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Poll: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Episode 50 Discussion

Aug 6, 2010 4:11 PM
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I thought the ending was a bit too abrupt for the last part. Not that it's a bad thing but I think it would have been cool if there was one more episode that tells the aftermath of all the characters. (that lived anyway)

What do you think?
Aug 23, 2010 7:42 AM
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Symphonica said:
I thought the ending was a bit too abrupt for the last part. Not that it's a bad thing but I think it would have been cool if there was one more episode that tells the aftermath of all the characters. (that lived anyway)

What do you think?

Episode 51: The Chosen Future
May 13, 2013 5:23 PM

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Soooooo, I finally finished this sequel Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny.

I thought this series wasn't that bad. I mean, I hate Shinn quite a bit as well and Cagali's character in this sequel. However, characters like Athrun and Kira are still appreciable. Speaking of which, I find that Stella is one of my favorite characters now even as an antagonist for most of the time when she was alive.

The battle in this finale episode was okay I guess, the OST was consistent at least.


Uh, bit of of a weak ending though...6.5/10.

ICYJ-infinite said:

Episode 51: The Chosen Future

Well well, what do we have here. Time to watch this shit.
Aug 22, 2013 5:14 PM
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well the ending was a little weak but the story , plot ,events , characters and the political side(views) were great ... in addition to the awesome gundam models all in all 10/10
Feb 15, 2014 11:33 AM
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Well that was quick. I'm surprised so many things could happen in one episode. Everyone from the Minerva was shot down.

And Rey turned a 180 and shot Gilbet his own father figure. I think Talia should't have died with Durandal. i get that she loves him and all but she has an obligation to look after her son.

I loved Durandal's response when Talia said it was "destiny" that she and Durandal die together. "Give me a break" xD Wasn't he the one who believed in destiny in the first place? Such irony.

Overall it was one of the better episodes. If the series ended with this episode I'd be pissed because this doesn't show us what happened after Duranda's demise.

Luckily there's one more episode left. Onto episode 51 and the final ending of the series!
Feb 28, 2014 8:39 PM
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^Wtf...that didn't happen in the episode 49 of the remaster version, which should be the equivalent of episode 50 of the 2004-2005 version because they got rid of a recap episode =_= well good thing I didn't read everything in the comment above mine then.

I saw that a lot of people commented on the YouTube upload by GundamInfo that most of it was reused footage and flashbacks...maybe that's what they changed it and then pushed the other stuff that's supposed to happen into episode 50 of the remaster D: Why so confusing. Remaster version ended at when Shinn gets cut down by Athrun. Man, and I thought I was going to be watching the last episode too.

After watching the final episode, I gotta say, that was a total feels episode, at least the second half after Rey shoots down Durandal. That was actually really surprising, but I guess somehow Kira's words won Rey over, and it offered him some kind of hope rather than Durandal's plan. And also, I guess Durandal being so calm after he was shot was because when you're near dying, some things just aren't that important anymore (or more like, there's nothing else he can do). It made me feel sad for Durandal :( he really wasn't evil at all, but the way he went about the war at the end was not justified. At least in his last moments, we could see that he has kindness in his heart. Also, agreed that Talia definitely had the obligation of living to take care of her child, yet she chose to send off Durandal.

I also really liked that last scene when everyone's at the grave, and how Athrun introduces Shinn to Kira. Shinn immediately felt remorse for what he had done, but Kira (like the saint he is) smiles at Shinn and offers a handshake. As much as I didn't enjoy half of the episodes/some other stuff, I have to say, Sunrise does a pretty good job at making that sentimental atmosphere for their endings (like VVV, didn't enjoy it that much, but I liked the ending).

Off to the OVA then!
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Aug 6, 2014 2:04 AM

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Finally watched the second season of this, and I gotta say it was pretty okay. Despite people saying how bad it was, I truly didn't think it was that bad. Shin was an annoying main character, yes, but Kira and Athrun just managed to pull the show back from the bottomless pit of shitty MCs. The music and ost was great throughout the season as always and the battles were always exciting to watch.

Rey changing his mind after hearing Kira's words were kinda a bit obvious but it was nice to see nonetheless. I never did like Durandal so seeing him get shot by one of his most trusted pupils was funny to see. Didn't feel like Taila should've stayed but that's love for you.

And finally, it was nice to see the little new parts in the remastered version with Kira and what happens after.

