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Poll: Nodame Cantabile Episode 23 Discussion

Dec 28, 2011 4:00 AM

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Jan 14, 2012 5:27 PM
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I have to give it a 10! This show deserves a 10.
Maybe this is the only show that I enjoyed every single episode.
It's a damn masterpiece!
Jan 19, 2012 4:30 AM

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Wow, beautiful ending! i also got teary. 10/10 for me!
Feb 20, 2012 6:41 AM

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I was captivated from the very first episode and a good ending to the series as well. The episodes had consistently high quality. This is going to my favourites, 10/10. However, I think that if I disliked classical music, this series would not be that great. Particularly towards the end of the series we get long passages of orchestral/piano music in each episode with less plot development, the supporting characters' roles becoming much smaller etc. There were quite a few times when Chiaki and other characters were just being jerks, then again I thought that part was actually quite realistic. Nevertheless, it was an immensely enjoyable series with a great use of music to create and enhance drama.
Mar 11, 2012 3:01 PM
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The ending is one of the most beautiful moments I've ever seen in anime.
Mar 13, 2012 4:26 AM

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Veronin said:
The ending is one of the most beautiful moments I've ever seen in anime.

ahh what a fantastic ending. this anime was beautiful
Apr 12, 2012 2:06 AM

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A hug with a sparkling sunset in the background. nice.
fitting end to a fantastic series.
Jun 7, 2012 2:45 AM
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I can't express how much I truly loved this anime, especially the final episode. I've been playing clarinet since I was about 10 (25 now) and I have a huge love of classical music. Add in my love of anime and romance and it's plain to see that this was perfect for me. I can't overstate how much I loved the final episode. The buildup through the entire series, with Chiaki slowly falling for Nodame, despite his resisting the entire time, culminating in him rushing to be with her. The heartfelt talk on the phone while he came up to hug her. And then the hug itself! I swear I was in tears! It was just perfect!

The anime was a definite 9/10 for me up to this point. After this episode I have no choice but to give it a 10/10.
Jun 22, 2012 11:28 AM

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The anime was a 8/10 until I watched this episode.

I had no choice but to bump the score up to a 9/10 after seeing how perfectly the finale was executed.
Aug 6, 2012 2:15 PM
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Gyabo !

Great ending to one what is now one of my favorite animes :)
Why didn't i discover that sooner ><
Aug 12, 2012 5:25 PM
La Completionist

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That hug <333333333

The music in this anime was fantastic! Really loved the series.
Aug 24, 2012 11:02 PM
News Team
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Great series tbh.

Loved the hug @ the end and Chiaki's urge for Nodome to play the piano even better. Too bad her Father saw that XD

Time to watch Season 2 now tbh. 8/10 for first season.
Sep 21, 2012 7:56 AM

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even after rewatching this twice.. i can still forget the ending. its so cute and quite romantic
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Oct 23, 2012 1:22 AM
The Beginning

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Loved that Nodame x Chiaki moment.

Looking forward to the next season! Off to Paris! >:D
Jan 13, 2013 6:35 PM

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Great anime. I really enjoyed watching it. I am definitely look forward to the next season. Over all 8-9/10.
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Jan 24, 2013 3:27 PM
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the_pillows said:
one thing that does bother me is the piano piece that plays when chiaki hugs nodame...i think i heard it before but i just don't know the name of classical music instincts tell me it's either a debussy or a chopin (assuming it's a classical piece and not contemporary) since they're well known for their romantic piano compositions...however, there's no way in hell i'm listening through well over 10 hours of classical music in my itunes library to find the answer...if someone out there knows the answer, i will forever be grateful to you... :D

It's been five years, but if you're still wondering, the song is a slow, piano only version of the main theme.

btw, The Pillows are a great band.
Mar 15, 2013 8:29 PM

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What a show. Straight 10. The benefit of finding a gem late...I'm going to Paris immediately! hehe
Apr 26, 2013 10:03 AM
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Great ending to a great series ^^
May 2, 2013 2:59 AM

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Amazing! And the ending was nice. I'll make sure to watch the next season as well.
Overall score 10/10
May 16, 2013 3:59 PM

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May 25, 2013 2:33 PM

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what a great ending :) especially when chiaki hugged nodame ^^
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May 31, 2013 2:27 PM

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Bravo. Classy anime throughout. Ending was satisfying, although it's only a 9/10 since I feel the romance could have developed into something more as it appeared underwhelming with just a short lived hug. Nevertheless, brilliant series. There did seem room at the end for a second season which would be awesome
Jun 14, 2013 11:46 AM

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Dat hug at the end.

