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Sep 29, 2010 6:22 PM
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This is the format to create your character. I will approve or dissaprove.

Name: Sora Leefer

Element: Wind

Werre Shape: None (hes a human)

Character description: After being abandoned when he was born, he has come to think of himself as the father of his twin brother Zora even though he is childish and forgetful. He has light brown hair, green eyes, and is about 5'7" tall. He has learned to use the wind to attack people by condensing it into blades or releasing it as gusts, and track people by putting pressure on their bodies to feel them. Uses Wind to fly

Name: Zora Leefer

Element: Fire

Werre Shape: None (human)

Character Description: Is grateful to have Sora as a brother but often acts as the older twin. Growing up in the orphanage has been hell for him but he pretends it doesn't bother him so Sora doesn't worry. He had red hair, deep brown eyes that turn red when he gets angry, and is 5'7" tall. He can shoot fireballs and create enough force behind them so that he can jump long distances.