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Poll: Slow Step Episode 5 Discussion

Aug 28, 2010 3:56 PM

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well i really really didn't think that it would be this paaring in the end. that she marrys the teacher in the end is really a little strange. but overall i liked this anime. sad that there are only 5 episodes. well i will read the manga there was standing somewhere that the ending in the anime is a other than in the manga hope i will find it complette somewhere.
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Jan 10, 2011 5:12 PM

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I real hated this ending, what was all the efort of those 2 for then? well not only hated the ending that i was hating the other guy being friendly with the other, but hell she is young to marry the old teacher, god can never understand it...
Aug 25, 2011 12:47 PM
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The manga has an open ending and doesn't really tell us which one of boys Minatsu finally chose. It was implied that she end up with teacher, though.

As for me the ending is quite okay. I can understand her choice, even if the teacher is the way he is. I think marrying an older man wasn't so strange in those times, too. Minatsu was really interested in his matters through all the story. She was adored by two young boys and she played with them, but she didn't take them seriously! And the teacher was always there with his daughter. She just followed her heart.

What's more about the ending of the manga, in the anime the other cool teacher and this tall angry girl end up together, while in the manga there is no thread like that at all.
Jul 29, 2014 4:29 AM

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With Otase on this one, hated the ending.

Sensei was a terrible choice. He wasn't looking for a wife. He was just looking for a maid he could fuck. Completely shallow.
Sep 8, 2015 8:03 AM

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That sure changed quite hard in the end, from a love triangle to getting full on cucked! Pretty different than I expected but I still liked the overall development of the whole story and the characters and that ending song sure is catchy as ever!
Jan 3, 2016 10:59 AM

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Very AVERAGE. No more than this. The end is ridiculous.
Jan 5, 2017 11:26 AM

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Jan 16, 2018 6:47 PM

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The ending broke my fucking heart. I need to read the manga in hopes that she ends up with ANYONE else other than that perverted teacher. Jesus Christ, he was grooming her to be a housewife/maid that he could fuck to his heart's content. I feel sorry for Minatsu.
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May 24, 2018 3:22 PM

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Sooooo weird. I honestly did not expect it. Especially with how he treated her even in the last episode, wanting a wife figure then her specifically. And overall that's what I waited for, to see who she ended up with because I do like Minatsu, she really does act like a teenage girl and avoiding her feelings slash being quite selfish despite much being the fault of others,

I can see why she gets attached to her teacher in a way but at the same time he doesn't change enough like out of his perverted ways or becomes all that serious, she starts falling for him because he's taking boxing seriously and trying to shape up where as the other two guys kind of just stand there and keep going at her the same as episode 1. But it just wasn't enough. I know the manga wasn't as blatant with the ending but can't imagine the ova changed much.

Anyways. Average. I was hoping for more here but it's so base level that it kinda saddens me. Minatsu is a great character in her own right, I wish there was a tad more too her but everyone else in comparison to her is really one-dimensional and that's the damning thing.