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Why do I said that the members of this club may not have Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus as the account picture?

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Sep 4, 2010 12:01 AM

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If you are confused why did I ask members not to put Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon as their account picture? In. this club, you will know the answer.

About Sailor Moon, it is approved to be me. Sorry, but its real. But it doesn't mean that you cannot add Sailor Moon as you favorite. It is fine to have Sailor Moon as you favorite, but don't make your account picture Sailor. Moon.

About Sailor Venus, it is also approved to be me. I'm sorry too. But, you also can add her as your favorite.
If you didn't follow my instructions, you will be banned. But you can be my friend. Ok?

So that is all about my topic. I hope you can forgive me.