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Trying to Find Good "Heterophobia" Anime/Manga? Ask and Help Here!

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Jan 2, 2011 2:55 AM

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Can somebody offer me some yuri/yaoi comedy? I really need some comedy after all :)
Dec 3, 2011 5:24 PM

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DarkRoseOtaku said:

I am am looking into reading or watching a good shoujo-ai or yuri that has no to little sex and a sweet and/or unusual plot. One of my favorite :X

You can try these too: - cute and funny (a little) <3 just lovely I love her and Tsuda Mikiyo's work (yaoi &yuri) - Girls' Secret Nectar: very unusual plot ;) - Otome Senshi Lovely: interesting one :) :x if you liked Girl Friends then you will like all of her works - the art may not be so great (I still like it), but everything in here is hot and sexy~ good stories too~

I usualy read every one shot/manga of the mangaka if I like the art or stories, so it's easly to give you links to all of the translated work of a mangaka than all of the titles :))

For yaoi lovers I recomand everything Eiki Eiki and Tsuda Mikiy (Zaou Taishi) have done up till now.
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