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Aug 9, 2010 1:06 PM

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So you've seen the club, the story, the characters, the posts: the roleplays. But what exactly is a "roleplay" all about? How does one enter the vast and wonderful worlds of roleplay as a beginner?
Essentially, roleplaying is like writing a story with a bunch of different people. While nothing can completely prepare you for your roleplaying adventures because of their great diversity, I hope this guide will give you the help you need so that when you're done, you'll be brave enough to tackle any roleplay out there!

The bulk of the guide is a list of the rules to stick to in this club, how to roleplay and there is also a small section on how to Create a good Character.
Feel free to read any part or parts of this guide, but I encourage you to read it all!

Here are a few rules we want to lay down to keep the club fun and entertaining!

1. Roleplaying topics are not a dating agency or a laugh.
Hunted is a club where we aim to relax from a hard day of work/school- basically we just want to take a break from reality and get involved in a story out of this world. A place where you can have fun and relax at the same time, if you don't plan to take the club seriously then don't bother joining, you will just get removed.

2. No immortal or "all powerful" character traits.
Characters in Hunted may not be "all powerful" with godlike traits. This simply makes roleplays boring and not fun. "Boom! I blow you up. You die. You outta the roleplay! n00b!" Now, that isn't so fun, is it? If you ever encounter anybody that seems to be abusing their power in a roleplay, report the person to one of the people in charge.

3. You may not take control of somebody's character inadvertently.
This is kind of goes hand in hand with being "all powerful," but you are not aloud to take over somebody's character without their permission.

4. Write in second/third person, not first unless you're "thinking".
Just stick to the rules, here's an example; Hyper little runt Neal thought. "Just sit down and wait. I will explain everything once the others arrive." He maintained a calm voice, though he wanted to scold the boy.

5. All posts need to be descriptive, in depth and good use of grammar.
Posts that do not contribute very much to the story will end up being deleted, Worthless posts are not welcome. Also, please use some grammar as it hurts some peoples eyes if you don't. Everyone must write (or attempt to write) in complete sentences with proper grammar. Meaning, no *asterisks*, use "quotes" for speech, nothing for action, and italics for thought.

6. Read all posts.
You MUST read all posts, in every area. If you don't you may end up getting confused an not know what's going on. We don't want to mess up some ones story now, do we?

Any members who break these rules will be warned and/or banned. Be sure to report any naughty people to us!

We also have some guidelines that you should follow.

1. Keep your post is part of a story.
Thus, make it contribute to the Roleplay and don't add a load of junk. If it doesn't add to the story, don't post it.

2. Keep your posts literate. is your friend.
If you wish to make an out-of-character comment, please do so within a double set of brackets. ((This is an example.))

Creating a Character

Writing a complete guide to creating a character is nearly impossible since there are so many different kinds of ideas in mind and therefore thousands and thousands of different character possibilities, but I will give you a few tips to get yourself started. That way we know you read these rules.

Intro (Normal/List)- This is pretty self explanatory. An intro is the introduction to your character, the first post you should be doing in this club. There are two types of intros...

Normal: A normal intro usually contains a physical description of your character, some personality, and even a little bit of their past if you want. Some intros can become very lengthy, so try to keep it short and simple while still putting in the basics that are needed. Incredibly long intros can be very tedious to read and annoying at times, so try to keep yours under 2-4 paragraphs at most.
List: A list intro is just that- a list. Most follow this basic format, but it may vary depending upon the club, Hunted uses this;
Appearance: (Upload an image in spoiler tags)
This is a very easy kind of intro, but beware; many people find them incredibly annoying because of their lack of detail. But Hunted, on the other hand, have no problem with list intros, as long as they are descriptive enough! I think list intros are much easier to reference when it comes to age or description, instead of looking through a super long intro just to find the character's name.
You of course can combine the two together. An example of this is;

Name: Karo Rakka
Age: 25
Specialty: Close Quarters Combat, Urban Warfare

Description: Karo was transfered from a counter-terrorist organization to the MSRA as a result of the rising threat of mutants to society. She believes in removing treats to society and follows orders without problem, but she hasn't made up her own mind on the nature of mutants themselves yet.

She believes the MSRA is ultimately for the protection of humankind, but is also a bit skeptical of their true intent. She finds that she is constantly under pressure to recognize mutants as inhuman and evil by nature, but must also wrestle with the idea that it may be untrue.

She is methodical, rational, and analytical most of the time. She tries to maintain a cool exterior, and keeps her emotions under control, believing that they can cloud her judgment. She has a tendency to build up stress due to her line of work, and she often keeps a squishy ball with her to help her cope.


If you wish to create a character, then apply here.

In order for your character to be accepted, you must PM AbstractCalamity with the phrase "Good behaviour."


Want to ask a question? Just post it below and I or AbstractCalamity will reply in the section below.

Why hasn't my question been answered yet?
This is because we haven't got round to it, please be patient.

Why has my character not been approved?
This could be due to AbstractCalamity not getting around to it yet, or even a lack of description/grammar. If so, please improve on it and you most likely will be accepted, and if it's perfectly fine, just wait a day or so and I'm sure it will be approved.

Can I create a new thread?
Is it's for a location to continue your role-play then go ahead and do it, just make sure the first post is a description of the area, and if you like, add an image of it hidden in the spoiler tag.
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