Overall, I'd rate this a mid 7, but tbh I never felt bored throughout the series and the action+ost make up for the one shitty character. The only real downsides were the war repeat, shin, some other stupid characters... So I'll rate this an 8.
Aug 14, 2014 5:30 PM

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LOL the way Rey cries, man what a shit show.
Aug 15, 2014 9:32 AM

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The final episode here was compelling, but they tried to cram way too much into one 20 minute episode, when they've been dragging their feet and filling time in a lot of the episodes preceding it.

I'll withhold my final judgment for the finale until after I watch the extended Final Plus.

Overall, I'd actually say though I enjoyed Destiny more than the original Gundam SEED, which seems to be a minority opinion. I had a lot of the same problems with both shows. Namely, the way that battles had no emotional investment because important characters always survive in BS ways. Also, many plot elements were rehashed from older Gundam shows (mostly 0079 and Zeta).

SEED Destiny was never going to be a 9 or a 10, but I think where the show differed from the original SEED, Destiny came out better more often than not.

What SEED did better than Destiny:
-Cagalli's character, obviously. Including the way they told her relationship with Athrun.
-The pacing in the last 10 or so episodes of each series.
-A few fun scenes (Natarly's last stand, etc)
-Doesn't have Shinn!

What Destiny did better than SEED:
-It fleshed out the complex politics and history of this timeline more, made everything seem more dynamic
-Rey and Durandal I think were far more nuanced and interesting antagonists than Rau, who was a rather boring one-note villain.
-I found Lacus far more tolerable here than in the original show.
-The overall plot feels a bit more original than the black-and-white copy/paste plot of the original. The story actually keeps going after the war between Naturals and Coordinators ends. And this time it ends with a decisive and complete victory by ZAFT, instead of the stalemate/peace treaty previously.
-95% less crying from Kira
-Athrun getting more screentime than Kira this time around.

The show just needed better pacing, less filler, and less stupid moments where the heroes magically survive getting blown up in their mobile suit. That gets old after 100 episodes of this nonsense.
Sep 23, 2014 2:27 AM

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I admit I still liked Destiny overall, but I absolutely hated Cagalli's character for most of the show. The real Cagalli managed to show up but it took over 30 episodes for it to happen. Shinn, oh god what a moron.....deserved to be owned like that in the end. I wonder how it felt to become the monster that killed his family in the first place?

Kira was pure awesome in this series, Athrun...needed a little work but still came through in the end.

I hate characters like Djibril, they are so shallow and there is nothing redeeming about them. They just envoke pure hatred from the viewer.

One thing I hated was 4 recap episodes...FOUR! Completely unnecessary in my view. Maybe one in the middle because its such a long show but four is too much.

And don't get me started on Yuna....

Overall a 6/10.
Oct 1, 2014 10:13 AM

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This is one of the most insulting shows to one's intelligence I've ever seen.

The entire world except two nations agree to the Destiny plan, but Durandal is still the bad guy? Better yet the "heroes" who oppose him are the following:

1. The princess of a nation who is completely inept at what she does, but bowed to out of a title she inherited through birth.
2. A pop idol who has no discernible skills outside of singing and dancing (what does going SEED in a captain's chair even do?!)
3. The son of the former head of ZAFT who also is largely influential through nepotism. Yes he's an ace pilot, but was clearly given special treatment for who he was to pilot the type of machines he was given in SEED.

Hmm I wonder why they would oppose a future where people aren't given things out of social status and shit. The only person who stands a chance is the genetically engineered human who is a giant hypocrite anyway. The only indication to the audience that Durandal is even remotely a villain is because of his association with Le Creuset which is never known to anyone except Rey and they don't even share the same goals. Nevermind the fact Djibril is basically responsible for hundred percent of the conflict in this show and the "heroes" protect him at one point leading to an even more devastating event. But nope still perfect individuals and clearly in the right. How could anyone like or even write this show and not be insulted. There is no justifiable way one could ever say the right people won are you kidding me?

