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Nov 15, 2010 2:33 AM

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Out of boredom, i have decided to compile all the contents of Sam's story by Sakana-chan into a thread.

I hope this helps anyone who wishes to investigate the relevance of Sam's story and whether it symbolizes Takuto, Wako and Sugata's story.

I will be updating this weekly with Sam's story and a short summary of the episode.

*note* Sam's story begins on Episode 2.

Episode 2

Takuto is introduced to the drama club.
Takuto meets Kanako Watanabe and Keito Nichi.
Benio approaches Takuto, but fails.

Sam's Story:

So the boy fell in love.
He fell in fierce, passionate love with the girl he met on the shore of the Fish Planet.

The boy was a skilled fisherman, his name was Sam.
Sam dreamed that he and the girl he met got on a boat and sailed away into the shining galaxy.

But did Sam love the girl he was with or the brilliant galaxy around him?

Episode 3

More character development/background for Kanako Watanabe.
Sword fight between Takuto and Watanabe's worker.

Sam's Story:

Only one ship could sail from the Fish Planet to the Galaxy.
That ship belonged to a King.

One day, the King issued a proclaimation.
Whoever defeated the Squid Emperor and brought back his blue blood would have any wish granted.

On the Fish Planet, there was a squid emperor who ravaged the land as he pleased every night.

The boy, Sam, resolved himself to defeat the Squid Emperor and get the ship that could sail into the galaxy.

Episode 4

Takuto and Wako are trapped on the island alone.

Sam's Story:

'Take the chance!' thought the girl.
'You have to beat the Squid Emperor and get the boat that can sail into the galaxy!'

Sam took up his spear and began practicing with it, training for the day he would do battle with the Squid Emperor. And so the name of Sam, the Squid-Piercer, began to spread throughout the kingdom.

So the girl waited in her cottage by the seaside fror Sam to return.
The two had a secret.

They the ate the squid.
On the Fish Planet, squid are the servants of Evil.
It was forbidden for their flesh to pass your lips. But still, the two ate the squid.

They shared that dark secret and their bond grew even deeper.

Episode 5

The nurse who likes seducing kids appears.
The drug she used was called 'Mandread'.

Sam's Story:

'If you want something, don't falter!' said the girl.

They had learned where the Squid Emperor was.
But in the previous year, a huge storm had risen and the waters had become dangerous. Sam the Squid-Piercer faltered.

So the girl berated Sam.
That was when Sam the Squid-Piercer left the girl and the cottage, and went out into the wild and dangerous sea.

Episode 6

Sugata and Takuto's birthday.
Sugata's past and knowledge of the first phase is revealed.
We are told that Sugata's cybody is BROKEN and cannot move.
Sugata falls into coma.

Sam's Story:

They begin to fight. In the dark, wild night sea.
Sam fights on with his spear. And in a fierce battle that cannot be described in words, Sam slew the Squid Emperor and took his blue blood.

From in its bottle, the Squid Emperor's blue blood sparkled and lit up the dark night sea.

Sam took the blue blood and went back to the King.
'My King! I have brought the blood as promised. Here it is!'

The King took the bottle and suddenly drank the blue blood.
That blood was the one potion that could remove the King's magicial immortality and end his eternal life.

'Thank you, Sam. Now i can finally sleep and never awaken.'

Episode 7

Takuto is uncertain of his role in his friendship with Sugata and Wako.
Sugata awakens in Zero-Time.
Pink loli kisses Sugata.

Sam's Story:

The King offered him the throne.
He had intended all along to give his kingdom to the one that brought him the curse-breaking blue blood.

But Sam refused the offer.
'My King, I only desired your galactic ship. I wanted to sail it out into the shining galaxy. I do not want your throne. I do not want our kingdom!'

And the King replied thus:
'Fine, young man. I promised anything you desire. I will not break my word. You will have my galactic ship. However, young man.. Sam the Squid-Piercer, heed well these words. To sail that ship, you must spill the red blood of the girl you love. Leave but a drop, and the engine will not move.'

Yes, Sam had to killed the girl he loved.
If he did not, the boat will not sail.

'Now take it, the ship belongs to you.'
Episode 8

Sakana-chan escapes from bird cage and leaves the island.
A new character is introduced, but her name is not revealed. (Mizuno according to the preview)
Sugata and Takuto fights in Zero-time. Sugata uses Benio's Cybody.
Takuto destroys Benio's Cybody.

Sam's Story:

Sam killed the girl.
To sail into the shining galaxy, he offered her red blood to the ship's engine.

In the end, what Sam truly loved was not the girl, but his longing for the world out in the galaxy. The girl he loved had never been more than a flower adorning his journey.

Sam got on the ship and sailed out into the galaxy.
But soon Sam realized.. though he was in the galaxy he had dreamt of, all those worlds were different from the fish planet of his birth.

The fish planet was but one world in the vast galaxy. The galaxy was not some far off world. Sam had been living in its brilliance all along.

Why did he kill the girl?

My personal opinions:

Squid Emperor represents Glittering Star Crux.
Sam represents Takuto Tsunashi.
The King represents Sugata Shindou.
The Girl represents Wako Agemaki.

Discuss! :D
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Cool, thanks :)
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Thank you for compiling this list!
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nice thanks for this
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I really love this story. It's the thing besides her song and the "It's a PINCH" I look forward to the most. I actually wrote down all her stories too:) from now on I'll just copy paste from here. Thankyuu!

I have no idea who represents who in the story. Somehow I think Sugata represents Sam and Sakana-shoujo is the girl in the story. She was betrayed and left in the hands of the other Squid Lords (the Kiraboshi). I could be totally wrong, the next episode might shed some light :-)
Nov 22, 2010 12:57 AM

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*added episode 8 story/summary*

I have a feeling Sam's story was actually referring to Sakana-chan and the Kiraboshi Boy Leader.
Nov 22, 2010 6:37 AM
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My thoughts are that the "Fish Planet" is the island and the "Galaxy" is the rest of the world.

EDIT: Fixed a typo... :|
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