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Poll: Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Episode 13 Discussion

Jun 1, 2019 12:15 AM

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Okay, I don't know how the spoon saved the world and also how he was the key
It doesn't make sense at all :| i mean how come the future is bad if bunmei had never been to the past before they sent him
I'm really confused or there is a plot hole I dunno
Anyway, at least the anime showed progressive relations within the characters, I liked that

But seriously, I'm kind of disappointed

Also, I hope Maya didn't end up with bunmei, that's just weird
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Aug 11, 2019 6:16 AM
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This show is a joke to time based series...You know what I mean just put the pieces of puzzle one by one you'll know how broken it is...Daem took me 3 years for me actually able to see this show cause it's not available in any of the anime downloadable sites which I I have to search the entire google database to get a raw version which is not actually French or German or Indonesian or Malaysian or any other language subbed version which mostly comes front with hard subtitle...I may understand Japanese bit by bit cause I can pretty much get what they are saying from all this years of anime howling...the only thing is that sometimes they use hard wording sentences which I am not able to understand yet...but yeah ending was real terrible...Yeah I don't know why but I like Maya so much she attracts me like a magnet this whole time I was looking forward to watch this show was because of her...Aah she makes me crazy...what am I suppose to do with me now that I saw her in action daem.
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Jan 26, 8:09 AM

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Manga s ending is different 🤔
Just watch what you may like.
Don't watch it and don't make bad comment about it.
Every anime wants to be praised.
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