Anyway, this cartoon was fun to watch and especially to listen to so I'll give a generous 7/10
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Jun 14, 2013 8:20 PM

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how a lovely final episode! i really like this anime story and songs. Chiaki x Nodame, this is i've been waiting for. I like how Chiaki express his love undirectly. this makes me want more Nodame Cantabile. GO SEASON 2!!! :D
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Jun 18, 2013 3:47 PM

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That ending was totally epic! Really sweet and a good way to end this first season! This show sure surprised me on how wonderful it actually is. In the end I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see what happens in the next season.

Up to the specials and than the next season! 9/10
Jun 26, 2013 10:34 AM

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I will repeat again what others said..
Such a lovely ending.. From a sweet scene then to a hilarious one.. So amusing.. XD
And a very great choice to use the full OP as the ending..

Overall, very wonderful series.. You can't never go wrong with josei.. Enjoyed every bit of music here.. It really rekindled my interest for classical music.. I can't play any instruments though but watching this series makes me want to learn one.. Or even go to a music school.. :D
And also, the comedy.. It surely cracked me up many times throughout the series.. It's been a while since I've seen a series with such a lively atmosphere..A 9 or 10 from me..

Time to continue the story with the specials and sequel. I want to see more Nodame!!
Jun 27, 2013 6:39 AM

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Really?! not even a kiss after 23 episodes?! wtf!
Jul 28, 2013 10:00 PM

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A great ending to an amazing series.

The kind of beauty that you come to expect from this director.

I wish this show just kept on going.
I'm sure the 2 seasons after this will be great, but it's not this director's beautiful mind who is directing it, and they're only 11 episodes each.
That's not enough. :(

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Aug 17, 2013 7:09 PM

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I didn't expect a kiss from Chiaki, but a hug in a beautiful place is just as good. A very satisfying ending to a good anime.
Sep 3, 2013 4:01 AM

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The episode was so nostalgic with flashbacks and all... That performance was again awesome! No opening? I will miss it so much! :/ So it's Masumi x Noriyuki now? xD

He was worried about her, so visited all the way to Kyushu and he is so desperate to go with her! Nodame sure is well-known among her neighbourhood for her piano. OTP moments, so so great! She has finally decided to study abroad, hell yeah! I will miss Mine and others but this is for the best of these two. Finally a hug, damn it...all the feels! Yes the full opening song, I was so so happy! This anime has taught me so so much. I barely knew anything about music but I have great interest in it. I studied what I could on internet, but this... taught me so much in mere 23 episodes with high enjoyment and great character as a bonus.

Shinichi? She called him by his first name, woohoo! AMAZING ANIME, I am so glad my friend recommended it to me. It helped me a lot and I greatly enjoyed it! 10/10. If possible I wanted to give it 20/10 xD
Nov 19, 2013 11:04 AM

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this episode was really awesome, poll result show it as well, wow i never seen a poll like this

it show clearly how this ending show was, BRAVO, amazing, awesome
Jan 24, 2014 9:10 PM

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That was one of the best final episode I've seen. There was pretty much everything and every question that was left at the ending was answered in the generic. What to ask more? A second season of course! xD

Beethoven... His symphony are always grandiose. He had such a unique sound and power... The sequence was also well executed. I'm not normally a fan of flashback, but it touching on this one. Same goes for the flashback Chiaki had in the plane.

Nodame have finally got out of her lethargy and is back on the road! In the end, what she remembered was Schumann, one of my favorite :3

The trap Etou imagined to make Nodame check his texto was hilarious xD
It was so fucking clever.

The scene of their reunion was so amazingly adorable. I thought my heart was melting... And then the father shoot at them, I laughed my ass off :P
When he called him son, I found it powerful. Even if they just met, he was grateful to him to have blossomed Nodame and made her regain confidence in herself. I hope the talk on the phone was foreshadowing when she said that they would play a concerto, her as the pianist and him as the maestro.

