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Poll: Which video do you want to be the video of the month?

Dec 15, 2010 4:26 PM

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Hello! As suggested by one of our esteemed members in the club, Orulyon, I am now hosting a RomeoXJuliet VIDEO OF THE MONTH in our club's lovely layout for every month starting with this month - December 2010. Once the video has been decided by voting from all of us, as the winner is determined by the most votes, I will attach it into the club's layout until the last two days of the month and then start voting for the next month. As well, only during the first two weeks of every month will voting happen for that month. So, please! Nominate your favorite video now! ;D

Rules for nominating a video of the month

  • You cannot nominate slide shows and/or slide show AMVs. They will be instantly disqualified from ever making it into the master poll for video of the month consideration and I will strike it out and politely tell you that it has been disqualified. [Example: S4-Keroro Style:Dairy of Jane]
  • Videos must be from so we can put it into our club's layout
  • I will be making the first nomination every month then all of you are encouraged to nominate videos that you decide as well
  • AMVs that you make are extremely encouraged to be nominated by yourself because we can have members own work on our front page. And, how awesome would that be?
  • This is a club specifically for RomeoXJuliet. So, the videos have to be related to it all the time. It just works that way, right?
  • No flaming of any videos or boasting of any videos from anyone. It will NOT be tolerated. That will just earn you a disqualification as well.
  • To nominate, you must put the name of the video in quotation marks and list the original creator of the video and under that put the actual video in spoiler tags.
  • In the event that there are no nominations made, I will put up one of my own choosing for that month until the next month's voting period.
  • If you decide that you really like a video that has already been mentioned and listed, then just comment that you "second [insert name of video here]"
  • Make sure you watch all the videos listed and then choose which one you want to be on the front page and then vote in the poll above
  • When the video has been decided, I will put a message stating that that month's voting period is closed and to wait for the next month's voting period to nominate again

Example of a "RomeoXJuliet Video Of The Month" nomination entry

"Romeo x Juliet | Love Story" by ReeversSoul
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Dec 16, 2010 8:36 AM

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Tears of an angel by MJsister

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