Fuck this show it's not even that bad (much better than SEED) for the first 38-40 episodes and then it just spirals out of control. Stock footage is blatant, but nothing too detrimental. I don't get the hate for Shinn until it becomes a mess, he has a completely understandable backstory, motivations, and so on. It's not until Jesus and his apostles hijack the show with their illogical ideals that he's shit on. He's a million times better character than Kira and...I can't even keep going with this.
May 29, 2015 12:25 PM

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Shinn didn't die = Awful ending

Shinn gets along with Kira = Shit epilogue

"Your sight, my delight. Will you marry me?"
May 31, 2015 11:28 AM

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(rewatching) (HD remaster Ep49 ... sort of)

49-50 of the HD remaster is 50+

Shinn was going to go right through Lunamaria to get Athrun. Dude's insane. It's not like anybody ever said he was one of the good guys.
Jun 14, 2015 8:06 AM
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This anime is full of bullshit.
Jul 23, 2015 1:05 AM
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Is there any movie about gundam seed destiny? Or movie to continuio the story?
Jul 28, 2015 6:31 AM

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Carlo215 said:
Is there any movie about gundam seed destiny? Or movie to continuio the story?

There's only one scene in the end I think, Kira finally meets Shin after the war, it doesn't really make up for the rushed ending, but is a nice scene, I wouldn't have given the show a good rating if it wasn't for it.
Aug 20, 2015 10:29 PM

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I didn't really like the ending. I think Shinn should have died, not just because I don't like him. It would have been cool to see him take off into the afterlife with Stella.
Glad Durandall was killed though, did not expect Rey to do it.
Dec 9, 2015 2:37 AM

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Watching Destiny so soon after watching SEED quickly made me think, "Oh you've gotta be kidding me, it's like I'm watching the same show just with palette swapped characters". Yet I was able to become more involved with Destiny. I also feel that with the similar characters and scenes, it's as if Destiny is trying to say that history will repeat itself.

I appreciate how characters from SEED were a lot more bearable in Destiny, but it's like they just added exaggerated versions of those same characters. And then it's like... some characters were kinda dropped at some point then picked up way later. There was a long while when Cagali was just... kinda floating around. Honestly, she's still kinda just floating around. Like, Lacus and Meer took her broadcast time and that was pretty much it kinda. Cagalli just seemed like she downgraded in Destiny, and that's a shame.

Also, what's up with this show and the naked in space theme? Ha hah, at least everyone's naked in space and not just the female characters. Props.
Also, I'm not sure if I like many spread out recap episodes like here in Destiny or two recap episodes in a row like in SEED. I don't know; two in a row seems to tick me off a little more. Never forget.
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Apr 28, 2016 4:53 PM

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Not sure why this gets hate so much, though the ending was beautiful (well atleast the remaster, not sure what the original was) but ultimately maybe I enjoyed Destiny more because I fucking hated the original. Rated it a 4/10 and it honestly made me depressed and I stopped watching it for a whole year and then came back and it was still as bad as ever so I guess with Destiny for me my mindset was "welp, well it can't get worse" and it didn't for me in fact it was much better, I liked the characters much more here than I even did in Seed like Kira and Athrun though Cagalli was pretty shit and useless like 75% of the story here but then again she was useless in the first season also imo.

The only new character in Destiny I really hated and saw as a big negative thing then that ofc is Shinn, he was tolerable at first but then just became obnoxious and downright stupid. Lunamarie was fine and her sister aswell and Durandal was a much better villain than Rau even though their goal was kinda the same.

But now I'm glad I finally finished Seed, both seasons. It was all over the place but had some pretty great moments I won't forget and I will kinda miss some of these characters no matter how stupid they were.

Bye Seed.
Jun 6, 2016 8:30 PM

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Moderately amused that ORB alone beat ZAFT. Kira and Athrun OP I guess.

I felt it would've been more poetic if Athrun was the one to finally confront Durandal at the end. The rough words of Durandal when he made Athrun a member of FAITH:
"I give this to you so you have the power to pursue what is right. Even if we may trod down the wrong path, you can correct it."

Durandal really messed up though. If he hadn't attempted to assassinate Lacus, the entire crew would end up at the Plants, where he may have been able to convince them to be allies or just silence them there more easily.

