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Sep 7, 2010 9:16 AM

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So, something different than cards:

(now, i know you all get turned on by userbars but please... don't go and do any "nyan nyan" with some random stranger so you get aids)

Simple enough without explaination...

--Make it awesome
--Size: MAX: 350x35 pixels
--Text includes:
~Art Contest Club
-~~~~(feel free to shorten it if you want)

There you have it ^^
The userbar might be given to other clubs for affiliation, so if you want to add your name to it please make it subtle ^^

Good Luck and Have Fun in the Making!
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Jun 7, 2011 11:41 PM

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Hi! Here's my entry and hope you like it ^^

I'll also post my userbar from the custom picture contest ^^

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Jul 25, 2011 1:29 AM

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I tried to make one myself. Hope you like it~