The next season will be about their trip to Paris... Pretty fitting, the city of love :P
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Mar 9, 2014 12:19 PM

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Found myself enjoying this much more than I thought I would. Excellent show so overall 9/10.
Mar 24, 2014 10:20 PM

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It took me 2 years since I first heard about this show before watching it for real. I spent hours to marathon it in one night simply because I didn't want to stop and it was worth it since the ending was so perfect.
Apr 17, 2014 11:43 PM

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Bravo! *clap*

One of the best rom-coms I've watched.
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May 4, 2014 4:49 AM
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Just finished.

For the past 3 years I've been playing piano half arsed, sometimes going weeks without touching it, but this anime has rekindled the embers of my once burning flame for classical music and piano.

This anime has moved me in a way no other anime has. It explored characters whose personalities, dreams, fears and loves were so real and human, I really wondered whether it was a biography of a real musician's life.

It will be 12 years since I first started learning piano. I'm ready to jump back into it. Nodame has made me remember why I learned piano in the first place.

Jun 11, 2014 7:36 AM

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Great anime! Megumi the best charcter! GYABOOO! MOOKYA! So funny lol
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Jul 11, 2014 6:30 AM
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*cries* there was no kiss scene!!! *Cries harder!! a kiss scene would have earned it a 5/5 from me. it was really funny though. i loved it. now. off to find another one like it. Chao!
Jul 21, 2014 4:04 AM

Joined: May 2013
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I was getting all giddy when Chiaki was catching up with Nodame and when he actually hugged her...fsdfhgfhfd!!
It's official now!

I loved seeing all the characters grow in this anime and the music was always awesome. Definitely going to check out the 2nd and 3rd season.

Jul 28, 2014 5:30 PM

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Well a decent ending to what has been a pretty decent series. Would've liked it more if I was a fan of classical music. Also the supporting characters were a mixed bag. The romance felt a bit underdeveloped at times. The comedy didn't exactly had me laughing loud.
Overall, a good anime but was expecting a lot more since it was from the director of HnC.

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Aug 18, 2014 3:31 PM
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I like classical music and the ending was pretty sweet. I had few good laughs but I would have liked to see more of romance development.

It was verty good show,somewhat weaker 8/10.
Sep 1, 2014 8:59 PM

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Love the anime
Sep 8, 2014 10:34 PM

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That was probably a very good ending for this season. It shows how they are finally moving on from their student days and into their graduate careers.
That chisakixnodame moment at the end was so sweet... Until the dad cockblocked him. =="

Nevertheless, i look foward to the paris season ^^
Sep 11, 2014 3:59 PM

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Truly lovely series and when Chiaki hugged Nodame at the end was just icing on the cake. Great comedy and spectacular music, on to the second season :)
Oct 27, 2014 3:59 AM

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An excellent series, but an emotionally underwhelming conclusion. The character development was particularly well done: change was slow and subtle, but noticeable throughout.

Fun right from the get-go, and incredibly engaging from roughly episode 13 onwards. Didn't hit any emotional triggers, unfortunately, but it definitely could have if they upped the drama because the characters are great
Oct 31, 2014 4:40 PM

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^ Are you going to watch the second season and third? Because those definitely pull off the "emotional trigger" things.


watch nodame cantabile
Nov 14, 2014 7:09 AM

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Whoooooaaaa incredible!!!

My reaction towards my friends:
TuT Such a wonderful ending!
Ayeayeayeayeayaayeayae love is truly something ;u;
How cute awwweeeee *doge face* aisakldhfakshd (heart) d'awwww
*sparkle sparkle*
Nov 23, 2014 10:42 AM

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I liked the show very much. In my opinion, they should have made the comedy aspect smaller, but they still focused the music aspect very much, which was quite interesting. The characters psychology was another great thing about the show. Its a bit sad they only went into their depth very late into the show, which made me think this will only be a comedy show at first. For me they didnt succed to make Nodame any likeable, which made me not care about her a bit. (but whatever.. the show was about music anyways^^)

The ending was quite surprising.. i thought they would end it, but to make a kinda cliffhanger there for the second season.. who would have thought of that one.
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Dec 1, 2014 11:58 PM

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fucking TOP series.

time to watch the sequels.
Jan 17, 2015 10:48 PM

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"Gyabo!" is going to be part of my regular vocabulary now.

Time to watch the sequels!
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