Also, the epilogue, I wonder if this means Meyrin wins?
Jul 5, 2016 8:10 PM
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I think that they should make a third installment to this series like where kia and cagalli find more about there past and the secret comes out about cagalli that her father never told her and i would love to athrun and cagalli get married and kia and lacus. I would love to see everyone in it again including the archangel even if they have to fight another war it would be nice to see shin fight along beside them instead of against them.
Aug 23, 2016 12:55 PM

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First off, I don't get the hate on Shinn. What is your deal with Shinn? He is my favorite character in the series and is one of the main reasons I watch Gundam Seed Destiny. Whenever he enters SEED mode, I always ask: "Okay, whose gonna get it this time?" He brings an intensity to the battle field neither Kira nor Athrun does. Now what kept me from making the series an 10/10 is how the story went. Like they made ZAFT the enemy and brought in the Archangel and them. I was like: "Really?" I mean, why make Durandal the bad guy when he wasn't the bad guy in the first place. I mean, yeah he could've went about it differently with the Destiny Plan but that wasn't enough to make him bad. It was the Earth Alliance that started this war. ZAFT was trying to finish the war, and probably would've done so if the Archangel and Freedom didn't interfere. The Coordinators that attacked Lacus, but that doesn't mean Durandal sent them. There were Coordinators that wasn't apart of ZAFT that dropped Junious Seven, and the people of the Minerva did everything that can to destroy it. Oh, now they're the bad guys when they fight back to protect themselves? When they were fighting Orb the second time, Kira was talking to Athrun. I disagreed with Kira on that. Why would the Minerva let Orb and the Earth Alliance sink them? It was either they fight Orb and win or let them sink them, and they chose the former. If it could be helped, the Minerva wouldn't be fighting Orb or the Earth Alliance. But it couldn't be helped, the sacrifices couldn't be helped. So to Athrun and Shinn. They had a rocky relationship, but could say they were friends with a mentor-student relationship. However, one thing that got me is when Athrun got mad when Shinn defeated Kira. Athrun should've saw the first battle between the Minerva and Archangel coming. Kira destroyed the Tannhäuser damaging the Minerva, destroyed the Savior, and almost caused the Minerva to sink by the Earth Alliance if you count that as one. So they was going to be taken down, and the order aligned with Shinn's quest for revenge against Kira for killing Stella. Without that order, Shinn couldn't do nothing unless Kira attacked him in another battle like he did before. Athrun couldn't get mad at Shinn because it was an order. Another thing I don't get is how does Athrun get "Durandal uses people" from the order of shooting down the Archangel when any leader would give a similar order against those who do what Kira and Archangel did against them. Now I wonder: why did Meyrin go with Athrun? I saw no reason for her to leave her sister, nothing that would cause her to help Athrun. What is up with that? When Shinn went against Athrun the first time, the ending to that was believable. I expected Athrun to gain the upper hand in that fight and deal the first crippling blow against Shinn by entering SEED mode. But the second bout was just wrong. I not saying this because Shinn is my favorite character because I would say it even if he wasn't my favorite character, but the fight between Shinn and Athrun should've been better. Because Shinn would be prepared to fight Athrun this time around and they should have had Athrun go into SEED mode after Shinn about to get the best of him. Then the battle would be even more epic with both of them dealing critical blows to one another. Shinn manages to grab the Justice's head and destroyed part of it with the Palm Beam Cannon due to Athrun moving back. When Lunamaria gets in between them, and Shinn attacks blinded by rage and fear, Athrun pushes out the way and kicks Shinn back. They clash as Athrun manages to destroy Shinn's beam sword. They clash with Palm Beam Cannons (Destiny) and the Beam Sabers (Justice) destroying both suits arms. Then they go for that final kick as in the show with Athrun getting the best of Shinn, and kicked him to the moon. Battle between Kira and Rey is fine, but I didn't pay much attention. And after the war (which should've been over with the death of Djibril since he is the reason this war started in the first place) ZAFT and the Archangel join sides and work together to prevent future wars from taking place. Durandal is still alive, as Athrun is the one who confronted him and talked him out of the Destiny Plan., and now lives happily with Talia and her child. Athrun and Cagalli gets married, Shinn and Lunamaria gets married, and Kira and Lacus gets married.
Oct 17, 2016 2:13 PM
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The assassination attempt on Lacus : while it is true that we are never given a clear and irrefutable evidence that Durandal was behind it, neither are we given a satisfiable explanation why did he Create a fake Lacus instead of bringing the real one back.
The lame excuse he gives Athrun about the real Lacus not being around is silly when you take into consideration that finding and training a fake one would have taken quite a bit of time, such time should have been enough to find a way to contact the real one and ask her to come back.

The fall of Junious seven : don't you think it was rather convenient that the Minerva arrived there just in time make a good show of doing all it could to prevent the catastrophe but failing.

