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Poll: Macross: Do You Remember Love? Episode 1 Discussion

Jan 13, 2016 8:17 PM

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It was amazing to look at, but emotionally hollow compared to the TV version.
Mar 14, 2016 11:09 AM

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The things I liked much more in this film than in the series are: Kaifun showed up in only a few scenes so he didn't have a chance to be the way she was in the series; Hikaru slapping Minmay; Hikaru actually confessing to Misa clearly and saying he wants to spend the rest of his life with her; Minmay looked amazing, I loved that pink and white dress. I like how the treaty was signed on September 11. Also, that scene at the end with her going "wan tu suri fo" was kind of creepy. All in all, I liked it. Some parts could've been better, but the most important thing, that is Misa and Hikaru being cute together, was done well, so I'm satisfied.
Apr 17, 2016 7:51 PM
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Really enjoyed that. The animation is stunning and I was watching a boot DVD, so I'd love to see it on BD. The story was compressed but the writers did the right thing and focused on the love triangle more than the rest of the story and did a really good job of actually strengthening that.

I missed the casual goofiness of the TV show, but loved the operatic epic quality it offered. 9/10 for me.
Jul 12, 2016 4:09 AM

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So I watched this as a real gateway to the franchise (I am watching Delta but I decided to really get serious with this franchise), I liked it!
The start is confusing, but otherwise I was able to follow the story.
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Aug 3, 2016 11:02 PM

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Amazing movie, but please watch it as a compliment to Macross, not a supplement. Watching this before watching SDF is liking watching The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya without watching the series first.
Sep 24, 2016 7:13 PM

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That was just silly.

Some thoughts:
- Vandred was more enjoyable.
- Good old fashioned animated gore.
- Good old sexist anime. Nice slap!
- One fish, Two fish, Red fish, (ugly) Blue fish.

4/10 Below average.

They were interested in "keese" but not um... they abducted a man and a woman... they didn't tell us what else they did...
Nov 23, 2016 8:08 AM

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Don´t like, just!

The changes in the plot, got me to sleep!!!!
The quality of the draw, is great, but enough!!!


Hello, my litte boy!

Nov 25, 2016 10:31 PM

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It is a good movie, love the message around culture and has very nice songs x3

The love triangle was fine, I like the idea of Hikaru choosing Misa at the end but no like how the Earth trip was enough to change Hikaru feelings for Misa over Minmay, they would gave them better events to be closer instead just wanderign around the Earth.

I watch the spanish dub version and was really strange watch it without understanding the alien's conversations (there is japanese subs but I don't know japanese >.< ), at least the plot behind the movie is easy to understand.
Dec 4, 2016 9:03 PM
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You should watch this movie for :

- Great Animation

- Hikaru slapping Minmay !
- (Minmay's boobs at the beginning)
- Hikaru chosing Misa without all the drama like the TV serie

And the amazing song "Do you remember Love?".... Wow...I really liked the space fight + love song mix. Minmay was beautiful too at that moment
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Dec 13, 2016 9:23 PM
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The art in particular was great, premise is interesting (similar to Space Battleship Yamato), and the action certainly wasn't shabby either. I've rated it 9, mainly from the romance perspective (since romance seemed to be the focus), although I'm excited to dig deeper into the franchise to explore the universe more. My biggest complaint? He should have at least asked the girls if they were willing to share him. Consensual polygamy is a lot more morally justified than cheating.
Feb 13, 2017 1:20 PM

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It's like Hollywood made a remake and removed fifty percent of the quirky charm and put it on speed.
Aug 19, 2017 8:53 AM

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A great reimagining, improvement and stand-alone movie. Refining the combination of action, drama and love of the series while toning down its lightness, it makes the show from beginning to end, never letting the audience down not only with action but also with the romance: all this contributes to make it the perfect movie. Additionally, the first work who ever gave me an emotional response and the strongest among them.

Between the redesigns of many things (Macross, ships, aliens...), rearrangement of the story (ex: removing traces of the useless Supervisor Army, integration of the Proto-culture ruins on Earth), the way the love triangle is better treated (Hayase is a choice by love and not a side-effect of Hikaru's life choice and giving up on Minmei) and the magistral animation and musical score (the old tracks are well used and the new ones are all great) at work in this movie, the absence of down-time (except maybe for the Earth stranded moments), everything is made to improve the nice experience the series had already delivered into an unforgettable one.
The fact the original creators wish to use Minmei's music to literally end the war by "converting" foes was used here instead of the dumb "stunning ennemies with music in order to kill them" favoured in the TV show makes for one of the most well-made musical action scenes (and finale) of... the medium (? even larger than that).
The aliens language is a good idea, and the way you can notice the influence of "culture"/minmei on them after a while when they talk using japanese (while still retaining some of their own words) is well managed.

The typical violent "Itano scenes" offer a great contrast with the musics and add to the impression of a terrible war (for a movie duration). They shouldn't have been cut out by Mr.Kawamori for the first Blu-ray release.

Too bad the epilogue was animated only later for the video market.

