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Poll: Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Episode 00 Episode 1 Discussion

Mar 12, 2014 12:10 PM

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it was just a recap besides the last min,but I like Kurumi
Jul 24, 2014 2:19 AM

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While I was watching theses scenes again I couldn't help but feel with Kurumi.(:
I think it's great how she confessed Kazehaya her feelings and how she didn't try
to make him feel sorry for her. She was strong and I admire her for that. ^____^
So the next episode is about Valentine's day. Wow, could get interesting for real.
Jan 18, 2015 5:40 AM

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It started well, but then it rushed.
At least we got to see the new OP and ED.
Mar 3, 2016 10:33 PM

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Nigga I don't get it. So is Kurumi like the villain or not because I'm starting to feel bad for her.
Just need to find out how to quote this every time so I can dodge the stupid 30-character limit.
Sep 26, 2016 5:07 AM

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Damn, I always felt bad for Ume. Quite sad.
Nov 11, 2017 6:48 AM

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This was very helpful before I pick up season 2.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Oct 6, 2018 3:24 AM

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It was a nice to see a bit of Ume's perspective. Nice recap.
Feb 5, 3:22 PM

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Since I thought this was going to be some kind of prologue for the second season, I decided to watch it but it just ended up being another recap. Yeah, it retells some event from Kurumi's POV but it didn't really give me any extra information about her personality or her attitude. To be honest, it only made me remember how much I dislike her character and some of her pathetic antics. Like seriously, a "Death Note" for those who call you Ume?

All in all, a rather average recap episode. 5/10
Mar 21, 6:11 PM

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I love Kurumi so much. I had completely forgotten about that
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