Durandal's interaction with Cagali : considering that Durandal is shown to be highly capable politician and that Orb and Cagali are supposed to be his allies wouldn't it have been more appropriate for him to give her a bit more coaching, guidance and support instead of letting her run rampant in her helplessness and frustration thus alienating Shinn and he rest of the Minerva crew.

Durandal's interaction with Athrun: As we are later shown that Durandal knew of Athrun's connection to Kira and of Kira's connection to Lacus shouldn't he have asked Athrun to pass a message to Lacus, and also shouldn't he have encouraged Athrun to help and support Cagali instead of encouraging him to abandon her.

Athrun going crazy after Kira's apparent death : Kira was his closest friend and you do remember Athrun's reaction back when Kira accidentally killed Nicol, right?

Meyrin going with Athrun : this is where things get a bit more complex, the simplest explanation is that Meyrin has a crush on Athrun ( if you watch carefully there are actually a few hints to this along the way), then on top of this there is the issue that being a communications officer rather than a pilot she probably has a more clear view on everything that's going on and finally while i do not really remember the reasons for it at the moment there is also the possibility that she is actually a secret member of Terminal(a.k.a the Clyne ilumunati).

Athrun beating Shinn without breaking a sweat in their second fight : during their first fight Athrun was half dead, if he could stand up to Shinn in that condition there is no surprise that he could defeat Shinn quite easily when being at 100%, also keep in mind that up to that point Shinn never really had the chance to see Athrun being serious whereas Athrun was there to see many of Shinns fights.

plan destiny and Durandal's death : what you need to understand here is this : Lacus Clyne is the supreme illuminati : Durandals purpose was to do the dirty work of crushing Blue Planet and the Atlantic Federation, having fulfilled this purpose he needed to be discredited and discarded so that Lacus could come to power as the harbinger of true peace.

Durandal and Talia : Talia is already married, even if she still loves Durandal it doesn't mean that she does not love her husband or that her child would accept Durandal as a foster father, also what motivates Durandal is probably not so much his love for Talia but his desire to take a sort of revenge on the system that undermined their love by placing himself in control of an even more intrusive and restrictive system, dying in Talia's embrase was probably the happiest ending that he could hope for.
May 31, 2017 4:05 AM

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well, i just finished this not too long after watching SEED, i must say that overall i enjoyed it very much, but DESTINY really fell behind SEED, especially because of Shin. I haven't hated or disliked a protagonist in a long time, but Shin broke that record, he brought down this show's greatness.

Anyways, I am glad that kira and most of the archangel took over the spot light in this episode and the ending episodes overall, it saved the show, not entirely but for the most part.
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Jul 3, 2017 7:30 PM

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Let's just take everything Seed did right and fuck it all up with even showings of the same powerpoint clips. Shinn's an idiot, Cagalli was my favorite character in Seed and they fucked that up for most of the show. Athrun is way more hesitant for some stupid reason even deciding to join ZAFT again. Kira is Kira. The show was predictable even if the plotline was a bit more original, it was too obvious to see who was gonna die. None of the tension and drama that Seed had showed up here. I want people to go back and rewatch episode 31 of Seed, that's how you fucking do drama. It had some cool fights, surprisingly
,and it ended alright. I honestly think this series was unnecessary, they should of just made another epilogue for Seed showing how peace was gained between all the nations.
Sep 15, 2017 9:04 PM

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Based on this ending, I don't think Shinn learned anything LOL xD Overall Destiny was enjoyable. This ending was rushed though, good thing I hear there's a movie ending that adds more.
Nov 13, 2017 1:10 AM
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Halfway through the series I felt like abandoning this series but things started picking up for me after Athrun punched Shinn and joined Orb. I'm glad I stuck till the end.
Mar 23, 2018 5:45 PM
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So athrun at the end is not anymore with cagalli but Lunamaria little sister and Kira/athrun/yzak officer of lacus who become the new plant’s president
May 17, 2018 3:25 PM

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(Remastered version)

So they finally included the epilogue of Special Edition, where Kira becomes the captain of ZAFT and Lacus being the new chairwoman.

Well, the remastered version is nice. Unfortunately only few new content from Special Edition are here but I guess it can't be help. What really matters the most is the insertion of the epilogue on this TV series.

Dec 10, 2018 9:42 PM
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Hey, Guys Very new to the world of Gundam Seed. I found this charter just wondering if anyone had any information regarding it.
Mar 3, 11:33 PM
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Remastered Version

Well Athrun finally got his wish, Kira joint ZAFT LOL