Enjoyment: out of the charts.
Score: 9.9999-/10 Perfectly crafted spectacle, and it even succeeds at being emotional and not dumb.
Because 10 doesn't seem totally fair since it never went beyond what it was. It "simply" reached the extreme limite of what it could be (but that's already an achievement most fiction works don't succeed in)

I should have never read those two pages of commentaries, some are mind-boggling. Mostly:
- "great/incredible/beautiful animation if you consider its age". Seriously, how can't this be considered visually stunning in this day and age? O_O There is absolutely no need to refer it to its production time to qualify it this way.
- "the beginning is hard to follow". This is a critic any work listed on this website (anime movies, series, manga) gets as soon as it doesn't start before every possibly important event in its fictional chronology. It is scary: it sadly could be used to argue that "anime-fans" have a reduced intelligence compared to regular movie/books consumers.
- "lack of character development"/support characters "forgotten": this is a movie plus a fiction doesn't have to put dots on its I in order to feature that. Characters here are pretty well defined/characterized through their clear roles and several scenes pretty early in the movie (interactions, dialogues, expressions/reactions). Those who aren't (while they were in the series) were actually nothing more than tension liberators/comic relief on TV or it's because they have not as much use in the movie (but they are still "supporting" the story as they should). It's a story, so of course the main characters will eventually change in some way (or the change will be that "they don't change") throughout the events like in most stories ever told. You see that for all the heroes trio (and even for the Zentradi people).
Zut, a rant -_-

@CodeBlazeFate I never knew before hearing the japanese version that Kamjin was in the movie. And it's the first time I notice that Max actually chose to be macronized rather than Milia being shortened to human-size.
I just found out that the BrD release had a Minmei's concert scene from Flashback to open its ending, but my file had the end of the scene and credits bugged. Was the scenes with older Minmei preparing her travel, and leaving with Hikaru and Hayase onboard the Megalord-1 added too?
Also, it's so dumb that Kawamori edited out every "gruesome" cut Itano (the director) wanted to add when they made the movie (Macross civilian's head chopping, Milia's slaughter, etc)
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Oct 3, 2017 3:53 PM

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This movie ... I was not ready.
Especially the final battle, oh my god I rarely saw anything so gorgeous in an anime.

The animation and the scenery ... oh my god ... it's simple, at each scene of the film I was in a jaw-dropping mode, f**k ... it was really too beautiful ...

And I'm not talking about the character design, which is at miles from the TV series. Minmay and Misa were really REALLY beautiful in this movie.

And the final battle, clearly the best moment of the film, everything was perfect : the visual, the rhythm, the animation and especially the sound : the song of Minmay was out of this world.

I rarely saw such a good alliance of visual and sound that in this film ending, really i was not ready.

In clear this alternative version of the TV series was absolutely beautiful. Of course the devellopment of the characters was much less important than in the series but this film showed us another show, a great show, which managed to capture the best of the essence of Macross in just 2 hours. Perfect.
Dec 30, 2017 8:33 PM

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I'm not completely bothered with the change in story and character development -- that's what the TV series is for. It makes an okay standalone movie. (Kaifun is less of an annoyance in this one, so I appreciate it.)

Animation wise, this movie ages really well. The characters are more refined and detailed compared to the original TV series. Wow, Itano's imprint is all over this movie. I'm in absolute awe, especially with the final battle scene.

Overall, I enjoyed it.
Jan 17, 2018 11:20 PM

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So this movie is like a compensation for all the suffering Misa went through in the series. Poor Minmay though, she really did nothing wrong here.
Aug 13, 2018 9:21 PM

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Lost a lot of the charm of the TV series and relegated a fair bit of good side characters to be nothing more than footnotes to simply gloss over. On a more positive note, it was absolutely beautiful and had some of most impressive mecha animation I've ever seen.
Oct 25, 2018 11:56 PM
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I've known about the Macross series for a long time, though I knew it first as part of Robotech. I also knew of the film Do You Remember Love, but only in passing. It was only a few years ago when I first heard Haruka Amami's cover of "Tenshi no Enogu" that I really started to pay attention. However, it wasn't until recently had I finally sat down to watch the TV series and the film. And, well, yeah. It was really good.

You definitely needed to watch the TV series before jumping into this film though. I would have been completely lost otherwise.

Do You Remember Love rewrites a lot of details and reorders a lot of plot points from the TV series, though it keeps major events such as meetings, deaths and discoveries. However, I don't particularly remember some of the film's revelations, unless I somehow completely missed them while watching the TV series. I was half paying attention at certain points, admittedly, but I have no idea how I missed the part where the male and female Zentraedi were at war with each other for hundreds of thousands of years. Also, while I understand why certain character decisions were made such as Britai's defection and the Max/Milia pairing, but due to the film's length, it really rushed things along, to which would have seem absurdly sudden had I watched the film first. Also, Keifun completely disappeared after being transported to the Zentraedi world. And I think Keifun and Minmay were with the Zentraedi for at least a month? I can't believe they managed for that long before arriving back on Earth.

