part of my personal confusion: What did Hagu mean when she asked Sensei, "Please give me your life"? Was she simply asking him to travel with her, and teach her about art, and support her in her recovery and work thereafter? Or was she also asking him in some way, to love her forever? To love her how? Romantically? This was another thing I felt was equivalent to a bomb dropping. I definitely was not prepared.

I don't like nor feel comfortable with the switch from father-daughter type relationship to love interest in the last 2 episodes. I mean, I loved Honey and Clover, I liked the more heavy-hearted sequel despite a few drawbacks, I loved the character of Hanamoto-sensei, and was even fond of Hagu-chan. But this development left me troubled. I mean, Sensei even said in the very beginning of H&C,"I'm like a father to her." The whole, "She chose Sensei" (over her main love interests throughout both seasons) business really bothered me.

One thing in particular is that in Honey and Clover, after her upsetting date with Morita, Hagu told Shuu-chan that she wished she could only be with him forever. Shuu-chan later makes a narrative (I think) remark about how even though she thinks that now, she will come to love other men (namely Morita at this point..) in her life other than Shuu-chan himself.

I just feel that Sensei was such a father figure to her, and that Hagu loves him so much in that way. (Not to mention, he is something like 10 or more years older than her. And on a side note, just because I am unclear- Were they cousins or uncle and niece? I think it was cousins...)

In the end, I just feel sad for the both of Hagu and Sensei. Sensei is going to be supporting her in many ways for the rest of her life, probably, and has what I believe are one-sided romantic feelings. Hagu is in love with Morita, but she chose art.

I guess at the end of the day what will help me sleep is that one theme in H&C was the many different types of love there are (for example, love among friends, love that is one's "bittersweet treasure", love that knows no distance)-- That Shuu-chan may love her as a woman, but as for the romantic part it's a dormant sort of love. That he loves her simply as a precious person to him and someone he wants to heal and protect, and, like the professor said, is healing himself in the process. Also, I get the feeling that Morita will return in the future (after all, he said "it's not over) and he and Hagu-chan will be together. Though that's another thing that's sad for Sensei, it helps ease my mind a bit. As my last thought, I have to say that Hagu's narrative-- "Shuu-chan is my rain." "He is very precious to me."-- was poignant and beautiful and overrides the majority of negative thoughts I have about their relationship.

Now what are your thoughts?!
Apr 12, 2011 10:59 PM

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I pretty much got the same vibes as you.
Apr 13, 2011 12:27 AM

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I'd have to see it again to weigh in, but I'm pretty sure from what I remember that Hagu went back with him to recover or something. Sounds like a great reason to re-watch Honey and Clover though...sounds tempting...
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Aug 25, 2013 4:33 PM

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Pretty sure it was confirmed in the anime that in fact yes, shuu-chan loves hagu. It was one of the later episodes in season 2.
Aug 31, 2013 9:43 AM

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The thing between those 2 is sibling love.
Shuu-chan is like a brother to Hagu-chan.
It would be pretty much like incest if those to became lovers.

Edit: Ok, I take it back.
Seems like Shuu-chan loves her.
But I still think it's pretty much incest :P

Though, no matter who Haug-chan choosed, I still think it's very odd. She looks like a 10 year old :P
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Jan 1, 2014 12:45 AM

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Clous said:
I pretty much got the same vibes as you.


Des said:
Though, no matter who Haug-chan choosed, I still think it's very odd. She looks like a 10 year old :P

She would be okay with the other two guys because they're pretty childish.


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Mar 17, 2014 7:45 PM

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I pretty much felt the same as the original poster....enjoyed the series very much, but even I was like wtf at the end. Ah well =(
Personally, I was rooting on Yuuta x Hagu
Apr 10, 2014 2:07 PM
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In the end it was obvious that he did. But honestly, until they made it very explicit I only thought of it as a sort of father daughter thing. Bit overprotective though.
I was actually really rooting for takemoto. Still feels a bit wrong, the whole shuu thing. I have to say though that it is impressive how much emotional stories they have put in. Unrequited love, love, love triangle if you can call it that, serious injury, being lost and sooo much more (money, revenge, brothers, friendship, work...).
Dec 29, 2015 11:58 PM

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Isn't Shuu also LITERALLY HER UNCLE? They share the same last name and I think in S1 they mention once that he is, in fact, her uncle.

And that scene where she fell asleep with him when she was young- He was NOT a teenager, he already looked like he could be 30 there.

I'm the same as the OP, except even more upset. This is the Usagi Drop manga all over again, except even more out of left field because there were other main characters that would have made much more sense for her to end up with.
Nov 14, 2017 7:44 AM

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I have the same feelings and from the comments in the Internet I see that the vast majority of viewers were confused about the Shuu and Hagu relationship, too... How could someone even come up with something like that? I mean it's one thing that she chooses to stay with him to have the best care and be able to continue with drawing which is the most important thing to her. It's bitter, but can be understood.
But the fact the Shuu has a romantic feelings towards Hagu although it was mentioned that they are relatives and for the whole series their relationship was shown as father-daughter or at least big brother-little sister?? That's not acceptable for me. It's incest and I really cannot believe it happened in that story. I like the show, I accept the sad and bitter moments in it although I'd like to avoid many of them, but this one point is just a no no no. Just to imagine them both kissing or even doing, em, more stuff? Oh, please.
One good side here is that Hagu doesn't seem to have romantic feelings to Shuu (that would just ruin the show completely...) and still holds them for Morita. I don't quite understand why she had to choose between Shuu and Morita, while the first one is like father and the latter a romantic love. Can't she just live with Shuu, but date Morita? But I guess she just chose to give Morita freedom so that he can follow his path. As they promise to watch over each other, I believe they can stay in touch, will see each other again and maybe still have hopes for something more. At the moment Morita wouldn't give her safety she needs to recover and find her place in the art world, but maybe in some years they could try to be together... Hagu is still very young, will be changing, her needs will evolve. I know in reality the story ends where it ends on the screen/pages, but it's always nice to think about it like about the parallel world that is continuing somwhere behind the curtains : )
Aug 31, 2019 12:01 AM
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Just finished this and I'm so shocked. They are cousins. I thought of him as Hagu's father. Was totally unexpected. He was blushing and said he was madly in love with Hagu. I thought it would either be Morita or Yuuta. I was rooting for Morita cuz he's so weird. But Yuuta was so sweet. I thought he was just protecting Hagu from Morita cuz "fathers" don't like boys going after their little girls. So i'm absolutely stunned. Incest was not what i was expecting from this cute anime.
Oct 23, 2019 3:20 PM
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besides the story writing and character development this show was VERY difficult for me to watch all the unrequited love and love triangles are big turn offs for me and at the end the whole shuu and hagu thing became the icing on the cake, i’m glad i’m done with this. I literally lost respect for an anime character... but it is what it is, and i didn’t make it so i’ll just have to accept the authors creativity. This show just reminded me that some shows aren’t for everyone