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Poll: Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 82 Discussion

Nov 9, 2018 11:49 PM

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See, kids? That's why you don't take sleeping pills. Drugs KILL.
Jan 16, 4:38 AM

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Even though I'm an opponent of democracy, and often found fault with Yang Wenli's words, this hit me rather hard. I imagine the Kaiser will be devastated by the news.
Jan 16, 6:40 AM
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I died a little bit inside.
May 29, 4:15 PM

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This reminded me of a certain Ashita no Joe episode. One of the best episodes I've seen in a long time and maybe of all time. RIP Yang
Aug 3, 6:15 PM
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While the narrator dialogue got me worried, I can't believe they actually killed him off. At the very least Yang's death is the big thing to keep until the season finale, right? He's half the show, I can't believe they did it with a good 25+ episodes and another full season to go. Where are things going to go from here? Is Julian going to take the mantle of the main character on the Alliance/democracy side of things?

RIP Yang Weng Li. You were quite the heavy, second in this show only to Reinhard. You were always the more likable and sympathetic character in comparison to him though. Such a down to earth character. I know I loved to tease him as he came off as if he was a college student with his home life, but such respect for the character. I still am in shock that they did this.

And I was about to say this was my favorite episode of the series thus far for upping the stakes so much, thinking that Yang was going to make it out alive!

Happy I made it all the way here unspoiled!
Aug 20, 6:27 PM
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the pain i feel right now is immense
one of the greatest characters ever written
thank you and goodbye
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