As far as major changes go, I'm surprised that the film ended right before the time skip in the TV series, as if to avoid unnecessarily dragging the story longer than it did prior. Also, I was surprised by moment in Hikaru's room where he was confronted by Minmay and Hayase. That one moment completely captured their entire love triangle, and holy crap was I scared at that particular moment. That was amazingly fierce, and it ended with Hikaru making his declaration of love to Hayase on the spot. Wow.

Anyways, that all aside, this is a beautifully drawn and animated film. I haven't watched too many mecha shows, so I can't quite order them properly for how well I liked them all. Still, in no particular order, I really loved the endings to Gunbuster/Diebuster, GaoGaiGar Final, and the Gurren Lagann films, and now I can add Do You Remember Love to that list of mecha films with great finales.

Oh, and that iDOLM@STER cover, now that I've listened to the original, actually sounds really similar, only with touch ups to make it sound more clear. How 'bout that.
Dec 17, 2018 10:47 AM
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Kleferi said:
One of most beautiful anime movies I've ever watched.

OST, animation, story...

Lynn Minmay >>>>>>>>> all anime female characters
lmao say that again
Jan 6, 8:52 PM

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After a whole two years later + watching the Macross TV series + Getting the Blue-Ray edition with a better & fliud spanish dub cast, I watched this movie again and now I love it more. It got the best parts of the Macross TV in a 2 hours lenght, a very well done work. Since I knew the main plot, it was better the experience since I would focus on the amazing animation, the song (a couple scenes involved to the macross ship used the japanese opening's background music and my mind was screaming "MA-KU-ROSS") and also looking the dialogs that I missed before like the time spans of Hikaru with the girls (he just spent 2-3 days with Minmay while he stayed weeks with Misa at Earth). The movie's final battle is very similar to TV's episode 27 so very cool both battles. Roy's death was more emotional for me in the movie and the TV series (the TV one was just "screw doctors, I'm fine" and puff, he just died, only got little sad because his death made Claudia sad).

Very good movie overall.
Feb 16, 12:10 PM

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Midway through Hikaru and Hayase discover that they are the last two people left alive on earth, yet the almost total genocide of the human race doesn't seem to carry the gravity it should. Global's response to the news just a neutral "I see;" there's no sign of how this news affects the population of the ship, which is in effect the last artifact of human culture. Hikaru, Minmay and Hayase's reactions seem realistic, but no one else seems to care that there is no planet to go back to and that their struggle was meaningless. I don't believe I even read the words 'human race' or 'humanity' even once in the subtitles. It makes for an odd tone when something so grim is handled with indifference by the makers.

I'm fairly certain there is a subtext about a perceived conflict between men and women, no doubt in response to women becoming more integrated into society and interested in asserting themselves, reflected in the tension between the men and Hayase over a perceived lack of femininity, and then writ large in the total war between the Zentradi and Meltradi. But, I would have to be Japanese or well-read in Showa Japanese culture to understand this fully and write more confidently about it. For example, it's not clear to me if Roy is meant to be a caricature or to be taken seriously. Hikaru puts Hayase down early on in the film, saying he doesn't have to follow her orders because she's a woman, which both works to establish his character as some one who doesn't follow orders (something both real life and fictional Japanese armies seem to have a problem with) but by bringing her gender into it, feels like it sets a tone. Hikaru seems to accept Hayase when she carves out a piece of domesticity by setting the table in the ruined home.

I actually did like the love triangle; it seems realistic enough that Minmay and Hayase would develop feelings for Hikaru after being locked up with him for an extended period of time, and also more realistic that Hikaru would have stronger feelings for Hayase since he had to write off Minmay and was with Hayase longer (and 'm pretty sure they had sex). Hayase was my pick for best girl, so I was happy and a little surprised she won, but I have to say Lynn Minmay got a raw deal. Her parents are dead along with everyone else on Earth she ever knew, she was probably thinking about Hikaru during her captivity, and then she comes back as the the third wheel. But hey, at least he didn't tell her to her face "I love Emilia."

As far as I can tell, that sunglasses guy is now an item with the 50 ft amazon woman, lucky bastard lol

The animation is very highly quality, and surprisingly violent. It's maybe a bit odd that a bunch of people who were accidentally taken along with the Macross rebuilt a city inside of it with consumer culture like advertising holograms for major corporations and the like, but I guess Macross isn't really trying to be hard or even logical sci-fi, now is it?

I knew going in that the central conceit was that city pop was going to defeat aliens, which ordinarily in the West would be a satire. In this case, it's a more sentimental message about the importance of music in civilizing people, without which they would be barbarians (the significance of 'culture'), even if it is just a pop song about love. As a result the movie is concerned only really with gender relations, but not in a particularly deep way.
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Apr 2, 7:41 AM

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Seems like Kakizaki had to die like a bitch no matter which universe he's in.
May 20, 4:49 PM

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A very solid movie. While I felt like the pacing was a bit weird (I feel like two hours is too long of a runtime, I was getting pretty bored at parts of the movie) I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit. The characters were also good, but nothing exceptional. Kinda sad Roy Focker died, as I liked his character a lot from the small period of time we say him. Art was great, as was the sound design. A film I would definitely recommend. 7/10

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