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Q : What is Town Square Club?
A: Its basically a club where you can do claims, collect cards and do other activities we have here for you to enjoy.
► In this club you can claim many different things [See: the Main Page / TSC Directory
► Its also a club where you can meet new friends and to chat with them [through Forums and Chatroom]
► Where you can also share/ discuss about some animes/ mangas and other things in mind
► For more details and guides [See: walkthrough right below]

Q: What are Claims?
A: From the word "claims" means the fact that if you like a certain anime/charas/stuff, you can claim them as your own.
Claims are a fun hobby that allows us to show off all the characters we love so much. They also let ourselves satisfy that
obsessive, fanatic-side of us that wants to rave to everyone about how awesome our favorite characters are.

► Enjoy claiming until you run out of claims for the month
► Where can i do the claiming? [See : walkthrough below]

Q: What are these Limited Edition Cards [LE] / Special Edition Cards [SE]?
A: TSC have tons of cards open to Commemorate Various Events. It is also an opportunity to select and collect cards with your very own name on it, designed and made by our staffs who participate in the events.
► It does not need badges to get them
► Mostly happen every week and at limited posts
► After getting those cards you can either post it on your Profile or Blogs
► Wait patiently for the deliveries

Q: How can i get those cards?
► By requesting in the threads in the club through doing a "Quick Reply" which located below the posts
and please read and follow the rules

► Better check out the from time to time for new open cards

Here is a little walkthrough in the club:

This where you can get the badge, what is it for?
A: Well you can get claims if you have that and you can get the official member cards also.
► It's easy to get (any 1 of these)
[Play the Game Contest and win]
• Have 100 points at Town Square Club Points Counter

Then you are done
Note: You don’t have to wait for them to accept
► Wait for the Badge to arrived and then you can go and start claiming

Q: How to get TSC VIP Cards?
► If you have a VIP card, you can request one more cards of each card maker and even more claims.
It's possible you get more benefit in other clubs
► You can read it (for more details) on the "Get a Badge here"
► To request it, you just post on the format on that same thread and just read the "How to" and follow the format.

Q: What is Official Member cards ?
► The Official Membercards of the club need the badge since it will be serve as your id.
Its a card certifies your membership at the club. [Just click on the above image to get a badge]

Q: Where can I do the claiming?
A: You can just go directly to the Main Page or TSC Directory.
► It is MONTHLY claim but except for the TSC-SEC because it’s a weekly claim.
► You can repeatly claim your characters in other threads, if they are fit to be claim on that claiming thread you go at
► Claims coming from the staffs doesn't affect what is on the list [but still will be written down]

For us staff we can have the same claim so none of it affects
IMPORTANT: Read the Rules and Follow the Format a reminder are also provided on each claim threads
Note: There are rules in claims which need or don’t need proof and most important thing is to check the Bulletin Area

► It is where you can find the list of claims that are already taken and cannot be claimed.
► You have to wait for next month to claim that character/s
► You should always check it out, so that your claims will not be rejected.
Note: claims coming from the staffs doesn't affect the list, so you can enjoy you’re claiming

► Where we put the already done banner that are ready for delivered right to your profile.
► Wait patiently for the cards/banners to be delivered

You can request AMV so that yours will be shown in the club's main page
► Go click the request an AMV (instructions are there)


rules on making your own banners in the spoiler


Story Below

a friendly-user guide in a story form, you can comment us your questions / suggestions
and it shalll be answered and also be an addition story as well

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